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announcing a new brand: HOME by Becky Higgins!

Well, how’s this for a fun surprise!?

Today we are thrilled to announce + launch a new brand: HOME by Becky Higgins!


back story

Whether you’ve been a long-time follower or you’re new to me / us … I think a little explanation of where this is all coming from would be helpful. I have spent my entire adult life involved with memory keeping (professionally and as my number one hobby). I spent 12 years as the Creative Editor for the premier scrapbooking magazine, Creating Keepsakes, and published 9 books in my twenties. In 2009, I launched Becky Higgins LLC (with the help of my husband David) and introduced Project Life®, a solution-based scrapbooking system that has taken the guesswork out of a hobby that otherwise intimidates a lot of people.

Project Life has breathed new life into this fabulous memory-keeping industry in a way that has welcomed many new customers and re-invigorated those who fell off the scrapbooking wagon. Found in thousands of retail stores around the world, Project Life now has hundreds of items, a full digital product offering, and an app that is allowing people all over the globe to scrapbook in the palm of their hand. I think it’s pretty obvious that I care about helping others with their scrapbooking endeavors. It’s my jam. Everything we do here at Becky Higgins ties back to cultivating a good life and recording it.

All the while … I also have a knack for organization and have always enjoyed all things home + family. Scrapbooking isn’t my one & only interest.

a natural extension

Expanding our product offering beyond scrapbooking is a very natural “next step” for me personally and for our business! Will we lose our core focus? Of course not. Project Life is here to stay. We’ll continue to bring more products to market and more updates to the app, and we’ll even be doing more with Project Photo Rescue. All the while, we are ready for MORE and we hope you are too! This is what has led us to creating this new brand.


best gift wrap ever

To kick things off with this new brand, we’re starting with only the coolest gift wrap on the market! Have you heard of “stone wrap?” You know … as in, it doesn’t snag and tear like all the other rolls of gift wrap you have in your stash? Seriously — it’s dreamy. I fell in love with stone wrap years ago and can’t bring myself to use any other gift wrap. Stone wrap is like nothing you’ve experienced before and we know you’ll just LOVE it! Made from limestone, the stone wrap material cuts like butter, has a gorgeous matte finish, and is impossible to get a paper cut from. Not only that, it is also eco-friendly, using no bleach, trees, or even water in the manufacturing process. We partnered up with the folks that make that magic! Picture this: gift wrap that cuts like butter + our favorite patterns that come right from your favorite Project Life designers = It’s a match made in heaven! I mean … it just makes sense!

It’s available now!

This is not an announcement of “coming soon.” The gift wrap is available right NOW. Today! In our shop! This is currently the only place it can be purchased and of course we hope to make it available through other avenues as soon as possible. We are certainly mindful of our international customers, so please know that specific things have to happen in stages and it all takes time. To kick things off, our gift wrap is only available in our online shop. For $7.99 per 30″ x 10′ roll, you can have this gorgeous gift wrap, and yes — you can add this to your Project Life order. As for when you might be able to find our gift wrap in other retailers? This is not something we’re able to share at this point, but stay tuned for developing news about that.


starting small

We’re starting small — just 4 fabulous designs of gift wrap — with plans to expand the number of designs we offer, of course. Can you picture your favorite Project Life designs / patterns as gift wrap?? And you know what? That’s not all. My vision for what will follow is limitless. The HOME by Becky Higgins brand will expand beyond gift wrap. In fact … I’m curious. If you had a little wish for what you’d love to have in your home / life that’s from us (I hope you consider us one of your most favorite + trusted brands) … what would that be? Feel free to leave a comment.


Thank you for celebrating with us, friends. And thank you for taking our gift wrap for a spin! You won’t know how amazing it is until you try it out yourself. Spread the word. Tell your friends. And get ready to have a totally new experience with this stuff. It’s a gift-wrapping game changer.


109 Responses

  1. laura davis says:

    OH this is awesome… look forward to seeing what will be next..
    Congrats Becky !!!!

