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Marlies Corvers

I was born + raised in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. I studied and lived in Tilburg for a few years and 9 years ago we moved to Utrecht.

My family now consists of Paul and me and our two kids, Fenna (4) and Tom (almost 2).

The way I use Project life is to document my everyday life, special occasions and holidays. I use the project life app and export my layouts to dropbox. When finishing a particular project or at the end of the year I put together a photo album.

To me, documenting life is a creative outlet and a way to relive past moments. I love documenting my story and of our family and I hope that my kids will enjoy the photo albums in the future. In fact Fenna already likes to look through the albums reminiscing recent events and seeing pictures of herself as a baby.

Three things on my bucket list are:
1. Making a longer trip outside of Europe with our family of four
2. Watch and photograph the northern lights
3. Visit Antartica

Cultivating a good life means enjoying the small things in life.