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christmas focus

Part of cultivating a good life is honoring the Christmas season for what it’s really supposed to be about. How I love the Christmas season. The commercialism? I could do without that. But have you noticed that despite the hustle + bustle + added stress + sometimes overcommitted schedules, there is also an increased desire […]

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inspiration from our physical creative team – november 2016

This past week I had the opportunity to spend time with my little family and we had such a great weekend! We saw movies together, drove three hours north to cut down a Christmas tree, and spent the rest of our time decorating. As we were creating these memories I couldn’t help but snap photos the entire time. […]

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cyber monday

IT’S SALE DAY! We are putting our entire shop on sale for 24 hours — you do not want to miss this! And for only the second time in the history of the Project Life App, prints are on sale as well! PHYSICAL & DIGITAL SHOP SALE WHAT: 30% off everything in the digital and physical […]

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backpacks + forgiveness

Part of cultivating a good life is forgiving. For our newer friends here … each Sunday for the past couple of years we’ve had a weekly feature here on the blog. Each week a new guest shares their own thoughts on one specific way that they try to cultivate a good life. Once in a […]

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