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good life with rhonna farrer

Part of cultivating a good life is knowing who you are. Growing up I was teased about my size — a tiny 4’10”. I struggled with the teasing and would come home from school feeling bad about it. My mom reminded me how lucky I was to be the exact same size as my granny! […]

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inspiration from our app & digital creative teams – august 2017

Summer is winding down for many of us here in the northern hemisphere. Some of our team members already have kids back in school! Where did the time go? While summer is so much fun with its relaxed schedules (for the most part), it’s nice to get back into a routine. I find that when […]

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preparing to host guests

I’m not exactly sure where my love of hosting began, but I would assume my upbringing certainly played a role. I remember my parents being very open to visitors and hosting large dinners with extra guests from time to time (and especially during holidays). My whole adult life I have always enjoyed hosting. I’ve opened […]

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good life with si foster

Part of cultivating a good life for me and my family is making Sunday dinner a homemade event! When our children were young, we started a tradition of gathering our family each Sunday evening to eat dinner. This tradition has become a long standing invitation to our kids each week to come home and share a […]

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