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DIY polka dot easter eggs

It’s always fun to try new and different ways for dressing up Easter eggs. Kara came up with this gorgeous idea for dressing up Easter eggs and we wanted to share it here on the blog for our readers since we know many of you love to get crafty! Polka dots + glitter = LOVE! Begin by hard […]

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valentine’s day ideas using project life

If you are like me, you probably love using your Project Life® cards for anything and everything you possibly can! A few of our Creative Team members have come up with some fantastic ideas for Valentine’s Day and we hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration leading up to this fun holiday! Mini Fold-out Album […]

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art is a gift

This is Olya with a very special painting. I’ll come back to her in a moment. My husband David and I started a tradition many years ago that whenever we would travel internationally, we would buy an original piece of art from a local artist. I’ve always had a vision of what we would do with […]

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7 ways to use project life cards during the holidays

I am sure some of you have extra Project Life® cards just sitting around and you’re wondering what you should do with them. Or maybe you have seen some of our great holiday card kits and you can’t resist buying each and every one (it’s okay, we love them, too!). Either way, we wanted to […]

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