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anita patel

I was born + raised in New Jersey. Even though I now live in Tampa, Florida, I will always be a “jersey girl” at heart.

My family now consists of me and my husband. My Dad and my husband’s parents live nearby too, which is wonderful.

The way I use Project Life is to document the big and small moments of our lives. I love flipping through albums from previous years and seeing what life was like at that point in time. It’s neat to see both the similarities and differences in our lives then and now. Project Life is a beautiful photo journal that tells our stories.

To me, documenting life is a way of life. It helps me preserve special moments so they last a lifetime and the memories live on in both our hearts and our albums.

Three things on my bucket list are:
1. Walking across the Great Wall of China
2. Seeing the Northern Lights
3. Taking in the beautiful scenery in Santorini, Greece. I love to travel and these destinations are high on my list.

Cultivating a good life means … appreciating the little things in life and not taking anything for granted. It’s taking an active role in creating and experiencing joys and embracing the hard times too. It’s learning from each and every experience and finding a way to be content with your story.