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Matchy-matchy much? Yeah. There’s a reason for that.

A few weeks ago I waltzed into the office wearing the world’s most comfortable dress and within a few days, every female in our office ordered the very same $20-25 dress on Amazon and we’ve all declared it’ll be the dress of 2017 because it’s THAT comfortable. Plus, we figured a long time ago that there is no shame in twinning around here.

I’ve been using the same ballpoint pen for like — EVER — so when Molly tells us about her new favorite pen and why she likes it because of its retractability and smooth writing features, I take it for a spin . . . and sure enough! I pretty much broke up with my pen boyfriend and have been sticking with the TUL pen ever since. 

Sometimes I just can’t reach that spot on my back that really needs to be massaged, but it’s a little awkward asking someone on my team to rub my back (although Kari does offer because she’s such a giver) . . . so I reach for the Thera Cane on an almost daily basis. I learned about it while in physical therapy last year for some back issues that flared up. Race has also had some back issues re-surface recently and all of a sudden, the two of us are passing the Thera Cane back and forth during a meeting like it’s part of the agenda.

Kari, queen of tech around here, showed off her latest favorite Amazon purchase — a zipper pouch organizer thing that stores and organizes all the cords and accessories. She’s all show-and-tell about it and after I pick my jaw off the floor, I click on “buy now” and yep — it’s my newest favorite organizational thing.

So yeah. We rub off on each other. We love sharing favorites — things we’ve been enjoying for years as well as the latest snack or life hack that is just bringing an extra spark of joy to our lives. And because we don’t think there is any fun in keeping things to ourselves, we share so much of this with you guys! A long time ago we even established a hashtag on Instagram — #BHFavorites. We regularly share on there and have learned that it’s a “community favorite” and something that you guys look forward to a couple times a week.

That brings us to today. We’ve decided to add a page to our website that is home base to not only a list of our favorites, but there are also LINKS to each and every product — for your convenience! We’ll continue to go back to all that we’ve featured and add upon what you currently see there on the #BHFavorites page. And just for fun, here is a collection of 10 of our favorite random things that we’ve featured. Starting, of course, with . . . “the dress”!

Bubble Dress

For real, guys. The Bubble Dress is just about more comfortable than pajamas. Except cuter. And its sleeves are 3/4 length. And it has pockets! You can keep it super casual or dress it up. I would have never known about this gem had I not seen it on my friend Heather. I couldn’t take my eyes off of its unique shape and can we just talk about the price point? That’s why I have it in a few colors . . . and I’m not alone! Just about everyone at the office purchased one (or two or three) of these dresses too. I mean, there are SO many color choices and it’s just so “forgiving.” Know what I mean ladies?  ; ) We all have different body types around here, so if you want to see the dress on each of us, check out the swipe left share we just posted on Instagram.

Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is one of Molly’s all-time favorite kitchen gadgets and she’s in good company because several of us have it and love it too! She said, “If I had to get rid of every kitchen appliance and keep just one, I would probably choose my Instant Pot. Guys, I was skeptical at first. I had read about it for months and heard about people who had it, but I didn’t believe it was really that cool. Well, it’s THAT cool. I have used it at least 4-5 times a week since I bought it and I am not slowing down. It will pressure cook, sauté, steam, slow cook, hard boil eggs, and so much more. You can go from raw meat to a delicious meal in less than an hour with the pressure cooker setting. My family hasn’t had this many home-cooked meals in a long time. This is the perfect answer for any busy mom!”

Collapsible Colanders

These Collapsible Colanders are one of my favorite kitchen items and they’re particularly awesome if you don’t have a ton of space because they collapse and store flat. The brand is Squish and they come in a large variety of sizes.

Tul Ballpoint Pen

As mentioned above, this Tul Pen is another one of Molly’s favorites and she quickly converted me! She shares: “There is nothing quite like a nice, new pen. I love to write with a fine tip ballpoint pen, but I have never found a retractable one that I love, plus I don’t like dealing with a cap. Recently I threw a ‘Favorite Things’ party and one of my friends brought these Tul brand pens. They are amazing. They write so smoothly and the tip is the perfect size for writing finely.”

Tortilla Warmer

This Tortilla Warmer that we picked up on Amazon years ago is one of our most used kitchen things. We love to cook uncooked tortillas and the best way to keep those warm is in this. Molly mentioned that she uses hers to keep sausage warm. The cool thing is, it really can be used to keep pretty much anything warm!

Lip Gloss

I’ve been a gloss girl for as long as I can remember. Can’t really get into lipstick for some reason. And my favorite is always something cheap + easy to find at Target. Lately, I’m digging the Cover Girl Lip Lava. When I bought it, I was expecting a different type of applicator but got over that initial disappointment when I realized how LONG the shimmer lasts. So yeah. It’s my current favorite for the lips.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Kari and I were twinning on the airplane with our Bose QuietComfort noise cancelling headphones. A must-have for traveling, if you ask us.

ScanSnap Photo and Document Scanner

My favorite scanner (and it has been for years) is the Fujitsu iX500 ScanSnap Scanner. This has been one of the best tools in my scrapbooking efforts (I scan SO much of my kids’ artwork, papers, documents + throw away originals), and David + I use this scanner to be pretty much paperless at home. Plus, we use it at the office. I recently added a video to YouTube to show you exactly how it works!

Hand and Foot Cream

These Working Hands/Healthy Feet creams are a staple in our home and have been for quite some time. Our feet get so dry sometimes that there are cracks. Know what I’m talking about? Yeah. This stuff WORKS. We like to rub it in right before bed, let it do magic tricks while we sleep, and after 2-3 days in a row . . . problem solved.

Nail Clippers

This is another tried & true must-have in our home for many years. Friends: All nail clippers are NOT created equally. We actually happened upon these in a little shop in Amish country in Pennsylvania, of all places, and David fell in love. He was so sick of cheap clippers. These Seki Brand Nail Clippers are legit and you can feel it with the first clip. We are officially nail clipper snobs now.

For more links to our favorite things, visit the all-new #BHFavorites page on our website.


5 Responses

  1. Connie Kelly says:

    Thanks for the heads up on your favorites-Love to hear what others use and find helpful.
    Enjoy your blog and am an avid Project Lifer!

  2. Becky says:

    I have a favorite thing to share with you! It’s a “FANNY PACK” but gone are the days of the big bulky pouch you tie around your waste. It’s called a flip belt. Game changer!!!!! Love it! It goes around your waist and has 4 pockets that you can slip in your car keys, debit card, iphone, etc. Works great when you are working out and don’t have pockets to carry all of that stuff. I also bought my teenage daughter one last year when she was going to an amusement park. She didn’t want to carry around a purse all day or backpack so this worked wonderfully and no one even knows you have it on! I also let my mom borrow mine when she went on a cruise recently. She loved not having to carry a purse out into the ports and instead packing the essentials in the flipbelt. Go check it out! We love ours. :) https://flipbelt.com/?gclid=Cj0KEQjwrYbIBRCgnY-OluOk89EBEiQAZER58iUPYDuqU9sNWP8awjhWvQybpG5F8rpujof2lf9T8IIaAgwS8P8HAQ


    The Bubble Dress! Are you kidding me?!? Never would I have discovered this absolutely necessary item without your help. Thank you so much for your guidance and suggestions.

  4. Lacy says:

    Love this! Can’t wait to see more favorites.

  5. Chelsey Smith says:

    I love and appreciate this post so much! Just bought the clippers, the dress is next!