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Buddhini Ekanayake

I was born + raised in Sri Lanka, the beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean. I live in Colombo, but I love to take every opportunity to travel around my island.

My family now consists of my daughter Agraja (12), my husband Amal and my parents.

The way I use Project Life is somewhat therapeutic to me. I keep my diary and I daily capture the images of what I experience. At the end of the week, Project Life is the easiest and the best way to bring together my stories and my photos. I love spending my ‘me time’ in my craft corner creating pages of memories. I often comeback, go through my albums and I tell myself that I have lived my life to the fullest.

To me, documenting life is not something new. I was introduced to daily journaling by my grandmother, who kept a diary to record her day to day life. When I started my career as a TV reporter, images + narratives became my tools/mediums to tell the stories of everyday people. I believe in the power of documented stories to move people in positive directions, to know how to face both good and bad times in life, equally. It is not only to keep the memories of the past, but also to inspire the lives of the future.

Three things on my bucket list are:
1. Learn to design fabric.
2. Make a feature length documentary film.
3. Live in a simple house with ample space for home gardening.

Cultivating a good life means taking time to slow down and celebrate what I already have.

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