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a mistake, an apology, a resolution

NOTE: This post was published Monday evening (Oct. 1) and there is now an important addition to American Crafts’ message at the bottom of the post as well as a personal note from me, both which were added later that same night.


Hi friends! First of all – thank you tremendously for your excitement and support as we kicked off our month-long celebration today! We feel your enthusiasm and are reminded again how amazing our customers/readers/friends are. This is going to be a very, very fun month and we’re excited to share it with you!

Something has come to my attention today: an error with the HSN Mini Kit AutoShip (which some of you purchased back in March). I know this doesn’t pertain to all of you, but publishing a blog post is the best way to reach as many of our customers as possible. The following letter is written by our friends at American Crafts. I do hope you sense our sincere apology. We have always aimed for excellence in Customer Service and I am personally grateful to American Crafts for coming up with a remedy for this unfortunate situation.


HSN Mini Kit Auto-Ship – An Apology from American Crafts

As those of you who recently got your HSN Mini Kit auto-ship know, the Amy Tangerine Cut & Paste Mini Kit was inadvertently shipped in place of the exclusive Amy Tangerine Mini Kit.

We at American Crafts produce the Mini Kits for Becky Higgins. Amy Tan is one of our designers. Both trust us to produce products that have their names on it. We take responsibility for the error and are truly sorry for the mistake. It happened because an American Crafts’ employees failed to make it clear to our supplier that there were two different Amy Tangerine kits. And so the Cut & Paste kit was double-produced and the wrong Amy Tangerine kit sent to HSN.

As a token of our regret and to try to make it up to those who received the wrong kit, we’d like to send you a mini kit of your choice. To receive the mini kit, please send an email to sherriw@americancrafts.com with a photo of your HSN packing slip attached, your mailing address, and your Mini Kit selection. You can choose from the three mini kits pictured here:

We have a decent, but limited supply of these three kits. If we run out of inventory, we will provide a different kit that’s in stock.

Again, we’re very sorry for the error. We also apologize to Becky and Amy for any bad light this has cast on them and their brands. They are both excellent friends and partners and we hope you don’t hold this against them in any way. We’re also sorry for any inconvenience this causes HSN, another valued partner.


Added note from American Crafts.

We’ve been monitoring the feedback you’ve posted regarding our apology and proposed resolution. Thanks for letting us know what you’re thinking! Again, we apologize for what happened. It was our mistake, and we’re sorry.

American Crafts makes thousands of products and want customers to be happy with every one of them. When something goes wrong – as it occasionally does – we try to come to a resolution that will satisfy our customers.

Our intent in offering the three mini kits as a solution was to quickly get replacement product in your hands. For some of you, this will be a suitable outcome. Many customers are happy with the product they received. For others, only the original Amy Tangerine Mini Kit that was shown on HSN will do.

American Crafts is very willing to produce the Amy Tangerine kit, but it will require 90 days for us to do so. (That seemed like a long time to wait, which is why we went with our original plan.) But if you’re okay waiting, we’ve decided to ship the Amy Tangerine Mini Kit to those who want it. Those who choose this option will also get a free Project Life Date Stamp for the additional wait and as an added token of our regret.

Here are the various options available to you at this point for resolving the issue:

Option 1. Send an email to sherriw@americancrafts.com with a photo of your HSN packing slip attached, your mailing address and your mini kit selection option (just write in the body of the email which of the four options you prefer). You can choose from one of the following (3 are shown above):

  • Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party Mini Kit (ships within 2-5 business days)
  • Seasons Mini Kit (ships within 2-5 business days)
  • Childhood Mini Kit (ships within 2-5 business days)
  • Amy Tangerine Mini Kit (the one you originally signed up for) + a Project Life Date Stamp (ships around the first part of January)

(American Crafts doesn’t have access to HSN’s customer database and that’s why we need you to send a photo of your HSN packing slip. We need this to independently verify your purchase. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

Option 2. For those of you unsatisfied with any of these options, we encourage you to contact HSN customer service for a refund.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this issue. Please note that the third installment of the auto-ship (the Maggie Holmes Mini Kit and album) will ship as planned.


Personal note from Becky

Friends: American Crafts really wanted to take full responsibility for this mistake and address the issue directly – which I very much appreciate. I do think that having these 3 options allows for those affected customers to choose which makes the most sense for them personally, knowing that no one can go back in time and change the mistake that happened. Please know that no one on this end is taking the situation lightly. We all deeply regret that it ever happened.

There are some of you who kindly reached out in support, realizing that this was an honest mistake. You offered kindness and understanding. Please know that went a long way with me. I read every comment. I understand what it feels like to be a disappointed customer, and I’m also patient enough to appreciate the fact that we all have different ways of handling disappointment.

The most difficult part about all of this to me personally, is learning that some of my dear customers felt dissatisfied. We work so hard to help our customers have a great experience. I devote so much care and time and energy in my work so that Project Life can have a positive impact on individuals and families.

This error is, well … an error. We’re human. We’re trying. Sometimes we stumble. And when we do, we work to correct our mistakes. At the end of the day, we all want to go to bed knowing that we’ve done our best to handle circumstances with integrity and thoughtful intentions.

I really do appreciate American Crafts working hard to make things right. They are listening. We are listening. I genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding.


372 Responses

  1. CiJi says:

    Are we still going to be sent the exclusive kit and chocolate album?

  2. I appreciate the offer of a consolation mini (and because it’s a limited supply you may not get the one that you choose, especially if it takes a while to get the Auto-ship delivered) but I paid for an EXCLUSIVE kit that I really loved the look of… How do we get the kits we paid for and were promised?

  3. Katy Young says:

    I want my exclusive kit! Not mini kits I already have! Very upset now!

  4. Cassie says:

    If we receive the wrong kit, do we send it back in order to get the “apology” kit?

  5. Joelle says:

    I admit I’m still confused. So is there NO exclusive Amy Tangerine kit? Like it was never printed at all? That’s actually a HUGE bummer for the artist who designed it even more than for me who didn’t get to receive it. WOW. And unfortunately, I won’t be home for 5 days so thinking I may be out of luck getting my choice of kit. Hmmm. Bummer, but I really do appreciate them offering a kit for a mistake that is a done deal. Doesn’t sound like there is anything to be done to “fix” the problem if they were never actually printed.

    • Lisa W. says:

      ok I just re~read this post, and your question intrigued me, as I also am one of the shoppers to recieve the auto~ship. I have not recieved mine as of yet so I am not sure I will get the correct one or not:)

      But if I understand this post correctly, the Amy Tan kit was produced BUT Amy Tan also has a cut and paste kit, AND a Amercian Craft employee/employee’s DID NOT specify which kit should be sent to HSN for us that purchased the auto~ship way back when. AND the wrong one’s were sent.

      So to “help” fix the issue, if you were one that recieved the incorrect kit you can pick a free kit hopefully of your choice, BUT you do not have to send the kit that was shipped back.

      I hope that helps AND I hope I understand it correctly also!

    • Linda says:

      They never even produced the exclusive Amy Tan kit, only the cut & paste kit. That’s why it is going to take 90 days to get it, because they would have to produce it now. And yeah, I felt bad for Amy Tan as soon as I read that…she spent time designing it. I wonder if they will now create it for sale? Otherwise that is a huge waste of time & effort that barely anyone gets to enjoy.

  6. Deborah says:

    Take a photo and email…really? Why not just send something to everyone that ordered it from HSN?

    • Malena says:

      Exactly my thought!

    • Julie says:

      I find this the strangest part of it all – surely HSN has a list of people who got the wrong kit – they should contact them and ask which replacement they want or better still print the missing kit!!

    • Kelly says:

      I agree! Why not just apologize by sending us what we paid for!

    • Angela says:

      Yes, I don’t know why the customer (myself) needed to just happen upon this post and the replacement. Are they just hoping people don’t notice they received the wrong item?? I do believe a email out to all those with a autoship should be emailed personally so they can receive the correct item.
      Think it is more poor service on the part of HSN and American Crafts, not Becky.

    • Annette says:

      i’ve been reading all these reply because i am on the hsn list for these kits. So i was really wandering what i would get in the mail , it came today and it was the dark brown book and the Amy Tangerine Project Life cut and paste kit. so I’m really confused by all of this.Just wondering if the rest of you got something different?

    • Heather says:

      Um, because they are giving you a CHOICE of kit… you have to tell them which one you choose, otherwise they would just be sending you a random kit.

    • Becky Nonhiggins says:

      Um, they can email everyone and get a reply about the choice. The customer shouldn’t have to send a copy of the packing slip etc. UM.

  7. Lindsey says:

    I am not happy…I signed up for an exclusive kit and you can’t even deliver?? And everyone knows the first rule of customer service is to not place blame on someone; don’t point fingers! You accept the error and make things right. You don’t offer us a kit that we all have! I want what I paid for, or I want a refund!

  8. Tracey says:

    I realize mistakes happen but this is pretty big. The whole point is exclusivity. I have not received mine yet but is there even an album in this “mistake” kit they sent? I’m very disappointed.

  9. kitty says:

    I just checked and mine will be here tomorrow, Mine will be going back if it is not what I ordered. I had plans for the exclusive kit.

  10. peggy kohler says:

    I am not happy either I want the exclusive kit I paid for not one that I already have. I am really disappointed with the three choices as most of us have them. Please find another solution to fix this. Some of us have not yet received our shipment and will not be able to send in a request for the replacement anyway.
    thank you

    • Photomatt says:

      I agree.

    • Heidi Smith says:

      Exactly! No kit yet on the west coast! I guess only those on the easy coast will have their choice?? I’m seeing visions of ending up with a kit I don’t want and a kit I have no use for (childhood edition! I don’t have kids or any little one to even give it to!)

      Why not just a voucher for PL product through amazon??

  11. Janee says:

    Not happy at all. This bonus mini kit doesn’t cut it. They need to produce the correct one and send it to us. First my jac album was damaged and unusable upon delivery and now this. I’m never ordering pl kits from HSN again. If they don’t make this right I’m sending cut and paste back and canceling my auto ship.

  12. Kelsey says:

    What if I never received a kit at all? When did these ship?

  13. Ruby says:

    So not only do i have 2 of the cut & paste i now get a choice of getting another kit i lready have…. Not happy with this

  14. Marcia Valera says:

    Olathe, Kansas

  15. Debra says:


    I really appreciate you addressing this quickly and offering a resolution. I do not blame you at all for this mistake. However, I am so disappointed. Of the 3 mini kits, this is the one I was looking forward to the most.

    I am grateful that we can select an additional kit but I am concerned that by the time I receive mine, take a photo and email, the kit that I want will be gone and I will be sent a kit that I cannot use (I already have 2 of those kits).

    American Crafts mentioned there were TWO Amy Tangerine kits and the wrong one was sent to HSN but what will become of the other kit (the one we originally ordered) – will it become available?

    Again, I know your products and customers are very important to you and I appreciate you addressing quickly and offering some sort of resolution.

  16. Kristena says:

    Yeah sorry but doesn’t cut it for me either. I already own all 3 of the kits you’re offering.

  17. Traci Taylor says:

    “Control Z”…. UNDO!!!…..

    I have needed that action SO MANY times in my life! :-)

    Thank you for handling this mistake in such a generous way!
    I realize some things are just “out of your control” once something has been put in to action…
    even if it isn’t happening as planned!
    I can IMAGINE how bad all involved feel…..
    just know….
    and it’s OK!!!!

    LIFE is full of such things as this!

    Humans are beautiful messy creatures!
    (That is part of what makes our Project Life Albums such works of ART!!!)

    Chin up Buttercup! :-)

    Thanks for the Mini Kit!!!

    • Natalie Turetsky says:

      so sweet of you traci!

    • Cindy Morton says:

      Just what I was thinking too, Traci!

      I love your attention to detail, Becky. I’m sorry that this mistake happened. Thank you for working so hard to make everyone happy, even though that is just not possible!

      Thank you for bringing us so many wonderful products to record our lives in such a fun and beautiful way!

  18. Michelle says:

    The original one should be printed and shipped to all of us who ordered from HSN. Choosing from mini kits we already own (or having one chosen for us) is NOT a good solution.

    • Malena says:

      I agree. I would be willing to wait several months to receive the correct exclusive mini kit! I really liked the looks of it more so than the Cut & Paste Mini Kit.

    • Jenna says:

      I feel exactly the same! Take the time and fix the mistake correctly. I really wanted my exclusive mini kit. I have 2 of the 3 offered for an apology and don’t want the 3rd. This is not ok. Not good customer service at all. And why should WE have to send an email?! Just send everyone who got the autoship the correct thing.

    • Mandy says:

      I agree. I ordered multiple kits on autoship and these were to be made into Christmas gifts. I am requesting to receive what I paid for.

  19. Kori says:

    I am too sad about this situation. While I realize mistakes happen, this is a huge mix up at the tail end of other mix ups. I honestly subscribed to the auto ship FOR THIS KIT alone. I love it so much. Now to find out that I can never get it? It really is a shame.

  20. April says:

    SO this does not even cover the fact that I was told in March that a CHOCOLATE album was going to be sent yet I receive Cinnamon. While they both start with the letter C and both are in the brown family this does not solve the issue. I am also being offered A: Already Have B: Already Have C: DON’T WANT D: Send it back for a refund. NICE so I as the customer get screwed if A & B are taken in my replacement Choices. I don’t find this an acceptable solution nor am I happy about the fact the mini album color was not addressed!! I think there are other companies out there that are cheaper in which I can buy products from. OH and while I am at it. Geesh can someone at least Prep Lisa Bearnson before she goes on air and have her be familiar w/the PL products she PRETENDS to use? Can someone actually work with HSN and have them Proof the info? As they call the Mini’s 8×8 which is NOT correct. Are there really that many people out there that have no problem doing their job half correct? You are to be in business not a joke of a business. Do it right or not at all!

    • Lindsay N says:

      Geez calm down! It’s not the end of the world ok! There are better things in life than getting the exclusive kit. Chill!

