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creativeLIVE is this week!

Hi, everyone. First of all – thank you for your enthusiasm about our shiny new website! And thank you for your patience, too, as we know some of you are missing (and asking about) past blog content. It hasn’t disappeared, I promise. We still have it. It’s coming back. Like I said, it’s a bit of a technical process, so for those who like to go back and see/read past blog posts … hang in there.

Today I’m headed to San Francisco. Tomorrow creativeLIVE begins. For those who missed the announcement, it’s not too late. And even though the blog is wiped clean at the moment, I have all of the information from my original Oct. 23 post right here, copied & pasted below. This is very helpful for those who want to know what this online class is all about and how it compares to the other online class I’m teaching at Big Picture Classes starting in January – Project Real Life. By the way, registration is now open for that and you can read all about it in that link.

10 quick points about creativeLIVE this week:

1. The course runs from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Nov. 20 – 22). This is not repeat content on each day. I have 12 segments of stuff to share, each 90 minutes long, and each unique (learn more about those topics below). So … yeah. That’s 18 hours of content.

2. Yes, it’s really live and yes, you can really watch for FREE while we’re live. I recommend you register today so you can get the updates as the start time approaches … but even if you don’t get around to that and you want to “peek in” to the classroom sometime while we’re live … you can do that! Just go to creativeLIVE.com and click on “watch” at the top and you’ll see whatever is being broadcast or re-broadcast at the moment. It’s that easy. Try it now! You’ll see what I mean.

3. The show will be re-broadcast, but dates/times for that opportunity to watch again for free are not yet available. As soon as I know, I will let you know. Otherwise, of course you can purchase the course so that all 18 hours of content are conveniently available to you anytime. You purchase from the course page at anytime.

4. As for what I’m covering … let’s just say we are getting in-depth. You guys know Project Life takes 30 seconds to explain, so how on earth can I fill 3 days’ worth? Because I’m digging in deep and starting from the very beginning. This is not just about Project Life. I want everyone watching – whether they’re die-hard scrapbookers or have never so much as printed a picture in their life, to be able to get a grip on WHERE to start, how to organize, establish where to dabble or dig in to all things memory keeping in general. And I’m going to do my best to not overwhelm you.

5. We get questions (about Project Life, about scrapbooking) on a daily basis and we do our best to field those questions via social media and answering your emails. THIS COURSE is finally that one place where I think we’ll be addressing just about every question we’ve been asked. All in one place. Makes me so happy. And keep in mind that you have the ability to participate live during the course, from anywhere in the world, as a part of my virtual classroom. When you register and also as you watch at the beginning, you get details on how that works.

6. There will be a small audience who will be with us live in the studio. These are people like you and me (overwhelmed with pictures & scrapbooking) who submitted a video to creativeLIVE and asked for the chance to be a part of this class. The producers picked 8 individuals and they’ll be there hanging out with me on the set.

7. There will be a few other very special people hanging out. I have invited 3 guest instructors, each who have their area of expertise, to join me in giving instruction in the areas of digital stuff and photography. Kevin (my tech genius brother), Kari (my Right Hand and one of our in-house digital pros), and Kara (our in-house photographer) have loads of inspiration ready for you guys.

8. If you have friends who have put off scrapbooking for one reason or another, I would say this would be an excellent resource to have them check out. Pass the word along and invite them to watch!

9. As per usual when I have a big work-related “event,” I will be sharing behind-the-scenes pictures of our adventures. I’ve already been posting pictures of what I consider to be a bit of an Olympic event (packing for this thing!) and I will be sharing all week long. Be sure you’re following the fun on facebook, twitter, or instagram.

10. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support. I’ve seen several notes of encouragement and enthusiasm about this opportunity for me to teach on creativeLIVE. I’ve never done anything of this scale in my life. I am nervous. I will mess up. It’s LIVE and you’ll see every mistake that I make and hear every time I put my foot in my mouth. But I have worked so, so, so hard to pull together what I think will be a very valuable course that will help a lot of people with their scrapbooking efforts. If you’ve been an avid follower for years, you will see a few familiar projects that I’ve shared on the blog, but you’ll also see stuff I’ve never shared. A lot from our family’s personal scrapbooks, for example.

Time to stop rambling. I have a plane to catch. The rest of this post is copied from my Oct. 23 post. See you tomorrow – LIVE!

Visit the official course page to see the full promo video here: http://cr8.lv/beckyspl

Well, there you have it! Today I am pleased to announce that I am joining forces with creativeLIVE to bring scrapbooking education into countless homes across the world – live!  { gulp }

Yesterday via facebooktwitter, and instagram I mentioned that with all the excitement that we’ve been packing into the month of October (our birthday month!), TODAY was likely the most exciting day … because of this particular announcement. So let’s talk about why on earth this is such a big deal especially because I imagine many of you have not heard of creativeLIVE.

creativeLIVE is an online education site. I’m teaching an online class with them.

S O  W H A T ? 

Well … it’s totally LIVE and … it’s totally FREE to watch while it’s live. Pretty remarkable. Oh, and … they have a huge audience of viewers, many of who have never heard of Project Life. This is a very exciting opportunity for me to not only introduce our revolutionary system of memory keeping to a whole new audience, but it’s a fantastic platform for me to be able to share scrapbooking education with folks who still think scrapbooking means laboring over creative techniques and spending thousands of dollars on trinkets.

You and I know that’s not how it has to be. It’s time to let everyone else in on our little secret to scrapbooking success! And by the way, while this is truly a fantastic thing to recommend to your friend/sister/mom/cousin/co-worker who wants to get started scrapbooking but doesn’t know where to begin … this class isn’t just for newbies. I honestly feel that scrapbookers of ALL levels and ANY style will be interested in checking this out. I’ll be covering helpful photo organization tips, photography ideas using the camera built into your smart phone, and plenty of general memory-keeping inspiration.

M I L E S T O N E   F O R   T H E M ,   M I L E S T O N E   F O R   S C R A P B O O K I N G

I am honored that creativeLIVE has invited me to be creativeLIVE’s inaugural scrapbooking instructor. This will be their first scrapbooking course EVER. Yay for our hobby getting the attention it deserves on such a cool platform! If you’re not already familiar with creativeLIVE, poke around on their site. Check out what’s live (and free to watch) right this very minute. Watch some other course promo videos. You’ll get a sense of the awesome quality. I’m really impressed with what they’re doing.

L I V E   S T U D I O   A U D I E N C E   –   C A R E   T O   J O I N ?

Sooo this all happens in November (20-22) in San Francisco. Here’s the other fun part: Not only will my course be broadcast live across the world, but there will be an actual live studio audience there with me – a handful of folks who are ready to learn and dig in! Want a chance to be in that live studio audience with me?

This is what you do: Visit the course page (you’ll want to anyway because that’s where you can view my full promo video). You’ll see a note that says “Want to join Becky LIVE in our San Francisco studio? Click here!”. Just fill out the web form if you’re interested.

H O W ‘ S   T H I S   D I F F E R E N T ?

Now — most of you remember that it was just yesterday that I announced another online workshop that I’m doing come January. It’s the return of Project Real Life on Big Picture Classes. Same (but updated) content as what I did in 2012, but many of you are new since last year. As we get closer to registration opening Nov. 14th you’ll also learn about a fun “something special” that will be exclusive to those who register in my workshop there.

Naturally, some of you are wondering … Project Real Life on Big Picture Classes … Scrapbooking with Project Life on creativeLIVE. Which one is for me? Should I be choosing one over the other? Should it be BOTH? (Of course – ha!)

I’ll distinguish between the two options in this little comparison chart and hopefully that will help.


