Get to know Becky

Documenting life runs through my veins, I love to help others, and I have an entrepreneurial spirit. These 3 elements are why I do what I do, and ultimately how Project Life® is now in countless homes all over the world. I work hard, but my work is not my life. I find great joy in balancing my many roles and responsibilities and believe wholeheartedly that there is so much happiness that comes from this philosophy:


Born and raised in an awesome family with five brothers and fabulous parents, I am from a small railroad town in Maryland. At the age of 17, I moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University, where I earned my BS degree in Family Science. During those college years two really significant things happened – I married an incredible guy, David Higgins, and an opportunity to have a career in scrapbooking fell out of the sky and landed right in my lap.


I joined Creating Keepsakes magazine in 1997 and spent 12 years contributing to the premier scrapbooking magazine. My work included authoring monthly feature articles and columns, 9 published books (see timeline below), TV spots, product design, and traveling to teach. Aside from teaching live classes, my work was based out of our home office wherever we lived. David and I moved to Arizona and then Ohio for his medical school and residency training. We’ve been back in Arizona ever since.


In September 2009, I resigned from Creating Keepsakes. We launched Becky Higgins® LLC so that I could carry out my passion for sharing ideas and solution-based scrapbooking products. Project Life® was born shortly thereafter. Our products and our reach continue to expand. Arizona is where David and I are raising our 3 young children – Porter , Claire, and Crew. I continue to enjoy the constant challenge in balancing all of my roles and responsibilities in life and find no greater joy than being at home with my family.

Appreciate the past. Make the most of the present. Live for the future.

About the Company

Our products simplify the process of scrapbooking with a back-to-basics approach - focusing on pictures, stories, and the "stuff" of life. Our mission is to inspire you to document your life - no matter what your style or life situation. When we document life we are not only more keenly aware of our blessings but also more motivated to cultivate a good life.

Becky Higgins LLC was launched in October 2009. In the beginning it was just me and my husband David, trying to figure out how on earth to run a business. I create, dream, brainstorm, sketch, write, develop, solve, manage, photograph, blog, and work from home. To this day, David remains an integral part of our business in addition to being a full-time Anesthesiologist. We now have an incredible team of people as well as strong partnerships who all play an important role in making everything possible.

I have spent my entire career in the creative industry of memory-keeping. David has spent his entire career in medicine. Never in a million years did we think we would work together in the context of running a business. It was one of the best decisions we ever made, and I am so grateful for his support in helping me carry out a dream I didn't even know I had. We are blessed to be surrounded by several talented and hard-working people who help make all the magic happen, and we consider each of them a dear friend.

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