  2. Skye says:

    How cool. I can totally see your style in this gift wrap. I would love to see holiday gift wrap, envelope stickers, note cards/stationary, throw pillows, candles and some of your quotes as some of the next products.

    Congrats on the new expansion.

    • Terri F says:

      I so love this paper and would love, love, love to see it as contact paper! Oh just think of the possibilities!! Love your stuff Becky! Keep it up!

  3. Oh my word – SOOOOO cute! I’m so excited! What the perfect first product to launch in this new brand! SO excited for y’all!! Congratulations and super cute video, friend!! Eeeeek!

  4. Oh, and I’m totally thinking: wall art, pillows, stationery, towels, throws – wow – just SOOOO much that I’m hoping for! Ha!

  5. Crystal says:

    PICTURE FRAMES!!!! Pillows, wall art, paper products – calendars, stationary, etc.

  6. Katy B. says:

    Hmmm….I would say: wall art (canvases, prints, etc), anything with maps and globes (I love them!), decorative plant type stuff, anything decorative really, family tree prints (whether a DIY kit or your company printing and shipping), clocks (fun colors and more neutral ones), and OF COURSE organizational stuff.

  7. Lara says:

    Awesome! I’d love to see throw/decorative pillows with some of the cute PL sayings and patterns!

  8. Tricia says:

    This will be great for craft projects!

  9. Christine Gibbs says:

    Note cards, pillows maybe with some of your cultivate a good life quotes or designs. Holiday gift wrap and some made specifically for boys and girls. A way to display pictures around your home

  10. Allison says:

    Removeable wallpaper!!

  11. Jen Houk says:

    So exciting. Next to scrapbooking supplies wrapping paper is my next favorite thing to buy. I have a real affinity for wrapping paper so this makes me giddy. Not many understand so this is super cool that you get it! I feel like we must have been related in a past life, lol. I agree that throw pillows, stickers, ribbon, and coordinating tags would be awesome.

  12. Whitney says:

    I would love to see prints to hang, a filing tote, and the type of containers that would work for project photo rescue. This is exciting!

  13. Sarah says:

    Congrats Becky!!! Can’t wait to order! Id love seasonal offerings, pillows and prints with quotes or uplifting sayings!!!! Limitless….so happy for you all!!!

  14. Melody M says:

    Wowza! Awesomesauce!! Love it!
    How about throw pillows and y our mom’s throw blankets? Huuuuu? :)

    Congratulations! I just might be going to the shop now… :)

  15. Nanette R says:

    Great idea to launch a line of home products! I love the wrapping paper idea, but honestly mainly use gift bags anymore. Having the cool designs and quality paper in gift bags would be great. I also agree with offering pillows, picture frames, wall art.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I may lose sleep over thinking of all the possibilities. Lol! I can see your HOME brand being even bigger than Martha Stewart or Mary Engelbriet. Some of my favorites before I came across YOU! I would love to see some type of home office organization system. Still looking forward to your photo book launch soon… Keeping my fingers crossed 😘

  17. Tedi says:

    Picture frames and all sorts of baskets, totes etc to organize scrap booking supplies and the rest of the house.

  18. Michelle H says:

    This is so cool! I am so excited to see everything you come up with!! You have such great style!! I have seen a lot of comments regarding pillows and candles…excellent suggestions! I second the idea of gift bags, as I resort to those more often these days!! I would also love to see desk organizing items–something stylish and useful and DIFFERENT!! And, if I ever got a wish granted for something with your design style, I would wish for fabric….well, you DID ask….hehehehe!!

    Congratulations for expanding your amazing business. You are golden!!

  19. Carrie says:

    I think some fun floral vases would be a great addition to this line. Imagine some fresh flowers with a vase designed with some good text or fun PL patterns all over it!

