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We love when you share your personal stories about Project Life® – how it’s impacting your life and how it’s bringing you closer to your family and sometimes helping you connect with seemingly complete strangers. Jessica in Oregon e-mailed us about a couple recent experiences, and we thought it’d be fun to share her love of Project Life with you!

Meet Jessica:


With Project Life now being in retail stores, many of you are bursting with excitement over the displays in your local craft and scrapbooking stores. Jessica was no exception! She visited Craft Warehouse in Gresham, Oregon, and was floored by their display (so were we!). She took pictures–several, in fact, to get it all! What’s better is an employee asked Jessica if she knew about Project Life. Of course she did! She was even told to check back in a few weeks for new items. We love when stores are on top of things like Jessica experienced. Thank you Craft Warehouse in Gresham, Oregon!

Project Life display at Craft Warehouse in Gresham, Oregon

Project Life display at Craft Warehouse in Gresham, Oregon

{ Project Life: A Family Affair }

Jessica has been doing Project Life since the first year we introduced the product, and since then her seven-year-old daughter and her mom have jumped on board and started scrapbooking the Project Life way. While on their visit to Craft Warehouse, Jessica’s mom decided to buy a mini album to document a recent vacation. She’s contemplating buying another one to make an album of her grandchildren.

Jessica shares, “My mom said that if something like this would have been around when my brother and I were younger, she may have taken up a different hobby other than quilting (which I have to say, she is so talented at!). I am so grateful you have created a system that allows me to quickly and easily document and record all of our little and big life moments while still allowing me to be creative in the process. I love watching my kids laugh and say ‘remember when?’ while they flip through the albums I have completed.”

Jessica’s daughter Alyssa wanted to be in the picture of all of their Project Life goodies since she is starting her own album. Alyssa kept going through all the kits and telling her mom she was going to keep them for herself!

Jessica’s daughter Alyssa wanted to be in the photo of all of their Project Life goodies since she is starting her own album. Alyssa kept going through all the kits and telling her mom she was going to keep them for herself!

{ Small World }

You never know who you’ll run into or recognize because of the small world we call scrapbooking. Jessica surprised her daughter with Taylor Swift concert tickets. A young lady sitting next to them looked familiar. They started talking and she turned out to be Ali Edwards’ assistant, Katie!

Jessica relates, “Of course we started talking about Project Life and how much we loved it. Katie shared with me how she got started with it after never having scrapbooked before. We also chatted about some of Ali’s projects – Week in the Life, Day in the Life, and December Daily, all of which I have done at one point or another. It is obvious that she is so passionate about documenting her life and the everyday moments…. Meeting Katie was such a fun addition to an already exciting night!”

We hope you took pictures and are going to put it in your next album, Jessica! And thank you for sharing your delightful story with us.

If you have an experience related to Project Life that you’d like to share, we always love to hear! E-mail submissions@beckyhiggins.com any time.


7 Responses

  1. Ali says:

    HA! Love this story!

  2. Alissa says:

    I just visited the Gresham Craft Warehouse on a trip to see my mom (she lives right by there and I live in Illinois). I was totally overwhelmed and loved being able to see and buy a bunch of PL goodies (and with Oregon – no sales tax!).

    This is a great story!

  3. Christine says:

    Great story and thanks Jessica for the tip on Crafts Warehouse in Gresham! Will sure be making the trip this weekend. What a difference stores can make! The display in my local Portland Michael’s was a disappointment. Maybe 5 kits of the same design and no sign there had been others. This Gresham tore looks like paradise. Can’t wait to head over there!
    Thank you!

  4. Joan says:

    Which album is this, the one in front of the girls? Faux-leather Rain?

  5. Carol says:

    So jealous! The Project Life display at my Michaels is very small, that Craft Warehouse looks awesome! We don’t have those around here :(

  6. Jessica says:

    Joan – Yes, that is the correct album!

  7. Sheri E. says:

    I was just admiring the PL display at the Craft Warehouse in Gresham. And they have the video constantly running. I was disappointed by the display at the 82nd Ave Michael’s, but will say I am at least glad they have it at all.