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christmas traditions with race

Like all traditions, this one is made a little more meaningful with some backstory, so bear with me. Every Halloween growing up, my family would hang paper bats and ghosts from the ceiling. Whenever the heater kicked on, we’d see a sudden flurry of paper spooks darting around on the ends of their strings. I always loved that simple touch of decoration. When my wife and I were first married, we pulled out some of those same faded bats and ghosts for our tiny apartment. When Halloween was over, we looked for something festive to decorate for Thanksgiving. Outside a grocery store we spotted what would quickly become one of my favorite traditions. In red bags were sold bundles of cinnamon-scented pinecones. I took one sniff and immediately bought a bag! At home, I clipped the paper bats and ghosts from their strings and in their place hung the scented pinecones all around the ceiling. Thanksgiving decorating — complete!

When Christmastime arrived, I was a little more prepared. We planned a date to cut out paper snowflakes. Rather than taking down our scented pinecones, we added more strings from the ceiling and hung our paper snowflakes to dance in the gusts from the heater between cinnamon-scented pinecones. Now we decorate this same way every year, and my children look up and see their snowflakes fluttering through a pine forest, even here in the desert, where the traditional Christmas images of snowflakes and pine trees are a little hard to come by.


10 Responses

  1. Dawn says:

    Beautiful….Thank you for sharing

  2. Kathy says:

    What a simple, but beautiful tradition! Love it

  3. Nancy says:

    Do you have a photo of this to share?

  4. Theresa says:

    Love this! We, too, make snowflakes to hang (but never thought about pinecones). This year we tried the Star Wars ones (found on pinterest) and it’s so much fun :) Thank you for sharing!

  5. Monica says:

    What a super great idea!!! You get the smell of Christmas smack dab in the middle of your own home! AWESOME!

  6. KathyinMN says:

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing that story Race.

  7. Katie Jones says:

    Hopefully they are not as all-pervasively scented as the pinecones sold in a store near us – the smell permeates the whole store – and it is a *big* store! It really puts me off, as I feel quite ill when I go in there and smell it. So sad, really!
    But your decorations sound amazing – and easy, which is cool.