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I’m coming to Scandinavia!

We have been planning something for a quite a while and we’re pretty excited to finally announce that I am coming to Scandinavia! Specifically… Norway and Sweden! I’ll be there late May into early June and I’m teaming up with Hobbykunst & Design in Papers (independent retailers) for classes in Stockholm, Gothenborg and Oslo. These are the […]

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valentine DIY cupcake toppers

Here’s a quick & easy and festive way to use your Project Life® cards outside of scrapbooking! These DIY cupcake toppers are easy-breezy! Simply punch shapes from some Project Life cards (shown here are cards from the Love Notes Value Kit), adhere them to lollipop sticks (which can be found in the baking section of your local […]

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social media update

  I love social media. I’m fully aware of the dangers, downfalls, and unfortunate awfulness that sometimes happens through social media. There’s a lot of garbage out there. The thing is, social media is a prominent way of communicating and connecting these days. I, for one, am grateful that technology has brought us to a […]

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good life by holly connors

Part of cultivating a good life is making time to set goals and work towards achieving them. Goals can be big or small, easy or feel near impossible; however, it is so important to make time to consider what we really want and what is most important to us individually and as a couple or […]

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