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documenting kids’ artwork

Say hello to today’s guest here on the blog — Megan, who is a part of our Project Life® App Creative Team! You likely know that I have done a LOT with my kids’ albums and getting all of their STUFF preserved / scanned / photographed / scrapbooked. We’re delighted to have someone else share what’s […]

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everyday photos

The other day we were just hanging out as a family in the family room. Claire scooped up our dog Pippa, laid her across her chest, and there she stayed. They both looked so content. As I pulled my phone out to take a picture (I made sure that I muted my phone so as […]

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internet safety + media in the home

Hey guys, Molly here! I have been sharing with people I know for about the last year some crazy statistics I’ve learned about internet and media use in the home. I’ve seen the harmful effects that too much media use / the wrong kinds of media can have on people. Because of this, I wanted to […]

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how to choose your photo printer

Our friends at Mpix are sharing a few tips about choosing a printer that best suits your needs. I will leave the details to Vinee McCracken of Mpix who certainly knows his stuff and cares very much about print quality. Mpix shares much of our same philosophy in terms of preserving your memories and having them off your device and […]

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