    • Carol says:

      Wow..I guess you must do everything in life the “right way”, I’d hate to make the “mistake” of crossing paths with you one day..God forbid!

    • April says:

      Wow Carol I guess you are perfect and accept companies for which you pay good $$ for stuff to provide mediocre goods and services. Maybe if this was your 3rd error in 3 weeks you would be upset too! Way to go judging how others should react and feel.

      Lindsay, well next time you get something that you didn’t order I can’t wait for you to jump for joy you got the wrong item and gonna take it like a champ!

      People its America I am entitled to freedom of speech and my own opinion and you have no right to judge others. This is my 3rd issue in 3 weeks with orders from HSN/AC products. I have EVERY right to be upset!

    • Marie says:

      You sound line a spoiled brat. Most of your pits wasn’t even about this issue just a rant about how wronged you are…about paper! Get a grip, I am sure this isn’t the worst thing to happen to any of us, and in the end, Becky and American Crafts are in good faith trying to make THIS particular mistake right as they possibly can.

    • Sally says:

      Yes, you are entitled to freedom of speech. That doesn’t mean you have to be a dbag about it.

  21. Cathy says:

    I have never received ANY of the mini kits, either. They have been in local stores for a long time. I won’t be ordering any other kits from HSN also. When were they shipped and what am I supposed to do??? Not very happy !!!

    • Raegan L says:

      Cathy, when you made your original purchase from HSN back in March, you had the option of signing up for the autoship. I didn’t even realize I had signed up for it until I got the first noticed for the first one. :)

  22. Grammy says:

    Seriously???? This is NOT an apology from American Crafts. It’s purely an attempt to placate purchasers of the exclusive HSN kits. It’s a slap in the face to Becky Higgins’ loyal customers!

    Basically American Crafts is saying… here, have another mini kit you did not order, one that’s also not an exclusive, oh and by the way, you might not receive the one you pick because we don’t have enough of these either.

    American Crafts take note….Customers want what they ordered!! This problem coming on top of your last issue with incorrect plastic being packed in the Just Add Color kits, is screaming that you have serious quality control issues! And shame on HSN for knowing it was the incorrect kit and sending it out anyway,

    Your answer should have been…. We apologize for our failure to deliver the correct mini kit. We will be printing the correct Amy Tangerine kit and HSN customers can expect it to be arriving on their doorstep by (insert date here). In the meantime please keep the kit you incorrectly received and your HSN account will be credited $xx.xx.

    Who cares if it takes until 2014 to print the correct kit? It’s only three months away and we’ve already waited since March. It’s not like you don’t have the kit designed. Send it to print and get us what we ordered!

    Having a digital version available would be nice, but, that doesn’t help people who don’t work in digital. If it does come in digital then it should be offered FREE to those who ordered the exclusive HSN mini because of the expense we would incur having to print out the cards ourselves.

    Attention Becky Higgins – you need a new distributor or you are going to lose a lot of loyal customers to copy cat products!

    • Lori P. says:

      Grammy, I totally agree with what you wrote.

      “”American Crafts take note….Customers want what they ordered!! This problem coming on top of your last issue with incorrect plastic being packed in the Just Add Color kits, is screaming that you have serious quality control issues! And shame on HSN for knowing it was the incorrect kit and sending it out anyway,

      Your answer should have been…. We apologize for our failure to deliver the correct mini kit. We will be printing the correct Amy Tangerine kit and HSN customers can expect it to be arriving on their doorstep by (insert date here). In the meantime please keep the kit you incorrectly received and your HSN account will be credited $xx.xx.””

      It is an AMERICAN CRAFT and HSN problem and NOT a take it out on Becky Higgins problem. They (AC & HSN) should rectify the situation a lot better than what I am reading so far and do it “before” they do more damage to their companies.

      Makes me really double think my next purchase with either company.

    • Debbie says:

      I think Becky Higgins needs to fire American Crafts and hire you! But seriously, I think this is the best response on this blog and would be the best resolution for this problem. As many of the other Project Lifers here, I already have (or don’t want/need) the mini kits being offered. The point is, we ordered the autoship because these kits were *exclusive*. I say American Crafts prints up enough of the exclusive kits we ordered, and HSN takes care of shipping them out since they already know who has ordered them. I don’t mind waiting. What I do mind is the current proposed resolution.

    • Mandy says:

      Agreed! Well said.

  23. Kristol says:

    I am really disappointed be this was the only mini I really wanted. Especially because of the chocolate colored album. I applaud AC for being accountable and apologetic but this makes me unhappy as I was gifting this for Christmas upon completion to a friend who loves that Amy Tan line and brown is one of her favorite colors. Truly disappointed.

  24. Mindy says:

    Hang in there, girl…

  25. Adriane says:

    Wow. What a bummer. This kit was the whole reason I signed up for the auto-ship option. I am shocked that they are not going to send us the correct kit that we ordered. I hope something more will be done to make this right.

  26. kathy says:

    I am not very happy with getting a kit that I didn’t want. Now I have to go through the trouble of sending it back to hsn. Plus I don’t really care for the compensation as I was going to gift this kit to a friend.

  27. nicki says:

    another disappointed customer/fan here. another vote for getting what we were actually promised, no matter how long I have to wait for it. I am relieved though, that I did not purchase the cut and paste already, or polka-dot party. I just cannot believe that in a project like this collaboration between American Crafts, BH PL LLC and HSN, the basic facts of the deal were not redundantly overchecked to make sure all aspects of the deal went smoothly. your customers are not the only ones getting hurt here, your reputation is too. good luck fixing this, Happy Birthday btw.

  28. Laurel says:

    I just received mine today and have now already filled out the return form. I’m not paying for and keeping a kit I did not order. It’s too bad. This kit was the only reason I signed up for the auto-ship. And, I’m really surprised at American Crafts. If a mistake was made, I can understand that. But, print the kit you promised and ship it when available. I already have Cut and Paste and the other two don’t interest me.

  29. Trina Yates says:

    C’mon folks, in the scheme of things, is all this resentment necessary? I understand you did not get what you ordered and are disappointed but this all sounds like a bunch whining. If you don’t like what you got, send it back. Is this something you NEED or is it something you WANT. Look around you. You almost sound like Congress!!. It’s only colored paper. It took someone’s creativity and effort to try and make amends. Don’t look a good thing in your face. Some of us can afford what you are getting as a want. I am sure the memories you are trying to capture is taking time away from making memories that you can be making with your loved ones. Isn’t that what is important? Let’s get the priorities straight. Buyer beware, isn’t that the saying. Again, if you don’t like it, send it back and get on making the memories that you are missing with all of this negativity you are sending.

    • I hope you remember that the next time you spend hard earned money on something. Then to have someone basically says to you “Tough luck, you won’t get what you paid for and were promised, but here’s a consolation prize that may or may not be available when you call about getting your problem ‘fixed'”

      I have every right to be upset that I’m not getting the product I paid for! Sure it might be a “want” but how is it your business or right to tell anyone to calm down and deal with it.

      I bet you would be saying something completely different if , for example, you went out to dinner and let’s say your child had an allergy to peanuts. Let’s say they were given a PB&J when you had ordered a ham sandwich.

      It might be taking it a bit far but PB&J isn’t what you paid for and going out to dinner is a “want” not a “need”.

      My point is, get off your high horse. If you’re fine with this solution great, but some of us aren’t. Some of us have had to make THREE customer service calls in the past month because ALL THREE orders have had at least one item that was incorrect.

      This is not a fluke. This is poor quality control and poor business practices. And I’m saying this as someone who own hundreds of dollars worth of paper AND digital Project Life Products!

    • Amber says:

      Thank-you for saying this. I honestly cannot believe the selfishness I see in these comments. This isn’t what Becky would want her fans to do or say, and we all know it.

      I suggest we all consider what it really means to “cultivate a good life,” and think again about whether this is really, truly worth getting so incredibly angry over.

    • Marcia says:

      Yes, Amber cultivate a good life… And I’ll just hand over my money to Becky and friends and act like everything is okay when they do something wrong. Especially when this isn’t the first thing they have “made a mistake” on. Give me a break. Go fan girl else where.

    • Faye says:

      Damn! So much bitterness on you Marcia!

    • Marjo says:

      Yes, I am expecting Becky to post some sentiment about cultivating a good life soon because this is her M.O. after she gets criticized for something. I guess it’s supposed to shame us into submission so we don’t dare complain about her mistakes.

    • April says:

      Yes I will roll over like a good little consumer and let corporations know they can make mistakes and it is okay. I can deepen pockets of others and it’s okay.

      I can be told to get over it and that it’s okay because I should cultivate a good life.

      Well you preachers why don’t you cultivate a good life and not act like you’re on a high horse and better than others!

  30. Carole says:

    I’m disappointed too. Since I can purchase Cut & Paste on my own, I will be returning this. Exclusivity was a big plus in doing the autoship with HSN.

  31. Lindsay N says:

    Not a big deal to me. Thank goodness I don’t have the Cut & Paste yet. I don’t mind keeping it plus I get the freebie. How cool is that?!? I ordered two kits and both were scheduled to arrive this week. Thanks you Becky for all you do.

  32. Kris says:

    i already own the other 3 sets so I dont want them, I ordered the exclusive kit and that is what I am looking for …if not why ship a wrong one to us at all?????
    if they did they should pay for shipping back …dont want it. Thanks for the apologies but bad business all the way around, no double checking etc?

  33. Monica says:

    Life is good for so many other reasons – – don’t sweat the small stuff :)

  34. Lori says:

    This a bummer. I do appreciate the effort to make a the correction, however, I really only did autoship for this kit. In fact, I returned the first kit and was going to cancel after getting this kit as the last kit in the series looks very “girlie” as well. I have the seasons and childhood kits so I’m not sure what I’m going to do as the polka dot party isn’t very appealing to me. I know there are huge production costs and logistics and it is not as easy as it sounds to just “reprint the correct kits.” Love your work Becky and the special kits (and value pricing) from HSN, just disappointed with this situation. Might just take the refund and spend my money on the new mini theme packs which are showing up at my local Hobby Lobby.

    • Lori says:

      Thank you for the update and new solutions. Now I’ll have something to look forward to after the excitement of the holidays are over and the winter blahs have set in. Becky you have made it much easier and affordable to create memories for my boys and I’m grateful as what I was doing before just wasn’t working. I know it is tough to keep your chin up, especially when you’re so happy and were looking forward to your birthday celebrations this month, but please know there are many happy (quiet) customers out there. Now, do I have the willpower not to go buy a few new theme packs?!? I doubt it ;-).

  35. Marcia says:

    If no one is happy with getting a kit they already have etc go to your credit card and dispute the charge. You WILL be refunded for that charge. NO ONE should have to pay for something and NOT get it and NOT get a good resolution!! Between Studio Calicos HORRIBLE customers service and your HORRIBLE customers service, BECKY – I will NEVER EVER purchase another thing from you AGAIN.

    You may have started PL, Becky but there are more players in this game now. Several brands have their own PL kit which not only knock SC out of the park but their customer service is nice to boot. Several companies make page protectors and cards, too that are better quality and again I say better customer service than this train wreck you call a company.

    Really Becky? You may want to think twice about doing this to customers. You already look absolutely horrible being linked to Studio Calico. And now this?! Enjoy the “scrap celeb” fame now, it won’t be like that for long with service like this!!

    And to all the people who say don’t sweat the small stuff and who cares, really?! This is a company and any GOOD company fixes things not cause more of a hot mess than it already is. So stop trying to kiss butt, okay?!

    • Lauren P. says:

      UMMM… OR you can just ask HSN for a refund and get over it? No need to spew venom all over the place.

    • Marcia says:

      It’s not venom it’s the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. She won’t have a company with this customer service if she keeps it up. It’s a simple heads up from a loyal customer who is no longer a customer at all!

    • Sarah says:

      Good! You are not a loss! :P

    • Kayleigh says:

      She’s not the only one who is going to stop buying, Sarah so in the end I am sure she WILL be a loss. If you’ve ever owned a business you’d know one person not buying affects a lot especially if they share the word and talk other people into buying.

  36. Susanne says:

    I know there are terrible things happening around the world and in the grand sceme of things, this is not a huge deal. But it doesn’t seem right to me that the wrong kit was sent and now I’ll have to pay to ship it back. Why can’t the the kit we ordered be printed and sent to us? I wouldn’t care if it takes a few months…that’s the kit I wanted.
    If this doesn’t happen, my life will go on and I will still buy your products and continue recording my memories! (I’ll just be disappointed.)

  37. Cameron says:

    I agree that I shouldn’t have to pay to ship it back when it’s not my error and I’m being sent something I didn’t order. :(

    • laura g. says:

      can’t you just send it back, unopened and not have to pay the shipping? if you get something you don’t order I think you have that right! check with your local post office.

  38. Judy d says:

    This needs to be made right. Becky,HSN and AC need to step up and print the correct kit. Not only did they mess up BUT didn’t even notify us about the problem before shipping out the products. We’re suppose to just OK no big deal that we did not get the right items we paid for. I have heard more problems than every with the AC Project Life kits. Since Becky and HSN is endorsing and partners with AC I hold them also responsible. Think it’s time to start shopping elsewhere for other product lines.

  39. Amanda Castillo says:

    I understand that a mistake was made. I do not think shipping something else in place of what we were promised is good business practice. I do believe that the customers should have been contacted with more information and options for their kit. They should be printed at the customers request because that is what they paid for. If when they are contacted and offered another kit and they agree then send the option kit to the customer. In this countries hard times people are having to cut back on spending as a whole. When the consumer decides to make a purchase on a want not a need and a promise is made then it should be honored. The scrapbooking world is a “want” and they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. With that being said I think that the company should make good on their deal with the exclusive kit and chocolate album . It is the right thing to do. I think it is wrong of a company to just expect us to just pay for what they send us after a promise has been made. I would have waited for the kit to be sent when the error was corrected . I will have second thoughts about purchasing anymore products from HSN or Project life.