  20. Katherine Harding says:

    Please could you make project life picture frames that have appitures for P/L cards and photos or picture frames with overlays 😊❤️

  21. Suse Fish says:

    Bedding! Duvet covers, sheets, cushions… I’d love them in monochrome prints – dots, triangles, stripes :)

  22. Molly says:

    I would be all about seeing some Project Life physical product organizational products beyond the one you already have. Like a table with drawers specifically made for your product. Not just the cards, but page protectors, envelope pages, etc. How cool would that be?

    I could also see you doing a line of accent pillows. You always pick such cute ones.

    So excited for you and the Project life brand.

  23. Anna says:

    Congrats!!! its so fun to see your favorite companies grow! There is nothing like some great gift wrap! Stationery, pillows, frame and signs are all up my alley! So excited!

  24. Kate says:

    This looks so great and I’m looking forward to it being available in the UK. I’d be interested in home office or stationery supplies (filing, storage boxes, storage for Project Life supplies).

  25. Madhu says:

    This is awesome! Like others, I would love to see gift bags, wall art, decorative accessories, bedding and organizational stuff. Can’t wait to see what comes next! I have been so pleased with the QUALITY of your PL paper items!

  26. Yvonne Gronau says:

    Congratulations!! Love that you’ve created a Home line of Becky Higgins. I would like to see organizational bins and tools for the home. Wall art would be fantastic! Picture frames would be nice as well.

    • Yvonne Gronau says:

      I would also gift bags to this list. I appreciate the wrapping paper line but I use gift bags more often than not. :)

  27. Nicole says:

    Congratulations!! And besides Christmas gift wrap in some of the adorable PL Christmas cards. Pillows and something beautiful to display a two-page spread (for 12×12 pages ) on the wall is something I’ve been looking for, so that would be awesome!!

  28. Doorly says:

    Way to go! So proud of you! I love how you follow your dreams and help others be inspired by it. This is exciting!

  29. Nicole says:

    Oh, and your own line of scrapbook organizational/shelving products to hold the 12×12 albums would be pretty sweet, too!! 😊

  30. deb C. says:

    Congrats!! So happy for your family, your brand & for us, the consumers!! Can’t wait to try your gift wrap!!! Looking forward to new products coming and I’d suggest…how about FABRIC for us sewists!! You’ve got a knack for good design & I’d love to see some of your patterns on a nice cotton! Thanks, Becky! Congrats again!!!

  31. Heidi says:

    Such exciting news!! Ditto to all the ideas that have been shared already – throw pillows, wall art, organizational tools, etc. Some other ideas I had: kitchen/tea towels and oven mitts with your quotes or PL designs. Wall/desk calendars, placemats, tote bags. My biggest wish would be a cookbook!!! All the fabulous recipes you’ve shared over the years in one place.

  32. Rebecca Brasher says:

    Awesome! I second what others have said: gift bags, greeting cards, and gift tags would be great. I’d also love lightly patterned stickers for labelling things.

  33. Darla Weber says:

    I think it has already been mentioned, but I think fabric for quilting and other textile projects would be a great addition to your line. It could be marketed in quilt shops, box stores and even create specific kit projects to sell. I wish I lived closer so I could work with you on a project expansion like this. Good luck worth the “HOME” line.

  34. Jenny says:

    OM Goodness– Fell in love with Stone wrap years ago after reading a post of Becky’s–bought it but it is VERY hard to find–it is dreamy! For anyone that has never felt it, cut it wrapped with it before…no words! For REAL!!! Will be the first, last you ever use. BTW, get Sanuk shoes, order from Stitch Fix and see your dermatologist! All things I have done by following Becky :)

  35. Amy Beiter says:

    Pillow covers, wall art, frames! How about a small end table you can slip in a 12×12 print! Tote bag? All using PL designs of course!

  36. Kayla Davies says:

    Love it!!! I would love to see gift bags!! Also customizable family history type of artwork for the walls.

  37. Kayla Davies says:

    And YES to the shelving to hold 12×12 albums.

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      Thank you! It’s always exciting to “meet” other bloggers. I will begin following your blog too! I am starting to feel like I want to build my entire career around pointing out terrible reporting. I also loved the “mock turtle” and can’t get over the blatant double standard that moment personified.