C O M M O N   D E N O M I N A T O R S

  • Loads of inspiring content in both courses
  • Both would be an excellent gift for someone who could benefit from what I’m presenting & sharing
  • Modern technology allows me to be right there on your monitor in the convenience of your home for both of these courses. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • I poured my heart & soul into the development of both of these courses so you can expect quality content in both even though my approach to each is quite different

Hope to “see” you in November.



23 Responses

  1. Kathy Chang says:

    Thank you so much. I love project life and all of your great ideas.

  2. Diana Robling says:

    So I don’t understand, is this live thing supposed to be free? I like project life and have been doing it and want to watch this-but I cannot afford 99.00. Im confused.


    • Megan says:

      Creative Live is an awesome website that has traditionally offered workshops for photographers- always free to watch “live”, but available for purchase if you miss something “live” or want to keep to watch again. ALL of the content is free if you can watch it live. The $99 purchase price is if you want to have the content for your personal viewing (to watch as you please), but anything and everything is free as it is recorded and broadcast in real time. Hope that helps.

  3. Karen Gordon says:

    The other day I was able to open the following: http://www.beckyhiggins.com/downloads/everyday-life-photo-ideas.pdf which was a PDF about every day life photo ideas and now it won’t open. Can you please send me the url so I can open this again? Thanks!

  4. waynegparker says:

    Thanks for the article! It was full of some great information. I am looking for dining room furniture newport news va

  5. Peggy says:

    Becky, I can’t thank you enough for creating a memory keeping approach & solution called Project Life! I’ve created scrapbooks for many years and tried it all!! I’ve enjoyed my journey so far, and created many well – loved scrapbooks over the years. However, I still had boxes of photos and thousands of photos stored on – line waiting to be shared. If only I had had this approach years ago, so many more of these great memories would have been documented and kept for others to enjoy in memory books. Everything I’ve done in the past has been time consuming. I had a feeling of always being behind. For the last several years since I’ve been using Project Life, I feel like I’ve captured the most important and fun moments, and documented them to be shared for years to come. No more feelings of being overwhelmed or behind! Thanks a million Becky for making such a positive difference in how I document my memories! I’m really looking forward to your live class!! Good Luck and thanks ahead of time for all of the time and effort you put into it to teach and inspire us!

  6. Lisa C. says:

    I am watching you live right now on CreativeLIVE….. you are doing such a great job!!! The content you are providing is so spot-on with where I am in my scrapbooking journey and I am loving the organizational tools you are presenting. You are confident and so very knowledgable….. you should be proud of yourself!

  7. Jenny says:

    Becky– you are rocking it live on creativeLive! You are engaging, genuine and chock full of tips! Just adore you, the product and your inspiration. Have long said do what you love and success and happiness follow. You are the poster child for that.
    Congrats on this, your legacy and success!

    Jenny M
    Simi Valley

  8. Darcy K says:

    Becky, I watched creative live today and am loving it, thank you! It did bring up a question for me. You mentioned the page lifter, an envelope, and handful of plastics come in each album, if I got that right. I have bought 4 or more albums at Michaels and none of that is included, just the album cover. Is it at another source that those additional items are included? I have separately purchased those items except for the page lifter. Now that you have explained it’s importance, I want to get those. Thank you!

  9. Brenda says:

    I have enjoyed watching the first day of Becky’s 3-day creativeLIVE class. She has mentioned that she’s going to talk about odd-size photos tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to send in a comment for quite some time now about how I’ve dealt with my old photos that I haven’t yet scanned to get digital versions so I don’t want to put any adhesive on them. One option would be adhesive corners – but what I prefer to do it to use an Exacto knife to put 4 short slits into a 6×4 card. I just put pencil dots along each edge about 1/4″ from the corner then I simply lined up a metal ruler along the 2 dots for each corner and cut a short straight line. Then I slipped in the photo. I can either put it on a plain one and journal alongside or mount on a more colourful/patterned filler card with no journaling. I have included a photo of this on my blog.