  40. Maria says:

    I am disappointed because ever single project life thing I bought off hsn had something wrong with it. I started project life when the jade and blush kits were the today special. Both albums came scratched and damaged. I ordered the color kit and guess what – the album was damaged. The main reason I got the autoship was for this kit because I thought it would be cute to use for my son. I understand that it was a mistake and they are trying to make it right. But they have to realize that some people already have what they are offering or aren’t interested in the replacements. I know you can just send it back and hopefully hsn will pay the return shipping. I paid the $30 for the exclusive cards. I didn’t even want the album – just the cards. I can get 2 mini kits they are offering for a lot less. I think I will be cancelling my last autoship and not buy project life from hsn anymore.

  41. Marcia says:

    This is a result of the mass production that Project lIfe has evolved into. YES people we all know dont sweat the small stuff….this is business, you dont need to preach here, these is a comment section for all of us.
    Go watch Beckys balloon video to get your happy face on stop hating on people who are disappointment and don’t care for “the resolution”.

  42. Carol says:

    I just don’t understand why we can’t get the correct kits printed and shipped out to us, even if it takes a few months to ship them all out, like one of the previous posters suggested.

  43. Tami says:

    Totally bummed! This kit was really the only reason I bought the extra autoship. Sad.

  44. Kris says:

    Agreed, no kits should be shipped. We will wait for the exclusive kit we ordered even if it takes a few more months to come in. The resolution of one of these other kits is not relevant—if we wanted them we would have purchased them already.
    Who is paying to ship all these kits back if they did ship already? Certainly the customer should be sent a preapaid label asap.

  45. Andrea says:


    I too appreciate that this error was not yours and neither is the “resolution”. However, I do not see a way to direct my response directly to American Crafts. Because I AMA fan of your products, I already have the Amy Tangerine kit being sent and the three kits offered as compensation. I specifically ordered the auto ship for this particular kit. All this is adding up to for me is a hassle. Could the original kit still be printed?

    It seems that American Crafts do not realize how many dedicated fans you have and that several people already have the other kits that have been out awhile. At least they could have offered a new kit.

  46. Marcia says:

    Not to mention I bought blush and jade on HSN and it was supposed to be “exclusive” then showed up on Amazon a few months later. Should have known Becky and everyone in the company are shady!! Any time there is an issue Becky and her personal customer service always send you and blame American crafts or Amazon when really it’s THIER fault too and they should fix it as well.

    Becky, you don’t want to take the heat for your screw ups you should probably get your name off the products. Again I say, this “scrap celeb” fame has completely gone to your head. Don’t hide behind two other companies for YOUR screw ups. And it’s not very professional to completely BLAME an employee on the reason the wrong kits were sent out. Really? How bad is HSNS etc etc quality control that ONE person could screw it all up? I am flabbergasted at how unprofessional you are. My goodness.

    • lane says:

      Blush and Jade were never “exclusive” to HSN. It was the configuration of the bundle (binder, pocket pages, kit, etc.) along with the price that was “exclusive” to HSN.

    • Marcia says:

      Sorry, but no. All they said was it was exclusive to HSN at a special price and limited quantities. It was never actually fully explained. Please show me where they actually explained it. They manipulated everyone into thinking it was exclusive AND the same kind of quality as the other kits Becky sold and it wasn’t. So no, you’re wrong.

    • Faye says:

      B*tch get your facts straight! Blush & Jade were NEVER exclusive to HSN! Dumb ass! You enviuos SOB!

    • Marcia says:

      Child, much? Yes they were. They implied it. Even look below other people believe the same. Lisa and Becky manipulated everyone and the quality of the kit was so disgustingly bad it wasn’t even in the same cardboard boxes that they usually are. It was a huge rip off.

      Grow up, stop swearing. I’m no envious of a company that is going to go down in the hole pretty quick. :)

    • krista says:

      Go back and read the “what is coming to hsn” blog post. It clearly states that both jade and blush were going to be in stores in may but not at hsn prices. Sorry that you didn’t read that, but blush and jade were never exclusive.

      I know that people are upset, and I am too, but the downright hateful comments are simply unneccesay.

    • lane says:

      Thank you, Krista, for finding the post where it says that Jade and Blush would be in stores in May, but are offered earlier on HSN in a format that isn’t available anywhere else.

    • Cheryl says:

      Wow there sure are a bunch of immature cry babies here and you’re one of the biggest ones. So easy to sit and hide behind your screen and personally attack people for a business mistake which I agree is frustrating and a hassle but really, what’s up with the junior high comments people? Must be tough being so perfect that you’ve never made a mistake, good thing you don’t run a company. How dare a company plot to mistreat you by deceiving you. Lol this explains why kids are so messed up…and have entitlement issues with people like this as role models. Take the solution that was offered or request a refund and move on. We don’t all get everything we want in life…and you should probably remind your kids of that as soon as you grow up and learn that lesson.

  47. Ann G says:

    I know it especially stinks that this is happening now during the 4th Birthday celebration month of Project Life and I do not blame Becky Higgins LLC for this. But certainly before just now during the shipping of this month’s HSN mini kit someone realized that the wrong kit was produced, then why did HSN ship them out at all? Why were people not given the option to bypass this shipment and wait until the exclusive kit could be produced and THEN ship.
    I agree the 3 already released mini- kits are not much of a consolation, but it was not even addressed that we weren’t even getting the chocolate album either. Would the consolation kit even include a mini album color of our choice? I would rather have the new Halloween cards and a black album as my choice.

  48. Malena says:

    I’m not furious, just really disappointed. I get it that there are bigger things to fret about. Believe me, I know! This auto-ship is a luxury for me since I’m a minimum-wage earner. I just wanted the exclusive kit I was expecting… this kit is the reason I signed up for auto-ship. I’m praying I don’t have to pay for return shipping either. I’m supposed to have mine delivered within one to two days. Don’t even have it in hand and am already disappointed. *sigh

    • laura g. says:

      take your kit to the local post office and explain you got something you did not order…I am thinking you will not have to pay the return shipping…don’t open it! good luck and I hear ya! I am thinking about making my own cards from now on…

  49. Pam says:

    Fortunately, I did not order the mini kit auto ship; I just couldn’t afford it. I understand those who say, “don’t sweat the small stuff” or “cultivate a good life” … but in this case, I agree with all those who are terribly upset. Money is very tight for some people ~ & if you ordered something special, you should get what you paid for … It sounds like those who are okay with this solution either have a lot of money to spare, or they don’t have what is being offered. Actually, even if I did have extra money, I would still want the product that I ordered. After all, that is why I made the purchase.

    It is nice that American Crafts is offering a resolution, but it is the wrong solution. I think that most people would be willing to wait for the correct item that they ordered (& yes, I agree with many commentors above who ask, “what happened to those exclusive kits”? If American Crafts printed the wrong kit, they should reprint – that is their error! That cost should come out of their pockets, not the pockets of the customer … & if they are not willing the correct kit, then HSN should offer a refund to everyone who requests it. Being offered a “consolation” package is only good if it accompanies the correct item.

    Becky, I know you see this as a solution, but seriously it is not. Many customers will think twice before signing up for auto-ship.

  50. Get Over It says:

    It is no wonder I see badly behaved, whiny crying children. They learn this from their whiny, temper tantrum-throwing parents. Get over it. Express yourselves all you want. It is still just paper. Exclusive doesn’t make it (or you) more special.

    • It’s not about “being special” it’s about the fact that I made the purchase because I couldn’t get it at the store and because I had plans to use it for an album.

      It’s not about “temper tantrums” it’s about a company delivering the product I paid for. If you ordered a special birthday cake for someone and when you picked it up it was the wrong cake, I doubt you’d be happy with them saying “Get over it”!

      I expect to receive the products I paid for, be it paper or cake.

    • Marcia says:

      @getoverit- really? You sound like a child. Anyone in business knows that you are supposed to send what someone paid for. Not something else and expect something free to make it okay. Yeah, some people don’t mind the freebies, GREAT but many DONT want or NEED them therefore they want what they paid for and if they can’t they want a refund. How is that hard to grasp? Any business practice is supposed to have good customer service. It’s not about paper or whining like you say. It’s about maturity and it seems lately, BH, AC and HSN has clearly lacked some.

      So Get Over It – YOU get over the responses you don’t like.

    • Grammy says:

      It’s not about it being just paper. It’s about American Crafts having quality control issues and then pawning their problems off on loyal customers of Becky Higgins and Project Life.

      All we are asking for is the product we were promised…not excuses and replacement products that we already have or can buy cheaper with a coupon at our local craft store.

      This is about a quality control and a bad resolution idea decision made by American Crafts.

      If you don’t like what you read in the comments then “get over it” and don’t read any more comments.

    • April says:

      Geesh Get over it can’t even use their real name! So it seems like you’re not that mature either!

  51. Cheryl says:

    May I suggest that each person who posted here copy and paste their post into an email and mail to sherriw@americancrafts.com and let American Crafts, who is making the offer, know of your disappointment? Perhaps each person did this, another option might be offered. Additionally, keep a copy of the above letter and contact your credit card company to advise you did not receive the goods you ordered and received something else in exchange, something you did not approve. They will credit your card for your purchase, which also sends a message to both HSN and American Crafts. Then contact HSN and let them know what you’ve done. I would hope they would credit return shipping charges due to their (and American Crafts) error.

  52. Marcia says:

    @getoverit- really? You sound like a child. Anyone in business knows that you are supposed to send what someone paid for. Not something else and expect something free to make it okay. Yeah, some people don’t mind the freebies, GREAT but many DONT want or NEED them therefore they want what they paid for and if they can’t they want a refund. How is that hard to grasp? Any business practice is supposed to have good customer service. It’s not about paper or whining like you say. It’s about maturity and it seems lately, BH, AC and HSN has clearly lacked some.

    So Get Over It – YOU get over the responses you don’t like. :)

    • Ann G says:

      Exactly! People are just venting and are angry for good reason. It takes more time for us to have to take photos, send emails, and return product we don’t even want. And Get Over It had to create a moniker just to give their two cents without giving up a name. If you don’t want to read the comments then don’t. Just saying…

    • Marcia says:


    • Marcia says:

      Apparently a child disagrees with us above. That blush and jade were never acted as if they were exclusive.

  53. Susan says:

    I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. the small company that we loved just got bigger and bigger and now we have these issues. I long for the day of when it was just Becky company and we bought from Amazon.

  54. Cindy Roman Daversa says:

    So, I didn’t save my packing slip. What does this mean for me??? This is quite disappointing.

  55. Marjo says:

    Becky’s name is on the product. She may not have manufactured, packed, and shipped it but her name is on it so she should take responsibility for the problems associated with it.

    I also think it was shady how they made the Blush & Jade kits sound like they were exclusive to HSN and then a little while later they were in all the stores. If I would have known that I would not have ordered the Blush kit from HSN because I didn’t want the cheap album that came with it. I could have just bought the other parts with a coupon from a big box store and paid less that I did with HSN.

    Now with this new problem I will never buy another BH PL product again or order again from HSN. There are a lot more scrapbooking companies other than American Crafts out there who I will spend my money with.

  56. Katie says:

    It looks to me, like the basics are being taken care of. Sounds like return shipping will be provided, not sure if the initial shipping will be refunded, but I would hope so as this is not the customers mistake in anyway when there has been such a drastic switch in product arriving vs what was shown. It would be nice if AC would help make returns easier as their customers should not have to be inconvenienced any more than we already have been with this fiasco. I am not too sure about us the customers having to contact them and provide proof of receipt to get the extra consolation prize aka free mini kit. They have a partnership with HSN and they should have records of who made the purchase and who did not. AC should be able to issue an apology and fix this by contacting us not the other way around. Becky and Amy should be concerned because their brands will be negatively affected by this. Amy to a lesser bit because no one really equates any blame to her, rather it’s because so many of us are huge fans that there is this uproar. I don’t know how grateful Becky should be, rather I would have hoped she’d be indignant on behalf of her fans and customers. While she is not directly responsible for the distributions she is the face of PL and any negativity will impact her. I am afraid what looked like a very promising female led company, one that I was quite proud to see developing as it was since I have followed her career for many years, will be hurt by customers leaving to find other solutions for their PL needs. Plus if AC is the distributor and isn’t able to find a solution that more of the customers are happy with, I think it will impact all of the AC brands as they won’t want to purchase any AC products in the future. I think that participants in the auto ship have every right to be unhappy within reason – and those who seem to think otherwise should put themselves in our place. Companies like AC and PL need customers who are devoted and passionate, because as many have commented this is not the end of the world. But those who are so upset are because they are/were so very excited about PL and it’s to AC and Becky’s advantage to have such fans during a time when memory keeping is a luxury purchase. I could choose many other ways to spend my money but because I feel so strongly about memory keeping I choose to spend it this way. When money is tight, and something like this happens I begin to feel like my precious hobby dollars are better spent where they are appreciated more. As far as I’m concerned the jury is still out on how I ultimately feel about this. I think it will depend on how things fall out over the next few days. I think the corporate responses thus far have been panic responses and I hope when they see customer reaction they will try to find a way to make us feel more satisfied with the situation.

  57. Marna says:


    Thanks for letting us know, I think we all get this is not your fault and don’t blame you. In fact I appreciate you giving me the heads up before I receive the package.

    This is a failure that lands squarely on the shoulders of FIRST American Crafts, and SECOND HSN. HSN should not have accepted the failure to be sent to their customers, and American Crafts….Well so many before me have said it all. The placating options are not. I can by those kits at local craft stores with discount coupons, so the value…. not so much.

    American Crafts, you should be reading all of this and do the right thing. Eat the expense of what you sent, get what you were supposed to send manufactured – with quality – and get it to your customers at no additional charge. STEP UP!!!!!!

    I know it’s only crafts.. but we spend good money for reputable brands through reputable marketers. We expect to get what we agreed to pay for.

  58. Elizabeth says:

    Wow – such hostility in some of these comments. Is it really necessary? Nothing wrong with voicing one’s opinion or disappointment, but can’t it be done without sounding so unbelievably rude?

