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Marla Thrall

I was born in small town Oklahoma. I left for the big city after high school, but returned home when I fell in love with a farmer who lived in my home town. I never imagined myself staying, but I am thankful for the country life every day.

My family now consists of my farmer husband, Colby, our baby boy, Teddy, and I. We also have a ten pound Maltipoo- Milo and a fifteen pound kitty- Cricket.

The way I use Project Life is to document the daily ups and downs of life and preserve our memories. I originally started digital scrapbooking as a way to showcase my photography, but fell in love with the creative process. I make my pages in Photoshop and then print them in yearly photobooks. My photobook collection is one of my most treasured possessions. I am currently working hard on finishing up Teddy’s baby book.

To me, documenting life is a relaxing and fun process. I love looking back at pictures and being transplanted back in time. I especially love vacation scrapbooking and reliving our travels. I hope that someday, my son and future children enjoy looking at our books just as much as I enjoyed making them!

Three things on my bucket list are:
1. Travel the world with my husband and child. We are big on adventure and will be going on our first big family vacation in 2016. I have so many places I want to visit!
2. Raise a happy gaggle of children.
3. Convince my husband to buy an RV and retire someday. I long to go on my epic road trip around the United States. I want to visit all the National Parks! Of course, he’s a farmer and isn’t sure he ever wants to retire!

Cultivating a good life means soaking up time with family. My husband works really long hours on the farm and I try my hardest to be present when he is home. Sometimes it’s hard to really slow down and enjoy the little things, but I am trying my very hardest!

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