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art is a gift

This is Olya with a very special painting. I’ll come back to her in a moment. My husband David and I started a tradition many years ago that whenever we would travel internationally, we would buy an original piece of art from a local artist. I’ve always had a vision of what we would do with […]

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salt lake city pinners recap

Hey, Molly here! We recently returned from a trip to the Salt Lake City Pinners Conference, and what a blast we had! As part of my responsibilities I get to oversee all of our travel and consumer shows (how did I get so lucky?!). We worked hard setting up our booth. We met and connected with and […]

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video tour of the BH office

  Just over a year ago, we shared the exciting news that we were building out our very first office space for this company. In the five years prior, everything had been run out of our home, so to say that we were excited about this milestone would have been an understatement. This blog post illustrates […]

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messy bun tutorial with wendy

It’s inevitable that every time Wendy and her messy bun make some sort of appearance on social media or a video, we are asked how she does it. There’s only one way that best demonstrates her tips & tricks and that would be with a video… naturally. So next time you email customerservice@beckyhiggins.com and you get […]

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