want to skype with me?

  Hey guys! Happy Monday. So, I hear that today – Monday, June 30 – is Social Media Day. It’s an annual global event that recognizes the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. Personally, I’m a fan of social …
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good life – by kevin allgaier

  Part of cultivating a good life is recognizing your talents, then using them to help others. I was raised in a home of giving. Mom gave countless hours each day teaching us life’s lessons, and Dad spent his time tirelessly helping those …
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in the spotlight – Denise Beatty

Denise, how long have you been using Project Life® to document? How do you use Project Life? I’ve been using Project Life for a year. I use it to document my life on a weekly basis. I tell the story from …
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more value kits coming soon!

  A few weeks ago we introduced you to our new product line of Project Life® Value Kits coming to retailers this summer. We shared three different kits with you at that time and today we are delighted to share sneak peeks …
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family measuring stick

  As a child, my room was always very well … “decorated.”  *clearing throat* If you know anything about my personal style, I am such a fan of clean + organized. I also appreciate creativity and I’ve always been inclined to …
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