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good life with birte gröger

Part of cultivating a good life is having the right priorities for you and your relationships. I have to admit that I wanted to suggest that you should make friends and family a priority. I still believe that these are the areas of my life I have to continuously work on. But your priorities might lie elsewhere.  […]

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good life with lizzy jensen

Part of cultivating a good life for me is putting first things first. Can I let you in on a little secret and something that for me has been the key to my happiness? You ready for it? Put first things first and then don’t worry about the rest.   So maybe this secret isn’t […]

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listening to your body

Part of cultivating a good life is listening to your body. You know the phrase. We hear it from time to time — and what does it even mean? I’m sharing my own recent story about paying attention to my body to illustrate what this has meant to me personally. My purpose in sharing is […]

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good life with kim stoddard

Part of cultivating a good life is understanding the law of the harvest – you reap what you sow. Since our move to the country, I am now more keenly aware that sowing (planting) good seeds and weeding regularly are key to reaping a bountiful harvest and a bountiful life. I never imagined I would be […]

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