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Q&A – part 2

Yesterday I addressed some of your questions and today I’m answering many more! Diving right in… Q:  I’m leaning towards Digital Project Life but don’t know much about it yet. Is Photoshop necessary? A: Yep! To use the Digital Project Life templates you will need either Photoshop Elements or full-version Photoshop. The templates are in PSD format […]

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your questions. my answers.

  Last week I opened it all up on social media with an invitation: Ask me anything! While I can’t get to every one of the hundreds of questions that were asked, I’m going to address a big handful — some today and many more tomorrow. Let’s get started! Q:   Do you still like your logo? A: […]

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good life by julie gagen

Part of cultivating a good life is finding your light. My father used to say, “Whatever you do, no matter how hard it is, do it with a smile.” My sister left her son, Cal, with me on a Saturday night while we were out getting pizza. It was October 2013. Just a week prior, […]

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finding your best fit

  The thing about scrapbooking is that it is so very personal. Not just in what it means to each of us and why we do it… but how we do it. These days, there’s so much inspiration that is accessible online and on social media. We can see what everyone is doing and how they’re […]

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