    • Marcia says:

      Maybe we are sick of their mistakes. Ever think of that? It’s one thing after another whether it be Becky’s products or Studio Calico. We are tired of it!

    • Susanne says:

      Isn’t that the truth? I can’t get over how incredibly violent some people sound on here! It’s sad that it’s probably the same people who will then post sweet pictures of their family enjoying a nice fall day or going out for ice cream. Wonder if they will mention in their project life for that day that they cussed people out on Becky’s blog?

    • Marcia says:

      I don’t understand how you can support Becky when she clearly as well as the other companies treat you like crap after all the $$ you sent. HELLO?!? It’s a huge company, they can print whatever they want when they want. They should be able to send what they lured so many people in to buy!

      Sorry, but two each their own. I refuse to support a company who doesn’t care about their customers. Period. Whether it be “just paper” or clothing line, restaurant ETC. She’s got you totally fooled in this cultivate a good life crap that you are brain washed.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I get that you’re tired of it – still think you can get your point across without the harshness and personal attack on Becky.

    • Marcia says:

      It’s not a personal attack. I’ve not personally attacked anyone. My point in everything I have said is that Becky has let this go to her head, which is true. And that if she doesn’t shape her company up she will fail, which she will. And being apart of Studio Calico is going to hurt her in the long run. And because her name is on her products and she chooses for it to be she shouldn’t be upset about any negative comments when it arises. and AC and HSN should make it right as well.

      No personal attacks, only facts and statements that come from truth. If you feel I’ve attacked her that’s your issue, as I never have. It’s all stuff she needs to face as a business woman otherwise she will fail at it.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Marcia – no personal attacks? Hmm, you called her company a train wreck, accused her of letting the ‘scrap celeb’ fame go to her head, said she is unprofessional, and accused her of manipulation. Your words, not my issue.

    • Marcia says:

      Those aren’t personal attacks. The things I said are TRUE. She is unprofessional, her company is turning into a train wreck and she has let it go to her head. I’ve been following her from the beginning wayyyy back when she is not the same as she used to be. She doesn’t care at all about her loyal customers which is what will make her company suffer. She sold out, basically.

      It’s not personal attacks when it’s true. And it’s simple things that Becky should be reminded of so maybe she can save her company. If you think those are personal attacks get some thicker skin. It’s the truth and some good freaking advice what I’ve posted on this blog. She should take it.

    • Cheryl says:

      Omg Marsha Marsha Marsha please tell me you didn’t produce whiny kids that sound like you…don’t need more of that in this world. Yuck

    • Cheryl says:

      Just ask miss know it all Marsha she’s the expert…she must still be in junior high. And missy I remember a time when loyal fans were pitching a blessed fit because they couldn’t get product fast enough and whined like crybabies having to wait months for a new core kit. So now they join with a company and products are available and you’re still not happy! There’s just no winning with you people. Thick skin? You’re a fine one to talk. You’re having a meltdown over a few dollars, a long wait, and a thing. A product. We’re not talking world hunger here. Jeez get a grip.

  59. […] If you want to read the full explanation from American Crafts over on Becky Higgins blog, check HERE. Melissa over at A Vegas Girl At Heart, wrote a post about this that I completely agree with (you […]

  60. Karen says:

    I too am disappointed in the solution from American Crafts, I haven’t received my kit yet, but it’s undoubtedly the wrong one. If AC and HSN knew the kits were the wrong ones, then shame on them for sending them out without asking if we wanted them! I would have cancelled the shipment had they given me the option, and they should have given us the option! Since AC and HSN most likely knew the kits were the wrong ones, and even if they didn’t, they should offer to pay the return shipping for those wanting to return them, why was that option not mentioned in their apology?

    I cancelled my auto ship for December, I’m not going to take a chance on them deciding to send me another shipment I didn’t order!

    I have been disappointed in the quality of some the Project Life items I have purchased from HSN, the albums I have received were not very well made plus some had some damage to them when I received them. I think I’m done ordering project life from HSN.

    • Marcia says:

      Yeah, but it’s not just HSN. American Crafts manufactures them. So they knew of the quality as well as Becky when they sent them out to be shipped. Don’t let them fool you. You in the end shouldn’t be supporting a company that doesn’t care how anyone feels or where their money is going. I for one am DONE.

    • Susan says:

      I purchased a mini album in sunflower yellow and it had a crease on the front. Not happy.

  61. Renae says:

    Things that are injustices: human trafficking, people who die from not having access to clean water, the need for a foster care system, etc.

    Things that are not: a luxury item (face it, $25 for paper when people are going to bed hungry tonight is a luxury purchase) missed the mark in production and distribution.

    Let’s keep this all in perspective people. We can be disappointed, but we shouldn’t act like it is a travesty.

    • Marcia says:

      It’s not about paper it’s about being treated well by a very successful business. Not too hard to ask ;)

    • Joe says:

      And one has nothing to do with the other. Step off your high horse.

    • Megan says:

      Yes it does!! How does it not?! If anyone needs to step off their high horse is the people who are playing with people’s money! Get a grip.

    • Cheryl says:

      Thank you. Finally some clarity. Never saw so much whining…worse than toddlers. What happened to common sense. Explains all the whining crying and tantrums at target these days…kids don’t have a chance with parents like this throwing tantrums of their own.

  62. Sara says:

    How about …if you’re not happy with this kit situation from HSN and past kits from HSN have also had mistakes….quit shopping from HSN and support you local scrapbook store & small business!

  63. Stephanie says:

    My comments will more than likely not be applauded but it must be said…THANK YOU! How many times are orders and items screwed up and not even addressed in some companies? We do not live in a world where suppliers go out of their way to fix any wrong. The fact that it’s been acknowledged at all and are trying to offer something in return is a tremendous step in the right direction. ‘Cultivating a good life’ means to accept the apology and calm down knowing someone made a mistake and is going through a lot worse than each of you who wanted something you bought. This is their job, the way they feed their family. Cultivating a good life means knowing and remembering what’s really important. Did you kiss your kids? Did you tell a loved one how much they mean to you? To those complaint that money is tight and that’s why you’re upset, maybe then that money should have been spent elsewhere. This a loving, crafting community. It shouldn’t be one of anger and bitterness.

    • Kayleigh says:

      I dont know what companies you’ve been using but whenever I’ve had an issue whether it be Ebay, PayPal, Amazon, Bestbuy, Walmart, CottonOn etc etc etc

      As far as scrapbooking companies – Gossamer Blue, Citrus Twist, Freckled Fawn, Cocoa Daisy, Blue Moon, Two Peas In A Bucket, We R Memory Keepers just to name a few have AWESOME customer service. I guarantee you if something like this happened to them they would do whatever they could to make it right. Furthermore they have all had a little issues in the past and they have ALL stepped up and did wonderful customer service.

      Never manipulated anyone and never tried to get out of refunding money. And never treated customers like this. This is what a business should NOT do when trying to make things right. Money should have already been refunded to ALL buyers and they should have kept the wrong mini kit for free. Not choose a kit they already have and pay shipping to send back something they don’t want. Where in your mind do you think that’s right?!??

    • Susan says:

      Can I just mention how good Elle’s Studio is. Its a small company but I get my Project life add on’s from them and not Studio Calico as I have read too many bad things about them not to mention their high prices. You guys must have money to burn if you pay for Studio Calico stuff. !

    • Kayleigh says:

      Good one!! I do like ES. Their monthly kits are cute.

    • Sue says:

      Thanks for mentioning this Susan, I had no idea Elle’s studio had ad ons for PL, will check them out :)

  64. Marica says:

    Don’t forget Tim Holtz. He put out a defective product once or not a full product before and sent EVERYONE who bought one a brand new product and more. This guy knows how to run a great business! He didn’t ask for proof of purchase or any of this crap BH is.

  65. Megan says:

    This Becky Higgins thing is unreal.

    I read that over 10,000 people ordered these kits. How did it go 100% unnoticed for the months and months lead time it takes to produce these that they were wrong?

    Then Becky flat out blames AC. I get that Becky is now just the designer/creator and AC handles the manufacturing but as the representative for this product, you don’t pass blame.

    Then AC offers up what they have sitting around in their inventory instead of doing what they should do, order up the correct kits and get them sent out to everyone without making everyone contact them with a picture of their receipt.

    This isn’t about a few people getting the wrong page protectors or a damaged kit.

    THOUSANDS of people all got the entirely wrong order. Heads should roll.

  66. Christine says:

    I can’t even explain how disappointed I am with this resolution.

    The Amy Tan exclusive was the best part of the series and I hate that I can’t have what I ordered and have been waiting for. I get that mistakes are made sometimes, but don’t you think we should get the exclusive kit we originally ordered?

    So, so disappointed.

  67. Jamie says:

    WOW! what a cluster this BH/AC/HSN mess is.

    Why on earth is Becky allowing AC to resolve that issue with that letter? SHe needs to get after AC and tell them to produce that kit or expect a letter from her Lawyer.

    UNBELIEVABLE that she posted that letter from AC thinking her customers should just take AC’s resolution.

    VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! She needs to find her Tiger and very clearly and firmly tell her customers that AC’s offer is absolutely unacceptable. SHe needs to go to bat for her customers and her reputation..she may not survive this unfortunately. There are too many people offering PL style kits these days that she must compete with.

    I cannot believe how she handles her brand and her customers…

    What a mess!

  68. bystander says:

    This whole HSN thing didn’t affect me (not in the US), but it’s mind boggling to me when these companies send ‘replacements’ for items that were ordered, like it’s not a problem. I mean, if I order a green checkered shirt at Old Navy and they don’t have it in stock they give me a refund, they don’t send me a black striped top as a replacement, because you know it’s still a shirt so who cares what colour/pattern it is. Are scrapbooking supplies seen as all the same to these companies, or are people who scrapbook just seen as airheads or something?

  69. Elizabeth says:

    Marcia, those are your opinions, which you are entitled to, not facts. And my skin is just fine, thank you.

  70. Gabriela says:

    I totally understand human errors and am very sympathetic. I do understand things like this happen. I just want to address the people that say it is not big deal, it is just paper…
    We as a society exchange money for goods and here in the USA are free (pretty much) to choose what goods we wish to exchange for our hard earned (or not) money. With that said I agreed to exchange money for a certain kit and by agreeing to an auto-ship HSN and I entered into a contract or a promise: you HSN can charge my bank account for a certain exclusive kit. My problem is with HSN if they knew they are/were sending the wrong kit, they are breaking said contract. They charged my bank account BUT are sending me something I did not agree to.
    As far as American Craft I don’t think they are very clear on their letter
    “As a token of our regret and to try to make it up to those who received the wrong kit, we’d like to send you a mini kit of your choice. To receive the mini kit, please send an email to sherriw@americancrafts.com with a photo of your HSN packing slip attached, your mailing address, and your Mini Kit selection. You can choose from the three mini kits pictured here”
    Are they saying they are going to send this kit as a “token of …regret” BUT will later send the correct one??? or are they saying THIS will replace what we were supposed to send you and call it even??? Problem there… HSN and/or AC should have called their customers (HSN auto-ship) and ask them/us for a choice before shipping the wrong kit…… Mine is out for delivery so have no idea what I will get BECAUSE there is another thing unclear to me in the above quoted AC statement…”to those who receive…” That this mean only some and not all will be receiving the wrong kit?? … to many questions

  71. Jess says:

    It’s time Becky comes down from her high horse and breathes the air everybody else does. Your name is on the product Becky, even if it wasn’t you who manufactured or packed it. You want the glory, then can deal with the negative stuff too. And don’t stick your middle finger up at your critics by posting some better life quote, we all see through your passive aggressive bullshit.

    • marsh says:

      Exactly — stop making silly self serving balloon videos and check your product. Come back to earth.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Pretty harsh words there – no need to get so nasty.

    • Vicki says:

      So.Very.True Elizabeth!! Jess’s post was pretty harsh and while I understand the whole free speech thing, Becky simply cannot have her hands in every single thing that happens! That’s why she has staff. What HSN SHOULD have done when they realized what was happening was stop all mail outs and charges and get with American Crafts and Becky to better proceed. HSN had no business sending out a “consolation” prize when people are being charged for a certain item. But, it doesn’t matter what HSN did, Becky still would have caught heat for this and people run her into the ground. But bottom line is, people should not have been so nasty. If someone didn’t like the replacement item, contact HSN for return information and insist that they pay for the return shipping. I think HSN would have gladly accommodated that. But in the meantime people, I doubt seriously Becky would have authorized HSN to send something else. And I’m quite sure she is not on a “high horse”…she still has to put her pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us commoners do. So you didn’t get what you “wanted”…how old are you Jess??? I think my Kindergarten niece would have used better resolution skills than you did and not resort to such petty accusations. Why don’t you try running a large company like hers, managing employees and staff, traveling state to state to state, be a mom, be a wife, oh yeah and have your fingers in every aspect of a business.

    • Cheryl says:

      Wow such ugliness. I said earlier I feel I’m in the halls of junior high school. Explains the behavior of kids who are inappropriate and bullies. Look whose parenting them very sad and scary.

  72. Kasi says:

    Along with their apology, AC should have said they will replace with the proper kit. That would be owning up to their mistake and keeping me as a happy and loyal customer. Instead you offer mini kits that are in “limited supply.” Guess what? I will be speaking with my pocketbook and staying away from your products.

  73. Pissedoff says:

    Hello Becky Higgins and American Crafts… wow… you guys messed up big time. I want the Amy Tan kit I paid for at HSN. The mini kits you are offering as a resolution are a joke. Mend your errors by providing the kit I paid for. In the meantime… you are on my shit list and I will not purchase any more items from your companies. Good riddance.

  74. Molly says:

    So disappointed… This kit and album were the reason I ordered the autoship… I love it!! And I loved the Chocolate album. Super disappointed they haven’t even mentioned anything about the wrong album – the cinnamon album appeals to way fewer people than the chocolate album does. I would love to wait a few months to receive the correct products. This seems like the only feasible solution. I too am shocked that AC and HSN thought it was okay to just go ahead and send the wrong products… instead of contacting the customers and letting them know of the problem. Hoping for a better resolution than the one that has been presented.

