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learn digital scrapbooking!

Have you ever heard the words “digital scrapbooking” and immediately thought, “I can’t do that. Photoshop is too complicated.” We get it. The word “Photoshop” strikes fear into the hearts of so many. But why is that exactly? Yes, Photoshop can do many extraordinary things, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. That is why […]

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rise. and shine.

Ummmmm. A blog post about a t-shirt? Wait — aren’t we a scrapbooking company? Okay, so yeah. We’re a scrapbooking company. But our tagline — Cultivate a good life and record it — encompasses so much more than pretty pages. We are on a continual quest to inspire more of that cultivating action, and this […]

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(inter)national scrapbooking day!

Saturday, May 6 is a special day around here … and for the whole memory keeping industry, for that matter. It’s (inter)National Scrapbooking Day! How great is this —  that we have a whole, dedicated holiday for the hobby that is near and dear to our hearts, right?   You know we love you and appreciate […]

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Matchy-matchy much? Yeah. There’s a reason for that. A few weeks ago I waltzed into the office wearing the world’s most comfortable dress and within a few days, every female in our office ordered the very same $20-25 dress on Amazon and we’ve all declared it’ll be the dress of 2017 because it’s THAT comfortable. […]

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