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project life by stampin’ up!

  We announced our partnership with Stampin’ Up! back in April of this year, and we’ve been thrilled with the products that have resulted from this partnership – as have many of you! We’ve heard stories of new demonstrators excited to finally have the ability to share our products and solution-based system with their friends while […]

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good life by steven allgaier

  Part of cultivating a good life is keeping your goals and priorities in focus. There is a word that you may not know unless you are an optometrist or a linguist. Emmetropia. It’s one of my favorite words because of what it represents. Emmetros (well-proportioned) + Opia (having to do with sight). It describes […]

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6×8 album inspiration by jen lake

  Not many people reading this will have had brain surgery like customer Jen Lake… but we all experience our own challenges, hurdles, and journeys. So in essence, we all relate to Jen in a way. Today we’ve invited our 20-something friend to share how she has documented her unique journey using the Project Life® 6×8 system. […]

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in the spotlight – Nicole LeBlanc

  It’s time to introduce you to another Digital Creative Team member! Enjoy getting to know Nicole LeBlanc and learning more about how she uses Project Life to document her life. Nicole, how long have you been using Project Life® to document?  I’ve been using Project Life to document our lives since 2012.   How do […]

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