  75. patricia ramos says:

    While it is nice that we get an apology and another kit as resolution, I am disappointed. First because I have been waiting for this kit since March, second because it was the kit I really wanted (and got the auto-ship for) and third, because I already have the three kits offered as resolution.

    What I don’t get is this: There are several steps in the production process that allow to fix the mistake before production and shipping:
    1. when they sent art to print,
    2 when they get pre-production samples,
    3 production samples and
    4 when they do QC checks.
    You want me to believe that in this 90 day process there was no one double and triple checking that the product matched the BOM or the PO from HSN?? And HSN was fine with getting a different product? No charge-backs?? And you want to fix the problem with inventory rather than to make it right because of the cost involved in the process???

    And Becky did not get production samples to share pics on her blog?

    A mistake is finding mid-production that you have the wrong art and perhaps delay shipment, but not fixing it and thinking it is ok to ship something different from what people bought is not a mistake. It was a choice made at some point of the process. And I know it is a choice because the album shipped with it is the cinnamon and not the chocolate one. At some point, instead of fixing the printing, they chose to manufacture the cinnamon to complete the PO.

    Disappointed, to say the least. It will be going back and I will cancel auto-ship.

    • Kayleigh says:

      I agree. And to top it all off that the album is wrong too. Something doesn’t add up and like Studio Calico this company(ies) are not being truthful.

    • Donna says:

      I was going to type a long post pointing out the same thing, Patricia. Between the QA checks at AC (I would hope a company their size has one) and the QA checks at HSN, how in the world is this just now being addressed!? Something doesn’t smell right. No one at all at AC caught this & informed BH of the mistake before it was even shipped to HSN? Was it shipped directly from China (?) to HSN? Even if that was the case, was HSN completely clueless as to what the kit looks like that they didn’t say anything to AC & shipped the wrong kit to customers anyway? If anyone believes this error is just now coming to light for the producers/manufacturers, I have a bridge to sell :)

  76. Jennie says:

    I have been a faithful PL customer since the beginning. I LOVE it and love you, Becky. I completely understand the fact that mistakes happen. But totally agree with people that the incorrect kit should not have been sent out. People should have had the option of canceling their order. The resolution, not a very good one. Offering people kits they already have or don’t want isn’t a great solution. What’s done is done, but AC should have the exclusive Amy Tan kit printed and sent out to everyone who ordered.

    I choose very carefully what scrapbooking supplies I purchase as I am on a tight budget. I rarely buy anything besides PL items. So when one of the items I purchased, isn’t even what I bought, it is def. frustrating. And if I want to return it, I am responsible for shipping an incorrect product to me and have to pay to ship it back.

    Becky, I have seen and believe that you value your customers. I just don’t feel like any of this is good customer service. I don’t know how much power you have in this, but I think it is important for you to know how your loyal customers feel about this whole thing. It is apparent that most of us are VERY unhappy. I’m just very disappointed with the entire thing.

    • Jamie says:

      She has more power than you think. She may have let AC take reigns of her company but in the end she still owns it. Which is why her name is on it all. Which is what sadden most of us who knows how businesses work and know she has a say yet she doesn’t say it.

  77. Sam says:

    What a bunch of CRAP! People paid for an EXCLUSIVE kit and y’all send them non-exclusive stuff and make it up to them by offering them another non-exclusive kit that has been out for who knows how long?

    I have to say I am very disappointed in this whole situation. As an online scrap store owner, who wholesales AC items, I was seriously considering offering more Project Life items starting next year. This is seriously making me reconsider my plans. And making me reconsider adding to my current AC inventory.

    I am disappointed in this and I would NEVER EVER do this to my customers. BAD customer service! Give the customers what they paid for please.

  78. MAD says:


    The next autoship on HSN is suppose to be Maggie Holmes and it’s coming up as Lisa Bearson. Ummm… no thanks. Another screw up in the making?

    Get this right, Becky!!!

  79. Donna says:

    The exclusive kit was NOT produced at all, according to the letter. Instead, double the amount of the Cut & Paste kit was produced due to error. NO ONE who is slated to get the ‘exclusive’ AT kit will get one. IT WAS NEVER PRODUCED! Everyone will be getting the Cut & Paste kit.

    • MAD says:

      If it wasn’t produced at all why did Lisa Bearson hold copies on live television and show them off?!?!

    • MAD says:

      Not only that a TON of people ordered these kits. You can’t tell me samples and such weren’t floating around, if you believe this BS than you’re really going to get taken for a AMERICAN CRAFTS ride.

    • Donna says:

      More than likely, she had one of the prototypes. It wasn’t mass produced at that time. Or, as it appears, it was never mass produced :)

    • Donna says:

      Thank you for the concern, but I can assure you, no one takes me for a ride without my permission :) I’m not quite sure which part of my original post gave you the idea. If you re- read the letter from AC, the second paragraph, last 2 sentences is where it says the exclusive kit was never mass produced – Cut & Paste was.

    • MAD says:

      Ahh silly me, I’m just mad. They rewrote the journal entry did you see?

    • Donna says:

      Understandably. Haven’t seen it yet. Thanks for the heads up.

  80. Gail B says:

    I haven’t received any mini kits yet. The first one was apparently damaged during shipping so they rerouted it back to HSN and I got nothing. Now this second one hasn’t shipped at all. I had plans for all the mini kits and not so much as a word from HSN about why my kit hasn’t shipped this time either. Other than the first kit this has been a terrible experience.

  81. Kathy says:

    Thank you both American Crafts and Becky Higgins for making this right. It was an unfortunate error and while I appreciate the need for a quick solution I want to thank you for understanding that the quick fix wasn’t the right one for everyone. The fact that you both actually listened to feedback shows your professionalism and outstanding customer service. Bottom line….I love Project Life!

  82. Kori says:

    I agree. Thank you so much for reviewing customer concerns and offering another option for those of us who would like to wait. I am anxious to hear about the Chocolate Albums, though. Hopefully more information will come about that. Thank you for the efforts you are making to make this right.

  83. Krystal L says:

    Becky or AC or Customer Service Someone,

    Who or how do we notify that we would like option 2 and what do we do with the wrong kit(s) when it comes up? I ordered double since I ship one to a penpal in Germany. Should I contact the email in the Option 1 comment?

    Thank you for resolving the issue as I really felt the first option was a slap in the face.

    • brandi@beckyhiggins.com says:

      If you would like to do option 2 (return your kit for a refund) please contact HSN and they will get you taken care of. We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with this option. We do again apologize for this.

    • Melanie says:


      I would like clarification on 2 questions:
      1) If we choose Option 1 – wait on the correct Amy Tan kit, will we also get the chocolate mini album that was originally offered as part of the auto-ship, or are we only going to get the Cinnamon album that others are saying was shipped?
      2) If we choose Option 1, do we also keep the Amy Tan Cut-n-Paste kit?

      Thank you,

  84. Jane Erickson says:

    Thank you so much for offering the second option. I understand that mistakes are made and I am more than willing to wait to get the exclusive kit.

    I am very disappointed in some of the responses I have seen here and feel very bad that you have had to deal with the unhappy people who can’t understand that humans sometimes make mistakes and won’t give you a break when you offer a very generous resolution.

    Again thank you, love the products and love the customer service.

  85. Julie B says:

    Becky, you are a class act! You sure haven’t lost this customer, and in fact, your response and the response of American Crafts was so heartfelt and genuine, that it only increased my support for your product line. In an era of passing the responsibility, AC has stood up and owned this situation. And then went to all measures to make sure their customers are happy. This is so commendable and honorable. Thank you and American Crafts for being a company (and person) that goes the extra mile.

  86. Priya says:

    Becky, I am a huge Project Lie fan and I have come back to scrap booking after 10 years because of the simplicity of PL. Mistakes happen. It’s a part of life. You have gone above and beyond to find a resolution which works for everyone. Thank you for truly trying to make your customers happy. I hope this didn’t put too much of a damper on the birthday celebration. ;) You have a huge fan here and I am singing the praises of Project Life to all my family and friends. God bless you!

  87. Debbie says:

    Thank you Becky and American Crafts for listening to your customers and making this right, heck, more than right!

  88. Rebecca says:

    Thank you all so much. These choices are a great resolution I think for everyone.

  89. rosa neno says:

    can someone tell me, I know we are getting the cut and paste kit for the substitute, on auto ship, but do we get a mini album?

  90. Laura G says:

    Thank you Becky and AC for addressing the mistake and doing what you can to make up for it. I love Project Life and the encouragement to cultivate a great life and record it. I’ve been riding with all the changes as I’ve used project life for 4 years. Thanks for all you do and sorry you’ve had to receive so many negative comments. Keep up the good work!

  91. Cathy says:

    So, if we keep the one shipped to us and don’t ask for a mini kit; then we get the exclusive Amy Tan kit? Will we have to email AC or will they know who to send the new kits to?

    • Melissa says:

      I think you have to email the address in option 1, and say instead of the 3 mini kits, you’d like to wait for the correct kit.

      They said they don’t have access to HSN’s database, which is why they need your packing slip. So if you do nothing and don’t contact them, I don’t think you’ll get a new kit because they can’t get the information about who was on the autoship order.

  92. Melissa says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the update and that I appreciate you and AC really listening to your customers. That goes a long way with me as far as remaining a customer, which I have been for over 2 years. I own nearly all of your products which is why I was so disappointed here, and I truly appreciate that you guys listened and acted quickly to fix this for us. Thank you.

  93. cate says:

    Wonderful project life kits are available at Gossamer Blue, Cocoa Daisy, Elles Studio, and Citrus Twist.

  94. Tina says:

    This is what you call a bait and switch.

    Very shady.

  95. Karen says:

    Hi Becky,

    Is there anyway to order this Amy Tangerine kit that was supposed to ship on the auto ship if we are no longer on the auto ship with HSN? I signed up for auto ship with my Blush kit and recieved my first auto ship kit. I did not recieve a shipping notification from HSN for the second kit and when I contacted HSN they told me that I had cancelled the kit, which I did not. :( I know I would not have cancelled it because I really wanted this Amy Tan kit. I was very disappointed with HSN over this and cancelled the whole auto ship yesterday after chatting with their customer service.


    • brandi@beckyhiggins.com says:

      Great question Karen. HSN will be the only one to answer this question. Please contact them to see what can be done. So sorry about all of this confusion

    • Karen says:

      Hi Brandy. Only you can answer if this kit will ever be available outside of HSN. HSN doesn’t know nor do they care if they sold to me or not. The customer is never right with them because I did not cancel that kit nor did they try to stop me from cancelling the rest of the shipments because I was upset with them. Not whom I would want selling my product with such poor customer service. Still love Becky and still love PL though!


  96. Lisa C. says:

    I commend you and AC for listening to your customers and offering another option. There are not very many companies out there who would, with less than 24 hours notice of an issue, turn it around and provide several options for customers to choose.
    I am hoping you will still be celebrating your birthday month with gusto — you deserve all of the best. You work very hard, Becky (and company).
    My thoughts are also with the AC employe(es) involved in the mishap. This cannot be easy on them. I think back to some mistakes I have made over the years at work and am glad I had understanding bosses to give me a second chance.

  97. Vicki says:

    Wow…just wow… (the situation, the resolution, the new resolution, the bile that shoots forth from people, the time people spend commenting over and over and over again on a blog post, the lack of common decency displayed) Wow…

  98. Julie C says:


    Thanks for the update! I have to say I was astonished as the night went on with how people decided to express their discontent….with venom…..WOW is right…

    You have an amazing product and have offered this community into your life with authencity — you should be proud and hold your head high. We all make mistakes– the mistakes don’t define us, how we respond does.

    God bless!!

  99. Lisa Bourquin says:

    Thank you ,Becky, for giving us 3 different options to resolve this very unfortunate mistake. We ALL have made mistakes and I feel for the person who made the wrong choice that caused this one that affected all of us! Learn from mistakes is the lesson we take from this…..

    But it’s your birthday, time for cake. Love you, PL. Time to celebrate! : )

  100. Linda says:

    I understand that it will take 90 days to replace the correct kit, that is completely understandable. People make errors and there’s no use blaming anyone, I still love your products, Amy Tangerine is one of my favorite designers, and I am a loyal American Crafts customer and will continue to be. But in addition to these options, possibly you could release this exclusive Amy Tangerine kit digitally and provide it free to all subscribers in addition to their kit? That way, they can have the digital kit to print and can at least use the kit they purchased within a reasonable amount of time. I’m not sure how long it takes you to make a kit “digital ready” but I know that once you do it, it doesn’t cost you anything to let customers download it for free. So that seems like a viable solution to me. And, since Amy Tangerine put the time into designing the kit, and if it takes you time to convert it to digital, you could probably offer it for sale digitally and come out ahead on the deal. Then everyone wins=Amy Tan’s kit gets used, subscribbers get access to the digital version of the kit they ordered almost immediately + the kit in 90 days or a substitute kit now, and there is still the exclusive nature of the kit for people that wait because they are the only ones that get it in print form.

    Good luck Becky!

    • brandi@beckyhiggins.com says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Linda. I will pass this onto Becky. We apologize for all of this confusion, but are super happy we can still eventually get this new kit into your hands.

    • Ana says:

      What a great suggestion Linda!
      I am sure not everyone is into digital but it may appease those who do and cannot wait for the correct kit.
      Just starting on digital so I will be one of those who will benefit this if ever :)

  101. Grammy says:

    Thank you Becky Higgins and American Crafts for listening to us and making it right!

    In today’s economy with money being tight, we choose our luxury purchases very carefully. We want to deal with companies whose integrity we can trust. By stepping up to the bar and giving us the additional option to wait for the correct Amy Tangerine mini kit (which I hope includes the Chocolate album) you have proven to be a company that will continue to receive my business.

    Thank you again and Happy Birthday!