  38. Meagan Cannon says:

    Congratulations. The paper is beautiful. My vote would be for home organization products, because I remember you are very organized. Look forward to seeing what is to come.

  39. Gabriella says:

    I know it’s not a home product but I would love a Becky Higgin’s hand bag or purse line.

  40. Tracey Eggers says:

    Congratulations on your new venture Becky….I was lucky enough to see you in my home town Adelaide on your recent trip to Australia….you do remember all the Canvas you signed….having your quotes as a print sounds like a Fabulous idea to hang in an office or craft space…looking forward to your new products being available in Australia 😆

  41. Audrey says:

    Ooooh! I bought the stonewrap from Home Goods before on your tip. Love the idea of that quality with PL designs! So I agree with throw pillows, fleece throws, cloth napkins, wall art with your sayings, frames, and a whole line of organizational bins.baskets/boxes for paper crafts and home items. Wheeeee :)

  42. Alysia H says:

    Desk/Office supplies! :)

  43. Allison says:

    I LOVE your organization ideas! So ANY organization products would be SO exciting!! Congratulations Becky! Love your work💕💕

  44. Lori says:

    Wallpaper! You have the best wallpaper in your home :-)

  45. Michelle says:

    I would LOVE to see organizational supplies for my Project Life papers, albums, tools, etc. AND organizational supplies for my home office and/or house… file folders, trays, desk supplies, etc. And of course everything would be in beautiful PL patterns and prints! Thanks!

  46. Lisa W says:

    Throw Pillows!

  47. Shelly Gaston says:

    I would LOVE to see Wall Art and Throw Pillows. That would be spectacular! I so love all of your products and am excited to try out this new one! Congratulations Becky!

  48. Lisa says:

    Fabric pleassee pleassee. I’m a patchwork sewer & some design collections inspire me.

  49. Julie says:

    I would love to be able to design my own custom premium high quality planner and have it printed via the app!! I’m an Erin Condren fan currently.

  50. Lynne Greenwell says:

    I’m so excited for HOME and for you Becky!!!!

    I would LOVE to see Christmas wrapping papers for youth & adult gifts!!

  51. Carol says:

    Congratulations on your new line!

    I’d like to ditto the previous comments as far as future offerings, they all sound wonderful. Home office organization would be first in my list and PL organization as well. I’m sure anything you bring to market we’ll be most appreciated. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  52. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Ehhh-verrr-yyy-thing!!! Seriously, everything! Pillows, wall art, rugs (oh please, rugs?!!), bedding, baskets, party decor, holiday decor, etc, etc, etc. Kids stuff – I was excited when I saw the pillow fort line at Target, but I predict that Home by Becky Higgins will blow that out of the water. Yay, so excited for you all!!!

  53. Lisa says:

    Congtats on the new brandm I’d love to see a textiles line. Pillows, curtains, bedding….possibilities are endless.

  54. Steph says:

    Congratulations! The paper looks awesome!
    I would love anything stationary, planner, etc… from Becky Higgins!
    Can’t wait for what’s next! xx

  55. Eeva Hall says:

    What great news!! I would love to see pillow cases, tote bags, double sided note cards with matching envelopes, letter sets for writing letters. Hmmm what more …magnets with your lovely quotes with a strong magnet that can hold a lot. Planner line . Posters/artwork for your wall. Although I already can see myself framing some of the gorgeous wrapping paper. Hoping to see all new items in Sweden soon :)

  56. Rebecca says:

    Yay! As I started reading the post, I kept thinking “please be stone wrap, please be stone wrap…” and my wish came true! I can’t wait to try this!!!

  57. Rosa says:

    Congratulations! I too love a great wrapping paper! It makes wrapping such a pleasure! I would love be to see organizational office items, bedding, and all that was mentioned above! Always exciting to see what’s up next!

  58. Ashley says:

    Congrats! So cute! I would love to see journals, note cards (blank and thank you cards), fabric and throw pillows. Curtains too!

