don’t get mad. get the camera!

Several years ago Claire was “helping” me with a little project where we were putting little fuzzy craft ball things in a glass jar for something. I turned around for a second and *CRASH* … which was immediately followed by …
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creative team spotlight – Jenn McCabe

  Many have noticed that when we selected our new Creative Team this year, we did not include any members who are specifically working with Digital Project Life. The reason for this is we actually have a full creative team that works …
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chocolate chip banana bread

  Hi there! We have returned from our trip to Australia. More on that later! Today I’m happy to share another “At Home with Becky” post since I skipped a couple weeks of this regular series while we were out …
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PicMonkey Collage

good life – by wayne mitchell

Part of cultivating a good life is taking the time to create memories with those you love and to support each other in time of need, knowing you can always get through difficult times together. We are all busy. No …
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good life – by erin trimble

Part of cultivating a good life is never dismissing a thought to do something nice for another person. I’ve learned over the past few years that you can never go wrong by doing something kind for someone else. I think …
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