  102. ginnypilo says:

    Why on earth would we allow HSN to ship out the kits when we knew the were incorrect?
    Somewhere in the production and post production process this had to be picked up. There are so many checkpoints in art/copy/sample/post production samples……..Why inconvenient us by having to return this item?
    Assume customers would just keep the order?cha-ching

    • brandi@beckyhiggins.com says:

      We were not aware of this issue until after the kits were sent to HSN customers. Because this was an exclusive one time printed kit, and we have another Amy Tangerine mini kit that debuted a few weeks later, the art files got mixed up. We do apologize for this confusion and appreciate your patience and understanding as we work hard to get the right kit into your hands.

    • mollyf says:

      That is the worst planning and execution of a product then if nobody had to sign off as it passed through each stage. Anyone in production /manufacturing/advertising copy work knows several eyes need to sign off on at each stage……If you didnt know that until it shipped from HSN is pretty sad and poor business planning.

  103. Karina K says:

    Dear Becky and American crafts,

    I am still waiting for my items to be delivered so I didn’t even know something was wrong so I want to thank you both for being so honest and up front with the situation. I believe the way AC handled the situation is fantastic and I can’t imagine another company handling it in such a great way!!!

    I love all of Amy Tangerine’s products so I’m cited to get the kits!!!

    Thank you again for all of your hard work!!!


  104. Wendy Reale says:

    This is admittedly a bit random in the middle of all of this, but is there a way to sign up for the Mini Kit autoshop on HSN? I didn’t know there was such a thing (I discovered and fell in love with Project Life in July) and I adore the mini kits. I looked online at HSN.com and don’t see this option so I may have missed it, but if not I want to sign up.

    Becky, thank you for being you. You’re amazing and we all love you and what you’re doing to help us preserve and record our memories. This is yet another example of just how good you are – you’re a company with a face and a heart and we all really appreciate that!

  105. jennifer h says:

    Thank you Becky and American Crafts. I admit at first I was a little bit disappointed about not receiving receiving the “exclusive” kit, but the more I thought about it, the more I disappointed I became in myself for thinking that way. After all, in the grand scheme of things, it is all about recording and preserving our life, moments and memories, no one is going to know, or even care, if they were written on “exclusive cards”. In my opinion American Crafts has done an excellent job in listening to their customers and creating multiple solutions to accommodate, and please, everyone. Thanks again!!

  106. Erin says:

    Wow…even mean people scrapbook! Who knew?!

    • Susanne says:

      Loved your comment!! That’s what I’ve been thinking as I read these hateful comments all evening! Thanks for making me laugh

    • Donna says:

      i wonder what their scrapbooks look like haha O_o
      kidding.. but really, people make mistakes.. at least they are fixing the problem.

    • Ana says:

      I sure would like to be your friend Erin, Susanne and Donna :)

    • Carol says:

      I’m sure they look like “one mean” scrapbook!

    • Crystal says:

      LOL! Such a funny point! I am surprised that people who can be so mean and get so upset at an honest mistake (Which becky and AC are going above and beyond to make better) are even interested in the scrapbook industry. Scrapbooking is such a fun, happy, uplifting, positive hobby…..it seems that some of the mean comments from “fans” are not!

  107. Suit Your Fancy says:

    Ms. Becky Higgins—I’ll bet that was quite the phone call you received..explaining what happened. Just wanted you to know … don’t stress. AC rocks and crap happens. HSN has excellent customer service (customer for years and years)…AC offering an extra kit is above and beyond. Let’s remember the golden rule here lady bugs…what if this happened to you? How would you want people to react? Chin up Becky & AC & HSN and xxx’s for you all.

  108. Andrea says:

    Becky and American Crafts, thank you for listening! This is a much better resolution and I appreciate that you listened to the feedback and made a quick change. American Crafts, make sure everything goes right with that January order!!

  109. natalia says:

    Now that is what I consider fixing the mistake. Thank you for listening to your customers.
    This was a wonderful move on your part American Crafts! Thanks.

  110. I definitely want the exclusive Amy Tangerine mini kit. Does anyone know if we will get the Chocolate album with it? I will be emailing the AC contact later today and ask about that.

  111. Amanda says:

    Yeah, for your own sake and for the sake of the customers, responses to major issues like this need to be well thought out, thorough and easy to understand or you’ll end up with a lot more heartache than you need to be dealing with. I noticed this another time when there was all kinds of confusion over a mistake or issue with subscription kits. It all seemed very cryptic and hard to understand and then you had all kinds of backlash because people didn’t get what was happening etc. Just a little unsolicited advice… less words. Just be clear, direct, outline options in 38 point font if you have to. A disgruntled customer is already going to be so disgruntled that you’ll need to make it all crystal clear. Not mentioning in the original post ANYTHING about the kit they actually ordered/when it would be shipped/IF it was even going to be produced and shipped at all seems kind of crazy to me. I’d be upset too. I think the suggestion of rushing this kit into digital format and offering it as a free download to all customer who ordered the physical kit and now have to wait 90 days is a GREAT OPTION. And a relatively easy one in light of everything.

    • Carren says:

      Personally, I think that the letter was poor from the start. Throwing an employee under the bus is a little classless. That said, I think that the new resolution is the best offer and I am glad they listened.

    • Amanda says:

      Yea I do agree with you Carren. I do think it was important to note where the mistake occurred but I did cringe when they noted a specific employee and details as to what exactly happened. Definitely feel sympathetic to Becky as well as to the actual employee who goofed. It totally happens! But I dont know, I could go on all day about how things should have been done differently but theres no sense in beating a dead horse. And I do hope everyone can just pick themselves up, move on and not get so totally dragged down by the whole debacle. People get so passionate and enraged about their scrapbooking haha

  112. Laura says:

    I did not purchase these kits but have read several posts…I’ve gone digital.

    I went to bed last night wondering how much sleep Becky was going to receive.

    Mistakes happen everyday. To everyone and every business. But in the world of scrapbooking I expected a more understanding response.

    To Becky, keep up the good work. You are professional and kind. There is a reason I have followed you and your products for so long…total respect.

    Kindest regards….don’t forget to smile and enjoy the sunshine today. :)

  113. Talitha says:

    Kudos to Becky and American Crafts! I work in customer service at a corporate office, and you have gone above and beyond to try and correct a situation. I understand how stressful this is for you, when you want to make everyone happy!

    Best to you and to all the people who bought the kits!

  114. Oh my goodness. I only glanced at some of the comments and feel awful for you Becky. AC’s explanation did not sound like it was pointing a finger at anyone — it sounded to me like an explanation of how the mistake happened.

    Get real people. It was an error. Have you never made a mistake in your life? I saw what started to look like personal attacks and that is just awful.

    PL is a huge success and lots of people want the products. I remember when I first ordered my kits — I had to wait a very long time for my orders from Amazon. It’s impossible for one person in a small company to manage such success. Partnering with AC was not selling out, but a sound business decision to make things work as well as possible.

    AC is a huge company and can’t turn around on a dime to make the perfect solution happen overnight.

    Everybody involved in this looks to have done everything possible to explain, correct and apologize for the mistake.

    If it were me and I really was bummed out about not getting the same product I ordered, I would say so, but not attack everybody in the process!!! Have you never heard the expression “you get more flies with honey”?

    Seriously, show a little humanity!!!

    Karin Adamczyk

  115. Joni says:

    Did anyone really think that between Becky Higgins and American Crafts that people would be treated unfairly? These are for sure two names in the craft industry that go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. Thanks for working out the issues – EVERYONE makes mistakes – thanks for making it right! Always a fan here!!

  116. Monica Brown says:

    I’m not affected by this in any way, but I wanted to say how gracefully you’re handling all of this. Hang in there! You are right, mistakes happen. No one likes making a mistake. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  117. Becky says:

    Just learning of all this now. I’m disappointed. I expect to get what I pay for whether it’s a burger, a car or scrapbooking supplies. I’m thankful there are alternative options, but shipping an incorrect kit is bad customer service. My gut says someone, somewhere knew of this before but dropped the ball in getting it corrected.

    I’m also a bit miffed no one at HSN emailed or contacted their customers to let us know of the problem. That would have been stepping up and admitting a mistake.

    Grand scheme of things – no not the biggest but an inconvenience at the least. And a bad mark on HSN, AC and Becky Higgins, companies who rely on customers to survive. This should be a big deal to them, and I hope that it is.

    Yes, there are starving kids, people dying, etc. but that is irrelevant to this topic. I’m allowed to experience joy and have hobbies and live my life even in a world where those things exist. Bottomline: I expect to get what I pay for. It’s as simple as that.

    I’ve followed Becky since her CK days and I’m pleased for her success. Mistakes can and will happen. The important lesson is what you do about it and how you handle it. Each of us can and will form our own opinions about it.

  118. Wendy says:

    Sorry to see such frustration from the scrapbooking community. Becky has created a revolutionary way of scrapbooking for all of us and Lisa is a great spokesperson for our craft. I’m glad HSN is carrying scrapbooking products. For many there isn’t a local scrapbooking store down the street. American Crafts offers great quality. Everyone is doing their best to resolve an unfortunate situation.

    Thanks for the generosity of all involved. You continue to reaffirm my desire to be loyal to Becky, Lisa, HSN and AC!

  119. Ana says:

    Wow! I feel sorry for the one who made the mistake :(
    We all mistakes and I for one am not claiming to be perfect so I will not aggravate the issue by making a negative comment. I know how awful it feels to make one and have other people judge and berate you.
    I have not received my autoship yet so I am kind of glad to hear about the mistake before getting the package. At least, I have been warned that it will not be what I am expecting.
    I think I can wait for another 3 months or maybe I can get a refund and just use the fund to buy something else.
    Only question is if I wait…do I have to return the one that was sent by mistake?
    Thanks and hope everyone gets the solution that they like.

    NOW…back to doing my project life albums :)

    • mikie says:

      Yes, I spoke with a rep from AC & asked a similar question. If you want to receive the original kit in January, send back the substitute & HSN will not charge for return postage, call them to explain & they will override it, (per HSN customer service.) I also asked AC if I could keep the current one and get the January kit but I can’t. My options are keep the substitute kit now with bonus cards or wait for the original. I will wait for the original one. Hope this helped?

    • Carol says:

      Wow, I’m grateful for AC’s resolution to the problem, but you would think the least they could do for their mistake is let you keep the current kit they shipped out, along with sending us the original one we ordered in January. Don’t you guys think?

    • mikie says:

      Update…Per AC..I can keep the brown album & Amy Tan Cut & Paste kit. In addition to this..I chose to have AC send me the original Amy Tan kit in January.
      I just need to send AC my photo of the packing slip to prove I was on auto ship & so they also have my mailing address. So…..we can keep both kits! I have to say AC did an excellent job communicating with me & Becky should be proud of the company she chose to partner with.

    • Ana says:

      Just got my package from HSN today!
      It’s not bad, actually the mini kit is cute as with all Amy Tan’s design so I am very HAPPY to get this bonus :)
      I will wait for the the original one that I ordered but I do think that this is a blessing in disguise.
      Thanks Mikie for the update!
      Have a great day!

  120. Marna says:

    Talk about grace. You are handling this with grace and then some.

    I’m so glad to hear that AC is paying attention, as I would expect. I think the modification of the resolution is much better.

    Thank you for keeping us informed.

  121. Cindy B. says:

    Part of cultivating a good life is FORGIVING.

    We are all human, we need to love each other. Mistakes happen – we are all human.

  122. Anna W says:

    Don’t worry Becky! I think the options you gave us are very generous. Most companies would just say sorry and offer a refund if you returned the item. I admire and appreciate how dedicated you are to us and our satisfaction. I love project life! And I am excited to get an extra mini kit. Thanks!

  123. Sherrie says:

    I’m disappointed also, that I’m not going to receive the special Amy Tan kit. However, reading the post from American Crafts above, no where do they say we have to return the kit we have in order to receive the right one. All we have to do is contact them and tell them which one we want. If you don’t want one of the mini kits that are offered and can wait 90 days to get the Amy Tan one we were promised, just let them know. We should be able to keep BOTH.

    • mikie says:

      Update to comment above by me…Per AC..I can keep the brown album & Amy Tan Cut & Paste kit. In addition to this..I chose to have AC send me the original Amy Tan kit in January.
      I just need to send AC my photo of the packing slip to prove I was on auto ship & so they also have my mailing address. So…..we can keep both kits! I have to say AC did an excellent job communicating with me & Becky should be proud of the company she chose to partner with.

    • Sherrie says:

      Wonderful! My kit came today, so I’m going to snap a pic of my invoice and send it in! Thanks for posting!

  124. annie says:

    wow. I’ve never heard such a cackle of complaining like this before. for a scrapbooking product. YES, Becky’s products are amazing. and YES you paid for something specific. and YES there was a mistake made somewhere in there. but really, the companies are working together for the good of YOU and doing the best they can to correct it. this blog clearly has a large readership which is why Becky chose to use it as a platform to inform us of the situation (as she stated above). in fact, both she and the company have explained everything above to no avail it seems.

    and yet even with all of the concessions they are making, the list of whining continues. I applaud Becky and her “patience for how people deal with disappointment”. and after reading all of this, I know two things: 1. that patience she’s showing can only come from above and 2. I plan to purchase more Becky Higgins products in the future.

    please read the WHOLE POST before unleashing the kraken on these guys. they are working hard to make a disappointing situation really good. {steps off soap box}

  125. Christine says:

    I am one of those disappointed people however I am satisfied with the options. I am going to request for the original kit that ships in January. Mistakes happen but it is how you deal with your customers that makes a difference.

  126. Lauren P. says:

    I have been a Project Life addict since back when there were only three kits to choose from lol! I think alot of people are over-reacting and are attacking just to attack. That said, THINGS HAPPEN! We are all only human, so the wrong kit went to print, whoops! But no big deal. Nobody died, life goes on… but there is always those people out there that you just can’t make happy. Don’t let it get to you. I am so sorry you and AC got a beating like you did. What sets your company apart from others (not counting the horribly addictive products!! LOL) you are all about making your customers happy, that’s a GOOD business! You are making it right! And for that, THANK YOU!! I am SO SO SO excited to hear you will be printing the exclusive kit after all!!! I will DEFINITELY be waiting for it!!!

