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Lynne Ashcraft

I was born + raised in sunny Southern California. I was born in Huntington Beach and lived there through 3rd grade before moving to Fountain Valley where I was raised through the rest of my school years. I lived all around Orange County for ten more years before my husband and I moved to the Sacramento area of Northern California 11 years ago.

My family now consists of me, my hubby of 12 years, Jonathan, and our 5 year-old-son, David. I have six siblings and my husband has two sisters so we certainly have our fair share of extended family!

The way I use Project Life is just like the name says – a project that is a glimpse into my life. I use it to document the details of everyday life and the goings on in our household and family. I started with a weekly hybrid format for the first year of my son’s life and continued with hybrid for a few years before diving into the app, which has really rejuvenated my craftiness and (for once) given me the opportunity to use the phrase “caught up” on more than one occasion!

To me, documenting life is not only getting the pictures in an album, but telling the story. When I look at photos of my grandparents or my parents, I like to look at the little details; what they wore, what their furniture looked like, what they ate, what they did for fun. But most of all, I wish I knew the story of what they felt and what they experienced. I try to remember that when I scrapbook and get my stories documented.

Three things on my bucket list are:
1. European Tour
2. Read the Top 100 Best Classic Novels of all Time (I am 62 in!)
3. Learn Sign Language

Cultivating a good life means appreciating life’s little moments. I like to see the world through the eyes of my son who has so much wonder and amusement in a lot of the things that we often take for granted as adults. I try to stop and smell the flowers with him or watch a bug or whatever simple thing tickles his fancy for the moment, because these moments are fleeting and I want to make sure to appreciate them while I have them.

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