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Laura M.

I was born and raised in Nebraska. I’m one of those who loves the flat plains and wide open skies of my home! Anywhere else makes me feel claustrophobic after a while.

My family consists of my husband, myself and our 3 littles… 2 girls and a boy all under age 7, that make life so full and fun. Plus we enjoy living close to extended family.

The way I use Project Life is to create my children’s baby books and document all the cute daily things they do. I use 12×12 pages to make chronological + event based albums at my own pace. After procrastinating making a traditional scrapbook type baby book for my oldest, I found Project Life and fell in love! I never say ‘I’m behind’ or ‘I need to catch up’!

To me, documenting life is capturing all life’s moments, big or small, in pictures and journaling. My babies are growing up fast and I want to remember the good times in each stage we grow through. I love how our albums are a record of all our blessings!

Three things on my bucket list are:
I admit I’m not a bucket list fan so here’s 3 things I want to improve in my daily life:
1. Do dishes before the counter is completely covered.
2. Get to the bottom of my never ending ironing pile.
3. Exercise consistently with the goal of being healthy, not skinny.

Cultivating a good life means trusting God’s promises and being thankful for His blessings every day.