    Keep doing what you are doing Becky!! You are amazing and brilliant and I am incredibly jealous I didn’t think of this idea first!! LOL! ;) Thank you thank you for changing my life with Project Life!!!!

  127. Brenda says:

    Becky Higgins, you are a class act. That is all!

  128. Mickee says:

    Becky and American Crafts, I applaud your efforts to correct the mistake, despite all the complaints. It’s an excellent customer service in my book. I know I ordered an exclusive kit because I love what it looks like. However, people commit mistakes and I would’ve been happy with any of the 3 choices above, but adding that exclusive kit as an option really made my day. I don’t care if I have to wait 90 days for it. The fact of the matter is, you’re trying to fix an error and you have made a lot of your customers happy. Thank you!

  129. Carrie says:

    Hi Becky,
    I am trying to decide which option to take but I can’t seem to find a photo of what the exclusive Amy Tangerine kit looked like that we were supposed to receive. I have looked at the American Crafts website and HSN and I cannot find the image. WHERE CAN I SEE IT? I am on the autoship but just signed up on blind faith that it would be awesome ;-)
    BTW – I am not in the least upset…I have made my own mistakes in life.

  130. Christine says:

    I also received the wrong kit and appreciate all the options available to me to rectify the error. You all have gone above and beyond to satisfy everyone.

    I also wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your grace and professionalism in the face of all the comments above. You are an amazing woman Becky and I will continue to be your loyal customer. You rock!

  131. Lynnsey says:

    Thanks for the explanation and the resolution Becky and AC. I have not received my autoship package from HSN yet but was notified it did ship a few days ago.

    I’m going to be totally honest here – I was already expecting to receive the Cut and Paste kit anyhow so I wouldn’t have known the difference!! I guess the “exclusive” language escaped me. I only ordered in March because I was so darn excited to get my hands on some of the new PL kits coming out and I just wanted everything!! Now that it is all available in stores and all around my city, I am able to control myself better. : )

    I did receive the Cut and Paste kit and album at Scrapfest a couple weeks ago at Becky’s class so having the new option to receive the original Amy Tan kit is my choice. Thanks for offering it!! I understand making mistakes as I do it all the time, but I do hope HSN will improve their QC in the future, maybe this will be the thing that makes it happen. For a huge corporation who handles millions of customers, they do need to improve this aspect. I decided against ordering the recent JAC kit from HSN a couple weeks ago and have heard from so many who had the wrong pages/damaged kits. Hopefully, these issues can be avoided, it seems like HSN is just plain struggling with the scrapbooking terms and products as all of their PL shows are usually jumbled and confusing too. Remember a couple weeks ago when the host at HSN thought Lisa Bearnson created PL and went on and on until Lisa was able to interrupt her? It’s just inaccurate and confusing.

    Thanks again Becky and AC!

  132. Melanie says:


    I would like clarification on 2 questions:
    1) If we choose Option 1 – wait on the correct Amy Tan kit, will we also get the chocolate mini album that was originally offered as part of the auto-ship, or are we only going to get the Cinnamon album that others are saying was shipped?
    2) If we choose Option 1, do we also keep the Amy Tan Cut-n-Paste kit?

    Thank you,

    • Carren says:

      These are the questions I would like answers to myself. Thanks for posting them. I hope Brandi answers.

    • Elizabeth says:

      These are my questions too, and who will be sending it and how do they know?

    • Jenn says:

      I also would love to know if there will be any additional charges for shipping if we choose option 1.

    • Maria says:

      I had these same questions…

    • mikie says:

      Update…Per AC..I can keep the brown album & Amy Tan Cut & Paste kit. In addition to this..I chose to have AC send me the original Amy Tan kit in January.
      I just need to send AC my photo of the packing slip to prove I was on auto ship & so they also have my mailing address. So…..we can keep both kits! I have to say AC did an excellent job communicating with me & Becky should be proud of the company she chose to partner with.

  133. Vicki Aday says:

    Becky, I just want to send you a cyber hug. I can’t imagine what you went through yesterday and today reading all of these comments. Just scrolling through them made me sick to my stomach. I get that people are upset and they want what they paid for but to be so nasty is just unacceptable. Have none of these people ever made a mistake before? Things happen and I think AC is offering a good solution the second time around. You can still get what you originally wanted (it will just take longer) and you get some bonus stuff. To me that is a win-win. I love Project Life and just know that this too will pass. God Bless you! :)

    • Vicki says:

      So sweet!!! These people are kinda being petty and spoiled. Yes, they’ve paid money for something and there was a mess up, but the big picture is that Becky Higgins Project Life is still in business and those customers will get a fix. It’s not like she discovered the mess up, closed up her business overnight and left enraged customers holding the bag. For God’s sake we aren’t dealing with a situation that does not have any kind of resolution. Yes, I’d be upset if I got a surprise like that, but hell if you are that upset, call HSN, tell them you want a refund and to send a shipping invoice and request they pay for shipping back. Quit with the nasty comments on something that was not brought to her attention timely. No wonder we have so many whiny kids in this society…they have their whiny moms to look up to. Grow up people! This will get resolved and no, not in the next 10 seconds. Even if she were to personally deliver the correct item to each and every “wronged” person, you won’t be able to deliver by the end of this week. Stop acting like a victim. STOP WITH THE NASTINESS! Some of you are being outright ridiculous. Send the wrong item back and keep checking the blog. It’s not like she did this on purpose. I think she a much better business person that that. You aren’t dealing with some shady construction worker that’s moved on to the next town.

    • Crystal says:

      I SO agree! I just want to give Becky a hug and take her out for some Starbucks and a mani & pedi! I may not know your personally Becky but you make all of your customers feel like we do! You feel like a friend! I am sorry that people are being so nasty, immature and flat out mean. I’m sure it’s hard but please don’t take it to heart – you have so many people who love you and your product and the hope and fun that it brings! Focus on that! Keep on cultivating a good life and encourage others to do the same. God bless you and your family and thank you for all that you do!!!

      2 Corinthians 4:17-18 (the message) These hard times are small potatoes compared to the coming good times, the lavish celebration prepared for us. There’s far more here than meets the eye. The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can’t see now will last forever.

  134. Leslie says:

    This error is just a blip in the big picture of Project Life. I feel that American Crafts and Becky have done all they can to fix the issue. Everyone was given a choice of how to resolve the issue. It truly is not the end of the world. Everyone is human, everyone makes mistakes. Give American Crafts a break, they are fixing their mistake and being more than fair in giving everyone several choices. Hang in there Becky, you and American Crafts are doing a fabulous job and bringing us awesome products!

  135. Christina says:

    Oh my goodness, some of you really need to get over yourselves. You do understand that Becky Higgins is a REAL person who had a neat idea and decided to create a business to SHARE with you, right? Yes, mistakes can be a disappointment, but they are never the end of the world. The response here has been absolutely disgraceful. Have you no heart? I believe a reminder in etiquette is in order. Shame on those who decided to air their dirty laundry publicly. Take your Walmart mentality and go crawl back under the rock you came from.

    To Becky Higgins…(as usual) your response is filled with kindness. I have come to expect no less from you. You should be proud of yourself for not only what you have created but for how well you handled this circus. You may want to reconsider your current demographic and simply place your high volume/low price product with Walmart and find a classier outlet for future endeavors.

  136. Jennie says:

    Thank you for the new option. I still don’t understand why the incorrect kit was sent to begin with but I am happy that AC is listening and offered a new “resolution.”

    I truly believe that Becky LOVES her customers and does what she can for them. I’ve seen past incidents where customers were unhappy and Becky fought for her customers. All the way back to when PL was Project 365 and people were mad that there were not enough produced because the demand was way higher than expected. Becky offered a free digital download of the item for all.

    I love Project Life, I love that there is a face to Project Life who loves scrapbooking and recording memories just as much as the rest of us. She gets it, she gets excited like we do about it, and she reaches out to her customers. Thank you for listening even when we get upset.

  137. Jessica Baker says:

    The resolution of this issue speaks volumes to your integrity as a business-owner. I think part of why we love Project Life is because we love you, Becky. Thank you for listening to our concerns. I am very satisfied with the four options listed above.

  138. Robin Gibson says:

    Becky & AC, rest assured, you still have a loyal & happy customer in me! I have yet to receive my HSN autoship, it’s on the way, and I’m still super excited! Obviously a mistake was made, it happens to all of us. You’ve done the right thing, in my opinion, and I’m super happy!
    It’s a PL mini kit designed by Amy Tan…that’s what I wanted when I signed up :) Ok, so it’s a different one, but I’m betting I’ll still love it! And now, I get another mini kit option, to make up for the error?? What’s not to love about that??
    You just made my day!! {{{THANKS}}}!!

    • Crystal says:

      I agree! I’m still getting an Amy Tan kit and now I am getting a Dear Lizzy kit that I didn’t own before for free, works for me!!! :) More kits for me, I’m a happy girl! Let’s all keep on encouraging Becky, it makes me sick that some people have been so mean about this.

  139. Cecilia says:

    Some of you people are downright NASTY!!! This today’s special/autoship is my first experience with Becky Higgins and Project Life, but the response/solution from AC/Becky Higgins has made me a loyal customer. Mistakes happen…you came up with a solution… before most of your customers even knew there was a mistake. People were still unhappy…so you came up with another solution. You have proved that you desire to make your customers happy. I don’t see how anyone can ask for better customer service than that!

  140. Crystal says:

    People (who are acting mean and immature)!!! Calm Down!!! It’s human error, no one is doing this on purpose. I love these products A LOT but can we please just get some perspective – it is scrapbook stuff. It’s not life or death. Just this week I have heard about an 8 month old with leukemia, a 5 year old who passed away from a terminal brain tumor and a young mother fighting stage 4 leukemia – so in the light of that maybe we could all just get some perspective?!?! Those health situations are worth getting upset about, those are truly unfair and upsetting – this is not! Yes it’s a shame that you either won’t get the product or will have to wait for it but is it really worth getting this upset about? Being this rude to Becky about???? NO! Becky’s whole motto is about cultivating a good life – is this how we do that? By blowing up over craft supplies? Anyone who has been on this blog for any amount of time can see so clearly that Becky is a kind, good, generous person. She does not deserve the nasty comments that are on here.

    To the rest of you who are being kind and encouraging, GOOD FOR YOU! Keep it up! Keep on encouraging Becky and supporting this wonderful company!

    And Becky, if you see this – I am truly praying that you don’t take the bad comments to heart. And know that your true fans and supporters are behind you and we support and encourage you still. Keep on doing what your doing, you’re great at it.

  141. Judy d says:

    I think for me the main point ISN”T that a mistake was made. This whole mess could have been avoided had their been some communication to the customer. All that had to happen is an email stating mistake made and offered a solution. I think 98% of the customers would have been fine with that. There had to be a backlash in order for a reasonable solution and communication to be made. There are lots of problems with their orders. I hope you at least start some quality control safeguards.

  142. Hajira says:

    Just wanted to add another positive voice. Mistakes were made and once Becky Higgins, was made aware of the situation, within 24 hours resolutions were offered in response to customer feedback.

    (Let’s all assume that the same feedback could have been provided in a much less vitriolic tone and that PL and AC would have responded with the same solutions. Let’s try for that next time!)

    Keep up the good work, Becky! You have a great product and a great relationship with your customers!

  143. Roni says:

    Thank you for the soulution to the problem. Although customers were not happy with the orignal fix, it appears they forgot how to be grown polite adults. As any company grows and expands there is going to be bumps in the road. I love all of the project life products and am more than willing to wait for January. My only concern in not getting the original design by Amy Tangerine is that her hard work would go to waste. Thanks for listening to your customers and please ignore the ones that forgot their manners.

  144. Hello.

    I will be getting my auto ship tomorrow. As long as it has a book and a mini kit in it, I’m good. :) Thank you for the options that you have given us. It is very nice of you. I’m a huge fan of Project Life and have so much of it now. Thank you Becky and American Crafts for offering to fix the issue. But…..I am good to go. Now time to celebrate the 4th year of PL. Happy 4th Year Becky.


  145. Maddie says:

    While I am happy they are stepping up and fixing the mistake with the cards.. What about the album???

    • Tina Mayo says:

      my album came today with the errored kit..so I imagine it is with ll of them.

    • Maddie says:

      Yes , I got A album too but I am pretty sure it is not the “Chocolate” album that was suppossed to come with the kit , but rather the “CINNAMON” color album..

  146. Sara says:

    Thank you for trying to fix the problem, Becky and American Crafts. I loose my faith in humankind when I read some of the comments left here. Gosh, life is way too short to be this upset about this issue.
    Seriously!! Go visit a children’s cancer floor at a hospital, go volunteer at a homeless shelter, go play with your kids and hear them laugh. Go do something that makes you realize what a gift life is and how much negative energy you are wasting on your mean comments and complaints. Wow, is all I can say.

    Thanks again, Becky!

  147. Tina Mayo says:

    not a problem..Thanks for telling us.. I could not remember what the original looked like.

    • Ana says:

      Hi Tina,

      Here’s a link to what you should be receiving if you’ve signed up for the HSN autoship


    • Shirley says:

      Thank you for posting the link above. I forgot what the kit was suppose to look like as well. When I received this one I thought it didn’t look quite right but then thought nothing of it until I saw the post on this blog. I simply took a picture of my receipt emailed to AC and requested the original kit which will come in Jan. It was super simple and really no big deal. I got a nice reply telling me to keep this kit and to look for the original kit in January.
      I truly can’t believe people are so irate over this little mistake.

  148. Kristyn says:

    Thank You Becky!
    Thank You American Crafts!
    You were very generous in offering many resolution choices.
    I’m a happy and satisfied customer.

    For those unsatisfied customers…this is PAPER we’re talking about!! This is NOT cancer. This is NOT death. This is NOT a natural disaster. It’s paper. Your memories make the project life album come to life, not the paper they’re captured on!!

