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good life by susan allen

  Part of cultivating a good life is taking the time to get to know other people who might seem different than you.  I started to appreciate this lesson 21 years ago when I was 19. I had the opportunity …
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good life – by jen lake

  Part of cultivating a good life is taking care of yourself. As a young woman working full time, attending graduate school, and serving several philanthropies, I found it hard to make time for myself and my needs. Instead, my …
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lara casey good life

good life – by lara casey

  Part of cultivating a good life is… surrendering. It seems so contrary to what we are often told about creating a life of meaning. Well-meaning, wise friends encourage us to work hard and keep moving. But what if the …
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good life – by erin mcrae

  Part of cultivating a good life is learning to love the unlovable. That seems like such a harsh statement. How can someone be unlovable? I am a high school teacher, soccer coach, and a youth Sunday school teacher. In my various …
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makenzie moore

good life – by makenzie moore

  Part of cultivating a good life is knowing that there are so many sweet moments in life despite the trials we face. I am 15 years old. I have a fabulous family including my parents and two brothers. We …
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