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Emily Yee

I was born + raised in the desert town of Ridgecrest, California and I still make it back for a visit at least once a year. Even though I’ve lived in some pretty amazing places, Ridgecrest always feels like “home.”

My family now consists of my other half Adam and my super fun toddler Olivia. However, I would be remiss to not include my parents, my parents-in-law, my sisters Susan & Betty, all of my siblings-in-law, and my amazing nieces and nephews!

The way I use Project Life is to record everyday moments as well as major milestones, special events, and my travels. I first used Project Life for a Project 365 photo-a-day album. I discovered that some days I have lots of photos and stories to share, and other days…not so much! Though I still do annual albums, I don’t limit myself on how many photos I include and I don’t stress if I am missing days where I can’t remember what I did and I have no photos to show for it!

To me, documenting life is a way of preserving history and sharing your story about a moment in time. Life changes quickly and there is something special about looking back and recalling the places we’ve been, the people we were, and the things we did. I am incredibly nostalgic, so documenting life helps me remember the details that would otherwise fade over time.

Three things on my bucket list are:
1. Visit all the national parks in the United States
2. Backpack on the Appalachian Trail (not necessarily the whole thing, but I would love to spend a week or so on it!)
3. Learn to swim! I took swim lessons as a child, but I never learned! I can’t even doggy paddle.

Cultivating a good life means noticing and appreciating the ordinary little things that bring wonder, amazement, and happiness in our lives (whether it is the natural beauty we see in the outdoors, the technology we use in our daily lives, the kindness of others, or simple pleasures like eating the perfect taco). It is easy to go about the daily routine and not savor those everyday things that really are pretty special when you think about them.

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