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q&a about the ScanSnap scanner

My brother, Kevin (our favorite tech genius), turned us on to this scanner several years ago and we’ve never looked back. Not only are we basically paperless at home now, but we also use this scanner at the office, and it has become a total no-brainer for us to recommend this scanner to scrapbookers as well! […]

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sharing digital photos

We invited tech expert (who is also my brother) Kevin Allgaier to weigh in and help us all understand a little more about sharing digital photos. We’re always grateful for his expertise and hope you’ll find these tips and insights helpful as you try to best determine how to effectively share digital photos in your own […]

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iOS 10 tech tips

Apple’s latest (and most advanced) mobile Operating System, iOS 10, is now available and it’s a killer of an upgrade! If your iPhone is newer than an iPhone 5 and your iPad is newer than an iPad Air (or iPad mini 2), then this is an upgrade worth getting! The cost is free, so you really […]

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an incredible, high-definition video production suite that fits in your pocket

I love movies. Who doesn’t, right? They’re engaging, exciting, heart-breaking, sobering, and funny. They evoke emotions in ways that only a movie can. When I think of what goes into making a movie, it’s simply amazing. Have you ever sat through the entire credits of a major motion film and read every single line? I […]

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