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10 back to school tips for mom

This is a busy time of year for so many of us. Here in the northern hemisphere, summer is winding down and kids are getting ready to go back to school (in fact, most of our kids here in Arizona have already started!). We’re often so focused on the kids that it’s easy to overlook our […]

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announcing a new brand: HOME by Becky Higgins!

Well, how’s this for a fun surprise!? Today we are thrilled to announce + launch a new brand: HOME by Becky Higgins! back story Whether you’ve been a long-time follower or you’re new to me / us … I think a little explanation of where this is all coming from would be helpful. I have spent my […]

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good life with lizzy jensen

Part of cultivating a good life for me is putting first things first. Can I let you in on a little secret and something that for me has been the key to my happiness? You ready for it? Put first things first and then don’t worry about the rest.   So maybe this secret isn’t […]

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tips for using negative space to create artistic everyday photos

  Hey friends! Kara here for another photography tip. One comment I get a lot from people is that their everyday photos seem boring or “not pretty” and they ask what they can do to make them better or how can they create more artistic photographs. Today I am going to illustrate how using negative […]

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