  10. Cathy A. says:

    Creative Live was awesome today!! So fun!! Thanks Becky :)

  11. Gina says:

    Becky, I watched the first day yesterday and hope to catch the rest between live and re-broadcasts. I loved it & you were so warm & inviting. I had been hesitant to try the Project Life format because everywhere in the scrapbooking world people are talking about documenting their life every week. I’m finally realizing that it can be used for whatever I want, for whatever time frame. I think I can finally get all those photos that are so carefully categorized in boxes into albums! Yay! You definitely motivated me. Thanks so much. I look forward to the rest of the class.

  12. Diane says:

    If the creative live program is purchased how is the content delivered? Is it a CD.

  13. Kristy says:

    Becky, I have gotten to watch Creative Live and am so inspired! Thank you so much for developing this system! I’ve lost 2 children one to still-birth and one to Trisomy 18. The first loss got me taking photos of my living children like crazy and when we had our second loss I knew what I had to do and that is preserve every memory we made. She lived for 9 days and I have thousands of pictures of her! Up until now I have been paralyzed to scrap them because I am so overwhelmed with the sheer number and how could I possibly get it right. Each page would have to be so perfect and I have such a large stash. I don’t think I could get through it. This system is so doable for me! I think I will finally be able to scrap my precious girls’ lives using this system and do it in a way that honors them the way I want. Plus others can share our memories of them through the albums. Thank you for finally making it seem possible to do this!

  14. pdnwv says:

    Will the content be similar for both creativeLive and Big Picture?

  15. sherri says:

    I watched your creative live and wow what a lot of work you put into that .We all appreciate it. I was wondering if you could also put the pdf of photo ideas on your personal website/blog also. I was having a hard time getting it off the creative live website. Thanks so much!

  16. Jamie Wagner says:

    A Facebook group was created as a result for all the online participants. Would love to see you or the in class ladies join in the fun and help keep our momentum going. Thanks for a great experience. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ProjectLifeCreativeLIVEscrapbookjunkies/

  17. MelanieY says:

    I purchased Project Life kits and the subsequent auto shipments from HSN in March, and all kits sat on the shelf until I started scrapping the birth of my 2-week old grandson. After shooting over 800 photos and printing out about a hundred, I now have 12 2-page spreads done and more to complete. And after watching Becky on creativeLIVE for the past 3 days, I am totally convinced that Project Life is the way to go – Just shoot, print, journal a bit, and stuff the pockets. Done. Pau. And now enjoy the memories. Keep it simple; keep it readily available to work on and for all to enjoy – That’s my mantra now. Thank you, Becky. You were awesome on creativeLIVE, and now I eagerly await the start of Project Real Life.

  18. Stacia says:

    I’m enjoying watching the CreativeLIVE course on its re-run showing this weekend. Haven’t caught the whole thing, but a lot of it! I’ve tried to take some notes but hope that there will be another “re-run marathon” at some point. We’ll see! Thanks for sharing so much about your personal way of doing memory-keeping, Becky. Really helpful and inspiring.

  19. sharon hill says:

    Loved your Creativelive class so much that I bought the course and have already watched it again. I learned so much even though I’ve been scrapping for 18 years. I was also very impressed that you listened to the request from an audience member to make available a printable resource for the different plastics. Not only did I print those today, but I also printed reference sheets for 4 of the kits I have – I’m not digital but that is where I found them. So now I have a request:

    Would it be possible to have reference sheets for all the kits? core and mini? I was so happy today as I was able to put back together 3 of my kits that had gotten mixed up with each other by using these reference sheets that I printed. Plus, as I was working on layouts today I was able to refer to those sheets and instantly find colors or patterns that would go well with my photos. I love the kits but would love them so much more if finding the contents was as simple as browsing through these sheets.

    Another advantage is that when I was looking at these on your digital site, I found at least 3 mini kits I will buy that I might otherwise have overlooked. Thanks, Sharon

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