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good life with miriam jenson

Part of cultivating a good life is consciously making choices, and more importantly choosing to actually LIVE my life, and not just be alive. I’m guilty of making my late nights even later. Guilty of enjoying my evenings while kids are in bed, and basking in the brief breaks from the mundane day-to-day tasks. It’s those […]

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christmas focus

Part of cultivating a good life is honoring the Christmas season for what it’s really supposed to be about. How I love the Christmas season. The commercialism? I could do without that. But have you noticed that despite the hustle + bustle + added stress + sometimes overcommitted schedules, there is also an increased desire […]

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backpacks + forgiveness

Part of cultivating a good life is forgiving. For our newer friends here … each Sunday for the past couple of years we’ve had a weekly feature here on the blog. Each week a new guest shares their own thoughts on one specific way that they try to cultivate a good life. Once in a […]

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good life with jamie givens schneider

Part of cultivating a good life means embracing every moment no matter how momentous or insignificant it may seem.  It means appreciating your everyday life, celebrating everyone around you, and cherishing each experience or opportunity that comes your way – even when it might be easier to ignore it.  Moments are always coming and going, […]

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