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organizing kids’ creative materials

You know how sometimes a certain room or closet or stash in your house just gets … out of control? Right. I’m in the same boat, sister. For the past several months our family has been chipping away at decluttering our home. Bit by bit by bit, we are making progress — slowly but surely. […]

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end of school year organization

Look familiar? Oh, I totally get it. The end of a school year means masses of papers, folders, books, artwork, certificates, reports, projects … and on and on and ON. The struggle is real! Do you have a method to the madness? I do! It’s an annual tradition in our home. Here’s a re-cap of […]

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welcoming pippa higgins to the family

It’s hard to believe that Pippa (our Havanese puppy girl) has been in our family for 3 months now! We fell in love with her at first sight and surprised our kids at Christmas time. Of course we just can’t imagine life without her now… just like our pup Oreo. And by the way, those two […]

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a day in the life of becky

Well hello there. I think most of you know we’re one of those companies that thrives on customer feedback. We work hard to produce products and conjure up awesome content on a daily basis, but we certainly don’t think we’re the only ones with good ideas.  *wink*  We love to ask YOU — What do […]

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