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brand-new Project Life® digital templates

There are 2 things I want to be sure you know about:

1. Our big 20-30% off sale is ending Wednesday (don’t miss the chance to save BIG!)

2. We have brand-new Project Life® templates available now in digital format – yes!



Because this is exclusively an Amazon.com sale, the best way to help you find what you’re looking for is to have you go to our PRODUCTS page. There you will find all of our products that link to those specific listings on Amazon. That way you don’t get the run-around when trying to search on Amazon from scratch. An even quicker & more convenient way to see exactly what’s on sale is to check out THIS blog post, where all the links and pictures are included.

As a reminder … if you purchase one of the NEW Core Kits, you get 30% off one of the “older” Core Kits. This is the time to snatch up extra kits for yourself, your kids, a friend, or just to have awesome gifts on-hand.

If you’re not as familiar with some of our older editions (which really aren’t old at all, but we’ve been piling in SO much new stuff this year) … check out our INSPIRATION page, where you can virtually flip through sample albums to see the product in use for each of those editions.

I’ll emphasize this one last thing: The sale ends Wednesday. We can’t predict what may or may not sell out, but when these “older” editions are gone … they really are gone. Happy Shopping!


Okay – so you know we launched our new DigitalProjectLife.com site. Fabulousness. The best day of the week on that site is always Monday because when we release a new digital product and/or launch a sale, Monday is when that magic happens.

Guess what? Today is Monday. We LOVE Mondays! And you know what’s new today – and 20% all week!? Some of our brand-new Project Life® templates! If you missed my blog post announcing all the new Photo Pocket Pages that we are releasing in physical form, be sure to check that out so you can see them all.

We have now finished out the alphabet and are pleased to offer Designs A to Z. There’s a different configuration for each letter of the alphabet! This means more options, but it’s still the same beautifully simple 3×4 and 4×6 concept that we love.


So. Today. On DigitalProjectLife.com you will find some of these available in digital format – before the physical product even shows up (which we’re expecting to see late August/early September). These designs are 20% off just for this week, and then you’ll want to check back each Monday for more releases.

More page templates. Brand-new editions, brand-new Themed Cards … anything and everything that’s coming in digital format is coming to Digital Project Life, so keep that in mind for your one-stop digital shop for all things Project Life®. We’re so stoked.   *fist bump*



3 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    Thank you! :)

  2. Mickee says:

    Hi Becky, while I love the digital and physical formats of Project Life, I also hope you can add some new designs at Shutterfly because I love using your Project Life designs for our travel photos. I love the ease of picking a layout for the number of photos that I have, and dragging and dropping my photos to the photo slots, and I’m done. I can do one bunch of travel photos in less than a weekend. Please, please, please… don’t forget to add some more new designs on Shutterfly… :)