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hide & seek

Flashback to nearly a year ago. It was a warm Thursday in Arizona and some of my dearest friends were visiting from out of town for our friend’s wedding. We went to one of our favorite local restaurants for a bite to eat and I brought a little something along — a Project Life® Core […]

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understanding the android delay

It’s the numero uno question we are asked on a regular basis. Here’s the honest-to-goodness scoop about that: As we began the development of our app, we quickly learned that developing this app for Apple products was going to be much simpler and faster and cost-effective. Developing for Android takes longer, is highly expensive, and […]

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catch Lisa Bearnson and Project Life on HSN tomorrow!

Lisa will be back on the HSN airwaves tomorrow – March 24th – with a whole new batch of Project Life® products that will be debuting on her show for the first time! Not only that, but many of the items that will be available are from our most recent CHA releases – bundled and […]

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good life by amy baird

Part of cultivating a good life is preserving the relationship with a difficult child. As parents we have the responsibility to set guidelines, principles, and rules by which we expect our children to live. At a very young age, we need to let our children know what is expected from them while living in our […]

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