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inspiration from our creative team – february 2015

  We’ve got another dose of Creative Team inspiration for you and these ladies do NOT disappoint! You can see they are using a variety of products, personal (and/or child-drawn) artwork, embellishments, and photo techniques to bring their stories to life. We even have one team member who took the time this month to get an entire box […]

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retirement sale just got giant

  You may already know that we have a little section of our online shop that’s called “Retired” – it’s at the bottom of the categories. This is for items that are specifically being retired, mostly because they’ve been around a while and we’re clearing out the old to make room for the new. (And boy, […]

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project 52 – it’s never too late!

  Hi, friends! I’m sure you get the idea. Project 52 is documenting your life and your story – one week at a time. But it’s nearly the end of February. Isn’t this something that has to start on January 1st? No — it really doesn’t. There are no rules in scrapbooking, which I hope […]

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good life by allison whittle

Part of cultivating a good life is laughing… always laughing. When I was growing up, I realized young that my parents had a gift. I was amazed by it. I watched and studied their words and actions; I wanted that gift. They could make people laugh. I remember at one of their many parties repeatedly […]

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