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inspiration from our physical creative team – november 2017

We are one week away from Thanksgiving and you know what that means?! A lot of fun-filled holiday memories will be made over the next month or so. While the season is busy, it is important to remember to soak in that time as much as possible and enjoy it. We hope you will document […]

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new all-in-one kits

Have you ever dreamed of buying one Project Life® product that contains everything you need to complete your album? Rather than choosing an Album, Card Collection, and which Photo Pocket Page designs you want to include, you’ve wished that someone else would pair those things together for you? Well, dream no longer … our new […]

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getting started with scrapbooking

Loaded topic, right?? It seems so daunting to even think about how to start scrapbooking. Now imagine how impossible it seems to teach someone how to start scrapbooking! I mean, where do any of us ever know where to START with this topic, right?? You’re in the right place. You should feel a sense of […]

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now that you have a project life bundle

First of all, please know that there’s a certain level of scrapbooking experience that you need to have before you keep reading: Z-E-R-O. Okay? Okay. So … what’s a bundle?? You likely think about the phrase “bundle of joy” when you hear that word, and I assure you we ARE talking about joy here. Specifically, […]

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