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how to photograph movement and action

Hello, again! Today I wanted to give you a few tips on how to photograph movement and action. We know that it can be a bit frustrating when trying to freeze fast action, and it becomes especially hard when working with our children and little ones. My philosophy instead of fighting my kids to sit still […]

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tips for using negative space to create artistic everyday photos

  Hey friends! Kara here for another photography tip. One comment I get a lot from people is that their everyday photos seem boring or “not pretty” and they ask what they can do to make them better or how can they create more artistic photographs. Today I am going to illustrate how using negative […]

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tips for underwater photos + video

Hey, friends! Summer days are upon us and I wanted to make sure to share some tips and tricks for capturing underwater photos and video. While I have not dived extensively into the technical aspects of this realm of photography nor do I plan on becoming a fine art underwater photographer, I have picked up some […]

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5 tips for shooting in low light

One of the regular questions I get is how do I shoot inside my home if the light isn’t that great? The following five tips always come to mind as the most important, so today I want to share them with all of you! Whether your home doesn’t get the best natural light or the photo […]

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