    • Charla says:

      I simply want to tell you that I am just all new to weblog and honestly liked this web-site. Very likely I’m want to bookmark your blog post . You absltuoely have great well written articles. Cheers for sharing your webpage.

  59. Ashley says:

    Bedding and picture frames as well.

  60. kelsey p says:

    Love these so much!!! Would love to see a whole line of home stuff; bedding, pillows, prints, decor, organizational items, baskets, bins, office supplies, etc. Even furniture!!!

  61. Nani says:

    You mentioned once your love of office supplies. Maybe a collection of your own under the new line? Also, fabrics, paints, wallpapers….so many things!

  62. KAren Brooks says:

    Can’t wait to try the gift wrap! Would LOVE to see pillows with washable covers!!!!

  63. Maureen Van Dusky says:

    Love this idea! Love the initial patterns! Surprised to see “your” brand of orange and lime green aren’t in the mix, too. Expect the four colors that identify YOU; your company , your logo with black and white to always be in the mix as a cite and swap in or out 3-6 seasonal colors or patterns as needed.
    Epect to see the line include bows, ribbon, mini cards, easy, time saving stickers, and gift bags.
    Expect your HOME to expand to wall hangings; pillows, towels, blankets, bedding, picture frames, again all to have YOUR look and color as a staple with a few other designs swapped out. Also storage items both for home and for scrapping supplies. Basically all of the bins, plastic and material which you do an IKEA run for project rescue I see you doing a Becky Higgins HOME run for instead!!!
    And since your Mom makes them and blankets are perfect, you may even look to adding super soft lamb’s wool once again in the PROJECT LIFE colors so we can either purchase a blanket ready made in different sizes or scoop up a dozen rolls of yarn and attempt to create our own!!!
    Good luck!!
    The sky is truly the limit!!!

  64. Wallpaper…matching textiles for curtains, cushions & bedlinen…oilskin for wipe clean tablecovers…lampshades….blinds…bathtowels & bathroom accessories. It is endless!! The world is your oyster!! Just don’t make us wait too long in the UK!!! 😆

  65. Alyson says:

    Stationery: coordinating & foiled notebooks (a5, midori traveller size), foiled and kit coordinating page flags, kit coordinating gift bags, pencil bags, Washi tape. Agenda planners and office magazine storage boxes. Like Kate spade did creating her own office supply line.

    Home decor: cushions, pillows, linens, duvets, candles, wallpaper, sofa throws, etc. Maybe even oil cloth handbags/wallets in some of the popular prints. Target did this with Orla Kiely’s stuff to bring an affordable version of her product to the masses stateside.

  66. Carrie Kelleher says:

    For those of us who still scrapbook traditionally as well as digital, I’d love for you to design storage products for tools, PL kits, etc !!

  67. JenniferL. says:

    LOVE the idea of Becky Higgins Home products!! The possibilities can be endless with the current clientele you already have! I foresee something like the Container Store and Hobby Lobby have a baby and dress it in Project Life flair! Like others have said pillows, canvases, other type of wall hangings, random decor, etc. Even some vinyl word wall stuff would be great. I would also love decor specifically for a craft space (not the organizing, though that would be great too, but cute stuff to decorate the space with).

  68. Maureen says:

    Congratulations! While I am not yet familiar with this brand of wrapping paper, I am tempted to give it a go because cheap wrapping paper that rips easily drives me up the wall!

    Because you are an organizational queen, I would love to see some kind of desktop organizational unit built specifically for product life cards/kits. Sure, lots of people have this kind of thing that they push as working with the PL card sizes but honestly, from the makers of PL an organizational unit would definitely be a hit. So many organizational possibilities for all of the kit pieces! Something in the clean classy white with accents of your logo color!

  69. Teresa says:

    Love all the ideas… my favorite is the planner
    Idea / organizational tools for the home!! Thanks for making the Pl digital so easy to use!

