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Takael Clement

I was born + raised in St. George, Utah. I have lived here my entire life besides the 2 years I moved away for college.

My family now consists of my husband, Cole, daughter, Harper (3), and son, Cash (4 months).

The way I use project life is to document everyday moments and my children’s major milestones. I take hundreds of pictures of our day to day adventures, vacations, holidays and special occasions. Without Project Life they would sit on my computer and never be looked at. I can’t wait to pass these memories and albums down to my children and their children someday. I hope they look back and remember and share the memories of their childhood.

To me, documenting life is freezing a memorable moment in time. It is such a treasure for my little family. I can’t wait to look through these albums for years to come and remember the good and bad times. Someday my children and husband will thank me for the obsessive picture taking because they will be able to remember those special moments. Now just having my second baby I am constantly wishing I had more documented and recorded from when my first was a baby. My goal this year is to document the little details so we never forget the simple moments.

Three things on my bucket list are:
1. Travel the world with my little family.
2. Design and build our dream home.
3. Develop more skills in professional photography.

Cultivating a good life means living in the moment. Embracing the present and not wishing for the future. I have to remind myself that my children will only be little for so long and I need to soak up what is happening right now. They grow up way too fast and before too long I’m going to miss the chaotic life we are currently living.