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Tia Hale

I was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but have lived in nearby Marion since 2007, where I teach art at the middle school.

My family consists of my wonderful husband Rory and adorable daughter Katie (5).

The way I use the Physical Project Life product is to tell stories of things that are important in that moment- a moment that is fleeting and soon forgotten if I don’t capture it in a photo and write the record. I have a fear of forgetting details, so only taking a photo will not do- the journaling is just as significant as the images.  

To me, documenting life is not about logging your most important milestones. We tend to remember milestones already because they are major events in our lives. While it is fine to document major achievements (and I do) there is more happiness to be found in documenting moments that happen in day to day life. These are the amusing points in time that we are likely to forget, and lament that we can’t remember. Simply put, it’s the little things that I love to document.

Three things on my bucket list are:
1. Renewing wedding vows at Disney
2. Making an addition to my house/kitchen remodel
3. Tasting real gelato in Italy one more time.

Cultivating a good life means making the most out of whatever circumstances life throws at you, while improving and refining yourself as a human being along the way.