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Part of cultivating a good life is redefining what failure means to you and embracing it for exactly what it is. Odd topic, perhaps. But let’s go there. I do want to talk about FAILURE. The simple definition of failure = “lack of success.” I’m going to share a few examples with you and you […]

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good life with april orr

Part of cultivating a good life means learning to accept, be, and do YOU. “Due to the bacteria count in the water, the swim portion of the triathlon may be cancelled tomorrow.” Less than 12 hours out from attempting to conquer my 2013 Big Scary Goal and the swim gods blessed me with a curve […]

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good life with constanze wirtz

Part of cultivating a good life is listening to what your heart is telling you. Life is often busy and like anybody else, I need to take care of lots of things that are going on: my job, our home, our friends, our community, and (most important to me) my family. I could go on for a bit […]

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good life with diana wrobel

Part of cultivating a good life is making memory keeping a part of your lifestyle – first and foremost, for your own sake. Since I am a member of the Project Life Creative Team, it’s quite obvious that I am passionate about memory keeping. Looking back, I always have been, in some form or another, […]

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