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CHA photos


In yesterday’s post we shared a couple videos from CHA (I’m pretty partial to the second one that really shows how much fun we have). Today we’re sharing one more chunk of fun from our experience at CHA – particularly in booth #2626. Kara was there, camera in hand, and capturing bits and pieces to share with you, of course.



We love sharing all about Project Life® to those who are brand new, just as much as we love chatting it up with those already familiar.



This girl. Heidi Swapp and I go way, way back. She signed our guest book in Spring 2000. I so love watching her continue to evolve in her element, and I’m grateful we get to run into each other at these shows about once a year.



We distributed our shiny, new product catalogs during the show, but the digital version is available to anyone and everyone.



Placed at the very front of our booth are a couple of mounted iPads with headphones so anyone can watch the 1:24 video introducing Project Life. This video can be viewed on our homepage anytime.



Doug & Marti Jones (Bazzill Basics) opened their store called Scrapbooks Etc. in Mesa, AZ in 1999. Brenda Birrell opened her store called Pebbles in my Pocket in Orem, UT in 1992. We’ve known each other a long time, and we’re all really grateful to still be a part of this wonderful industry.



Amber LaBau seeing the Azure Edition of Project Life for the first time. There were tears. Why? She designed the collection. And she is simply darling.



Speaking of designers and darling … that would be Elise Blaha Cripe and her sweet babe Ellerie. So enjoyed a few minutes to catch up with her.



This picture of a picture is one of many that I shared on social media during the event. If you missed that, this gal shared what her dad built for her – custom for organizing her Project Life items. Seriously? Seriously.



We took lots of pictures and never got sick of visiting with so many fantastic people.



Another favorite of ours – that’s Liz Tamanaha. I could just squeeze her. Wait – I think I did.



And yet another wonderful part of our Project Life family! Deena Rutter designed the new Coral Edition. I’m such a fan.



Our conversations with visitors to the booth ranged from serious to funny to downright delightful.



Oh Brandi. If you saw her in the second video yesterday sneaking out from inside a cupboard in the booth … yeah. I seriously had no idea.



This sweet girl started something special as a mitzvah project and its turned into an even bigger effort. She collects, organizes, and donates arts & crafts supplies to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Shelby – you are an inspiration.



How grateful I am to have David by my side through all of this. We met many people who traveled from all over the world to attend CHA, like this woman we were chatting with. They came from Sweden, Norway, UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Mexico …



David and Greg. I’m sure April Foster (Studio Calico) would join me in saying that we will be forever grateful for extremely supportive husbands. Greg and April started their business around the same time we started ours (we didn’t know each other at the time). And now we have a collaborative partnership to bring Project Life to lots of people in the form of monthly kits.



This one wins the award for getting me the most weepy during CHA. She discovered Project Life at a very difficult time in her life. She explained how working on her album truly helped her to cope with her loss and focus on her blessings as she adjusted to life having left her home in Taiwan.



Utterly, completely, 100% delightful women. We could have chatted all day.



Susan Opel and I have something in common – we both worked for Creating Keepsakes magazine.



I was so fascinated by – and impressed with – this woman’s Project Life planner. All of her notes are in Mandarin and this picture I was taking can be found on my social media.



My girls – Brandi, Kara, and Kari. There are no words for how much I adore each of them and how much I appreciate Brandi’s and Kari’s way of working the booth and Kara’s mad documenting skills. We have the best team ever. Wish everyone could have been with us at CHA.


Certainly there were many, many more friends and acquaintances we got to see. Too many to photograph. As I wrap up my CHA sharing, I wanted to send a big shout-out to our friends at American Crafts. They are great partners and they are responsible for not only making our booth happen at CHA – but also for getting our products into thousands of stores across the world. I know many of you are grateful for that, too, and I wanted to remind everyone that there are many, many talented and hard-working folks that make all the magic happen.


14 Responses

  1. Brooke says:

    So fun to see all the photos and read about all the happenings at CHA! :)

  2. Judi D says:

    On my bucket list to attend some day

  3. It looks as though everyone was happy to be at CHA. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

    Mary From NH

  4. Becky, you are such an inspiration to so many people! And I must say we look pretty cute together. I love your necklace. :)

  5. Cathy V says:

    Becky! Please do a mini or core kit with heidi!!!! Aaaaaah i would die!

  6. Dawaila says:

    These peaks make a stay at home crafter pretty happy! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Kristina B says:

    This must be such satisfying work…how fun!!

  8. Kristie M says:

    This was my first CHA and it was so much fun! I was thrilled to meet you, Becky. And my father was so humbled by the kind words from so many about his woodworking skills. I was even thinking it would have been fun if someone had taken a picture of you taking a picture of me. And it turns out, someone did. So cool! I’m looking forward to purchasing the new PL items soon.

  9. Katie says:

    I really enjoyed seeing that picture of the notebooks written in Mandarin on Instagram. I need to do that, although written in English – of course, because sometimes I’m working a few weeks afterward and it would be nice to have something to reference. I tried writing a bit on a card each day but then when I am putting together pages often I would decide to switch things up and not use the one I jotted my notes on.

    I’m excited about the Strawberry kit, I’ve been going back and playing catch up with my daughter’s photos. She was an only child for five years and now we have a son too. Been using Blush for her and hoping something new, bright, and energetic would come out so I can finish up with her albums.

  10. Cheryl Strange says:

    When will you do a Military version for Peoject Life? I think it would do really well!

  11. Lili Garcia says:

    My Dearest Becky,
    I’ve been following PL for so long, that my heart hurts just to watch so many beautiful pictures. I’ve been wanting to start an album for as good as three years now, I have seen the video thousands of times, I know what I have to do, where to start, how to continues, how not to give up, and how to make a wonderful closing. But and this one is really big… I live in Mexico, and eventhough your country and mine are neighbors it is just impossible to grab one of your core kits when you live afar. I live in Cancun, and here we only have a teeny, tiny scrap store, whose owner hasn’t heard about you, really frustrating, so of course she doesn’t sell your wonderful kits. I’ve even been to visit your country bun unfortunately in the Michael’s and JoAnns that I have visited, they haven’t carried anything from PL, and since I’m just visiting, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit any retailer store :(
    Sooo… can you please help me??? I want to start this year, but I don’t know where to buy at least the album and page protectors, I have already bought some of your digital kits, and honestly I haven’t been able to use them, not because I don’t know how to print, that’s easy, is that I don’t know in which type of paper print it, and living in Mexico you don’t have as many free acid options as I would want or wish for.
    After watching your videos, and the photos I decided to try to reach you, maybe you’ll be able to tell me that somebody in my country is going to carry your products or that somebody might send it to me from the US, or maybe you’ll suggest something else. Oh, I don’t know! I’m just begging you to be so kind as to help me. I will be forever grateful.
    Thanks a lot for reading, you and your team are great!!! God Bless You!!!

  12. LB says:

    Loved in the video you showed Amber seeing the collection….can not wait to have it myself.

  13. That’s me in the 13th photo! Didn’t expect to see THAT!
    Thank you so much, Becky, for taking the time to speak with me at CHA. I really enjoyed our conversation and I DID sign up for Project Real LIfe and I will be blogging about it.
    See you next year!