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toni’s throwback memory

My earliest childhood memory is of a birthday cake. More specifically, the plastic Ferris wheel that adorned my cake. I remembered the party was in the high-rise apartment in Illinois that belonged to my extravagant grandmother. And my Aunt Moe and Uncle Ray were there. I remember those things. It was April 1973 and it […]

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good life with constanze wirtz

Part of cultivating a good life is listening to what your heart is telling you. Life is often busy and like anybody else, I need to take care of lots of things that are going on: my job, our home, our friends, our community, and (most important to me) my family. I could go on for a bit […]

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kari’s throwback memory

All growing up (and even carrying into my adult life) I’ve had the same conversation repeatedly. It goes something like this: Q: When’s your birthday? Me: December 25th Q: As in Christmas Day?!? Me: Sure enough!! Q: Don’t you HATE that? Me: I don’t know any other birthday, so I’ve always loved it! I never […]

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inspiration from our app & digital creative teams – october 2016

It is officially fall here in this part of the world. I love the crispness in the morning and evening air. It makes me want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate, a baked pumpkin-flavored treat (I’m not picky), and my laptop or phone to make some Project Life® layouts. Does anyone just […]

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