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good life with amy tan

Part of cultivating a good life is being grateful for all that you have… and all that you don’t. Growing up as an only child to immigrant parents, I developed a certain idea about what I thought success looked like. My parents were both born and raised in India and talked about how they grew up […]

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selling project life on the home shopping network

David and I saw the movie Joy on one of our date nights several months ago. Oh my goodness. Just adding that link to this blog post and watching that trailer again made me cry. I’m not even kidding. I realize it’s “just another movie” for most, but this story struck all sorts of chords […]

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silhouette photo tutorial: 7 tips for success

There are a handful of questions I receive on a regular basis. One of them is how I take silhouette photos! Seems pretty random, but it’s not random at all. This question comes about every time I share one of my #SilhouetteByBecky pictures on social media — and I do love to post those pictures from […]

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40th birthday gift idea

Many of you may recognize our friend Juli Jones, a former member of our Project Life® Creative Team, and forever a part of our big family. Juli recently had a birthday (last week to be exact) and we wanted to share a fun gift that she and her friends made for each of their 40th […]

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