    • Rusty says:

      This “free sharing” of inframotion seems too good to be true. Like communism.

    • I forgot to add a couple of smileys, I was actually on your side this time.Although philosophical I agree with Grandma when she posts, I don’t we should be picky about spelling and grammar, so much creeps through when you are writing on one of these sites, how many times do you want an edit facility after you have seen it on the screen?

    • you have been BUSY Diane.Cool stuff!Your “Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat” quilt is my good friend Vanessa’s design! Fun to see that you made one.keep going. It’s cool to see what you do. I had no idea you were such a quilter too.

  70. Lynn L. says:

    I would love to see your develop wall art, decorative pillows, organization systems for desk and scrapbook storage. Congrats on this new side of your business. :)

  71. Margi says:

    I am thinking shelf paper

  72. Maggie says:

    I agree with love of monochrome and foil and glimmer… and things that light up. Gift bags and photo frames that can incorporate PL cards would be sure big sellers!

  73. Maggie says:

    ANYTHING organizational… and easy-to-clean tablecloths pleeeease!

  74. Christine says:

    Wall art! Prints and inspirational quotes. Perhaps wall decals? This exciting news, looking forward to seeing where your home line goes!

  75. Debra says:

    This is so exciting, and the wrapping paper is beautiful. Congratulations on this newest venture. I can’t wait to see where you go with this!

    Some products that come to mind are gift bags, notebooks (as in the cute spiral bound journals or lined note paper) with cute covers that have your designs on the front, note cards, stationery and supplies.

    If you decide to go into textiles, I would love to see wall art, canvas prints with some of your favorite designs and quotes as well as throw pillows and how about sheets and bedding?! I could on and on. You get the idea and I bet maybe you’ve already thought of these yourself! xo

  76. I’ve been a long time fan of yours! A big congrats to you! =) Cannot wait to try this!

  77. Cat says:

    I can see a paint line, furniture, frames, holiday decor, rugs, pillows, bedding, shower curtains, dish/silver ware, pots/pans… Honestly, could go on and on. I think your love of design could breathe life into everyday housewares, etc. would love to see you churn out color coordinated collections.

  78. Allison says:

    Oh how exciting!!!! Wonderful extension.
    I would love to see: coordinating ribbon and tags, picture frames, cute nicknacks for shelves, and while we’re at it more albums (and more of each in stock :)

  79. Laura G. says:

    I would like to see kitchen towels and pot holders…we spend MOST of our time in the kitchen, right? Bowls…storage containers…that could migrate from the kitchen to the craft room…Picture frames…yep…I see the VISION!!! :)

  80. Dalia says:

    I love it! How about office decor, desk organizers, calendar, wall art, pillows, coasters, etc.

  81. Liana says:

    Fabric!!! I’ve been commenting for years that you needed to come out with a fabric line! Thank you!

  82. Pam J says:

    Fabric please

  83. ashley says:

    Fun! I love lots of the ideas… but for sure i thought of stationary…. of all kinds, and fabric would be so fun!!! Love what you do, keep it up!

  84. Shannon A says:

    Long time follower and fan! I have ways loved when you share pics of your home, the decor, ways you display pictures, etc. exciting to see this expansion to your Brand!
    I have loved the yellow, extra large, lazy susan that you have on your kitchen table. I would love to see that available to purchase in different colors (or even a kit to DIY or paint ourselves).

    Thanks for always sharing so much that is good!!

  85. Sherry A says:

    Becky! Love the paper! How about some Christmas designs?!

  86. Erica says:

    OH, this is so awesome! I’m excited about this expansion. Please, PLEASE, add Christmas wrap!!!

  87. Carol Thomson says:

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE some stationery for children.

    I want to teach my grandchildren the art of writing thank you notes. Wherever I go to try to purchase some stationery a bewildered clerk will almost always say, “Do kids do that anymore?” Well, I want my grandkids to do that and I’m sure I’m not the only grandmother or mother who feels the same way'”

    Becky, somehow I think your children write thank you letters.