  149. Susan C says:

    Thanks for all the great options. Sometimes mistakes happen, no big deal. Every PL item I have ever purchased, kits from HSN included has been awesome!

    I appreciate the integrity of your company and that of American Crafts. Thanks for a truly great product.

  150. Tiffany says:

    Hi Becky,
    Just want to say that my autoship will be here (Washington) tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know this is the wrong one before I received it. I do want the exclusive one so I will patiently wait. It is the reason why I signed up for the autoship.
    Happy 4th Birthday PL :)

  151. Debra says:


    As I mentioned in a previous comment (before the added update from American Crafts), I know that your customers / supporters/ fans are very important to you and I knew you were not to blame.

    I did appreciate A.C. working with you to offer a resolution and this added update is even better since I was really looking forward to this kit the most (of the 3 HSN mini-kits). So I am happy to know that I will be able to get it and I don’t mind waiting because I know it will be worth it.

    Mistakes happen, we are human beings after all – I just appreciate you and A.C. working together to come up with resolutions that should make everyone happy.

    Thank you !!!

  152. Michelle L says:

    Thanks so much for the resolution! I would have been happy with any of the offered kits, but I did go with the Amy Tan kit! I don’t mind waiting until January! :)

  153. Michele Flowers says:

    Thank you to Becky and American crafts for so many options and solutions to this conundrum. In a day where customer service is lacking and people forget how to be friendly and nice, I believe this was handled promptly and efficiently. Yes, there was some breakdown of communication. But they were up front and honest with effective solutions. People should allow for more grace to one another. Angry thoughts and judgements only hurt yourself.
    Thank you for such a great product Becky!

  154. Ann G says:

    Thank you Becky and American Crafts, a much better solution! I too will wait for the January release of the Amy Tan kit. Curious as well though to find out if we’ll get our much desired chocolate album! :) Oh, and will we have to pay shipping on the replacement kits?

    • Ann G says:

      UPDATE: I just realized mine was hiding on my front porch and WOO HOO, I received the chocolate album with the Cut and Paste kit, so I’m happy! I’ll just get my original kit then in January! Yay!!! :)

  155. Susanne says:

    So if I understand correctly if we keep the kit that is shipped to us, we have the option of also choosing one of the kits listed to receive free (including the new Amy tan kit to be shipped in January)? Is that right?

    • mikie says:

      Update…Per AC..I can keep the brown album & Amy Tan Cut & Paste kit. In addition to this..I chose to have AC send me the original Amy Tan kit in January.
      I just need to send AC my photo of the packing slip to prove I was on auto ship & so they also have my mailing address. So…..we can keep both kits! I have to say AC did an excellent job communicating with me & Becky should be proud of the company she chose to partner with.

  156. Brandy says:

    Is anything going to be done about the wrong color of album being sent?

    • Raegan L says:

      what color did you receive? I received a brown one like the one shown in the picture?

    • Brandy says:

      It is brown.. Looks more like the Cinnamon color mini album rather than the Chocolate one. After reading in all the groups I belong to, it is my understanding that they did not produce the Chocolate album either.. That they sent the color Cinnamon out rather than the Chocolate Album.. It would be nice to get an actual confirmation of this though!!

    • mikie says:

      I received a brown one also. The cinnamon album has more of a spicy brown color to it.

    • Brandy says:

      Mikie- did you get the Cinnamon album also? I guess they are not going to address the issue with the album…

    • mikie says:

      No, I got a brown one..its darker than the cinnamon one. The cinnamon has more of a rust tone to it. It looks pretty close to the chocolate to me? So far I’m happy with it. I already have girly colored albums & this one is perfect for my male, fall, or camping photos.

  157. Lisa Quick says:

    Oh Becky…so sorry you have the stress of a mis shipped item and then have to deal with all of these horribly whiny people on top of it. Go hug your kids and hubby and remember the things that really matter. When it comes down to it…this is all fluff…not eternal and definitely not worth all the venom and hate that I’ve been reading. So thankful we have the money to purchase luxuries like PL and that we have the memories to fill the albums. Love the options you’ve given us and I’m very grateful for the way you are resolving this. I will continue to support you and PL….so thankful for the way you’ve given us to preserve memories.

  158. Raegan L says:

    I just opened my HSN box and was disappointed to find the Cut & Paste, well, disappointed is not exactly how I felt, I was thinking, this doesn’t look like the kit I just saw only yesterday doing a google search to see what my HSN kit was going to like. But…my memory may be THAT bad. So I came over to the homepage and find this post! Wow, I am so glad that there are other humans in this world who make mistakes just like me!! I have always LOVED the AC products and their “stand behind them” ways! I love the solutions, however, I was at first disappointed to see that the special edition AT was not going to be an option, only to read a little farther down and discovered, I CAN get the AT kit! I’m willing to wait until January, it will be worth the wait and will almost feel like Christmas in January! I want to say thank you to AC & BH for their commitment to their products and giving us so many options! Even with a little bit of a wait!

  159. Nicole says:

    Hi Becky! :) I just wanted to say how you much you never cease to amaze me! I am always in awe of your class and disposition. You’re a beautiful role model to SO many of us! I didn’t order the HSN auto-ship, but I was reading what was happening last night and I also thought to myself after the resolution was posted that everyone wasn’t going to be happy with that and even though there must be a reason for not offering the original kit in the first post, which it turned out there was, Becky would make it better by the morning because that’s how she is — and there it was!!
    So, there’s so much I could go on and on about, but I just wanted to commend you on always handling yourself with such grace. Yes, owning a business comes with all of the bumps and some are very big, but you’re willing to keep on trudging through because you genuinely care ~ about your business, your customers — everything — and it never goes unnoticed!! Congratulations on your 4th year!! Looking forward to many, many more.

  160. Sheryll M. says:

    Hi Becky and team,
    I was not affected by this mistake but I want you to now that I hope you know you have a lot of supporters who will continue to buy your products. I love the idea of PL and the concept of ‘cultivating a good life’ and continuously encouraging my friends to try PL. I feel very badly for the negative and hurtful comments on here and on fb. People are really mean and nasty. They are clouded by their anger over material things or maybe by their expectations not being met. I still don’t think people should attack you especially when you are trying to resolve the issue. I hope that you feel encouraged by the positive comments on here.
    For those being rude and negative, pls make sure to document this issue and how you handled it in your PL :).

  161. Natalie says:

    I am very saddened to read some of these comments. Becky I’m sorry your birthday bash has been overshadowed by this mess, but I know you will overcome this and be a stronger company in the end.

    And people shouldn’t be so ugly. If you wouldn’t say it to Becky’s face then you shouldn’t post it here.

  162. CHRISTINE says:

    I was not affected by this mistake but even if I had been I would have been understanding. Mistakes happen…
    I feel that how the mistake was handled says a lot about Becky Higgins and the people she does business with! Becky, YOU ROCK! And so does American Crafts. You will forever have my support as a customer:)

  163. cindy says:

    Hi, I received my auto ship from HSN tonight expecting the cut and paste kit, which would have been fine…I would have waited, but, the BOX states “cut and print (or paste)” and inside…normal PL cards:) The Amy Tan kit. So maybe in all those wrongly labeled boxes are the actual cards, like mine:)

    • Lizzy says:

      Cindy, You didn’t get the right kit, Amy Tan’s Exclusive, because it was not produced. You can’t get what doesn’t exist. Cut and Paste is Amy Tan, it’s just not the exclusive HSN kit. Clear?

  164. Misty says:

    I just received my autoship this afternoon and was disappointed to see the wrong kit. I ordered 2 of them so I now have 2 kits I did not order nor necessarily want. While I wish this would have been fixed before shipping, I appreciate the efforts made to correct the situation. I love Project Life and own several of their kits. I have years of film pictures to put into albums and am loving the physical products for these pictures. I haven’t had time to scrapbook for years and Project Life has given me a perfect solution to get all those memories out of boxes and into darling books in a hurry so that my family can enjoy them. For my current pictures I am strictly digital and have bought most of the digital Project Life offerings as well. I prefer hardbound books over binders and plan to be a digital girl for good once all my film pictures are taken care of. I have followed and bought Becky’s products since her start at Creating Keepsakes. I continue to follow her and love her posts on Instagram and her blog. I find her posts creative and inspiring and am surprised and sad to see some of the comments on here attacking her character. Her character was never in question for me. I admit I was upset with the first option given to “make it right” as were many, but feel much better with the new option added of getting the kit we actually ordered. Thank you to AC for listening to the feedback and trying to make it right. As for Becky, if there has been any changing on her part (as some previously mentioned), I feel it has only been positive and I respect and admire her and this company she has built. What an amazing woman and example she is to me. Having 3 daughters, I often look to people to point out as role models for them. Becky is at the top of the list with her strong family values and the way she has put her creativity and ingenuity to work building her business! We are all human and mistakes happen. I will continue to be a Project Life customer and look forward to future products from this company!

    P.S. I love the idea posted above by Amanda of offering the Amy Tan kit digitally while we wait for the physical product. That would go a long way in my book in taking the sting out of paying for two of the same item that I did not even order.

  165. Carol says:

    Just wanted to thank Becky, and AC’s for there quick, and generous solution!

    I just have a question that maybe Becky’s staff can answer before another mistake gets made, or any more confusion occurs. There seems to be some confusion here over part of the resolution. In one post above one person said they spoke to AC’s and they said in order to receive the original kit in January, we have to send the one we receive (Cut & Paste) back to HSN.

    Yet others are suggesting we get to keep both kits. Please can someone from Becky’s staff clarify, before another mistake slips through the cracks.

  166. mollyf says:

    Can we have clarification on how to return w/o paying for shipment– we shouldnt have to do anything but hit return w hsn and a prepaid label should appear. Need clarification on options and returns.

    • Ana says:

      Hi Mollyf,

      Your package should have packing list with a return label. Just read the instructions on the bottom of the page, detach the return instructions letting them know your choice (action code), and stick the return label on the box the package came in with. Drop it in the post office or UPS and they will not charge you anything.
      Hope this helps.

  167. Melissa W says:

    I got my auto ship today. I didn’t know there was an issue until I read this site indicating there were errors with the shipments. When I got home, I check and sure enough I got the Amy Tangerine’s Cut and Paste Kit. And to top that off, I just noticed that I too got the cinnamon colored album and not the dark- chocolate brown album.

    I am a fan of project life. It is truly a disappointment that none of the three options is a perfect fit for me. I have 2 of the mini kits and I have no use for the childhood mini kit. I am sad. I also left feed back on HSN on how or what they can no to ensure they are shipping the correct product to a customer.

    There is no need to get personal about everything. …

    • Debbie says:

      If you keep reading the blog post, you’ll see that it was revised to include the original Amy Tan kit – just have to wait for it!

    • Melissa W says:

      Yes, I did opt for the original kit and am waiting the 90 days to get it. As for the cinnamon mini album, I inquired about it with AC. Sherri who I sent the email to for what option I wanted advised she wasn’t aware there were issues with the albums. So, I wanted to let all know that the only thing being addressed is the mini kits.

  168. Melissa says:

    I understand that everyone makes mistakes, and I am thankful that I am hearing about this and being given several options to fix the problem. The only question I have is, what exactly is the cut and paste kit? I obviously haven’t received my autoship yet (should be here tomorrow) and I haven’t heard of this one yet.

  169. Amanda says:

    Thank you for addressing this issue, and I am very happy to know we will still be able to get the exclusive Amy Tangerine kit, even if we have to wait. No problem! Thanks for resolving this issue. Means a lot to someone who is a big fan of and collects Amy Tangerine’s paper lines.

  170. Gale says:

    Thank you American Crafts, HSN and Becky for trying to fix this problem. I will wait patiently for you to send me the kit I originally ordered. I will also email a picture of my receipt and kit, just like you have instructed, when I receive mine. It doesn’t seem that big of a deal to me how and when I get my kit as long as I get my kit. I appreciate all you do, and best of all I have a free kit that I can give as a gift to a friend (so I benefited from your mistake… COOL!) I love Project Life and Becky Higgins! Keep up the good work. I look forward to ordering more! PS Becky, I have collected most of your kits. I only have two more core kits to add to my collection.

  171. Stacy says:

    I read thru all of these comments and I was shocked that adults could behave this poorly over a mistake and especially after its been recognized and being worked on. Come on people mistakes happen. Sad but true. Give them a chance. After all there are some companies that wouldn’t have responded.
    Becky I have been doing Project Life since you introduced it and I still love it and have so much fun with it. Thanks so much.

  172. Sheila says:

    Greetings all – I know people are frustrated with the error and I hope the offers being made are a good condolence resolution, I think everyone is doing their best to make customers happy.

    I also wanted to let it be known that some of us were fortunate to receive the correct HSN Project Life Amy Tangerine kit via auto ship. Mine arrived today, a friend received her kit yesterday.

    Anyways although I’m glad I got the correct item I would have also been happy with a different
    mini-kit – I think all of the designers are very talented. I like Project Life, American Crafts and HSN and will continue to do business with them.

    • Lizzy says:

      How can you have received the “correct kit” when it was never produced? You can’t have what doesn’t exist.

  173. Debbie says:

    Wow! Thank you Becky Higgins and American Crafts for revising the resolution despite some really nasty people…you’ve certainly made many of us very happy! I think the resolution is more than generous and I will be happy to wait for the exclusive kit. Thanks again!

  174. Melissa says:

    I really like the cut and paste kit. It is cute. Not something i would normally buy for myself. I don’t have kids. Thanks to American Crafts for not saying “You got a kit, sorry for your luck.” Customer service is still alive. Will be excited to get another shipment in January.

  175. Tammy T says:

    Haters be hating. I can’t even imagine another business owner who cares as much about her customers as Becky does; and I appreciate her honesty and thoughtfulness in keeping her customers updated. A little perspective goes a long way. Project Life has changed my memory-keeping in ways that cannot be measured; and I’m so grateful that I will have all of these beautiful, meaningful albums to pass on to my children and grandchildren. One little kit mess-up is nothing in the greater scheme of things.
    Blessings to you, Becky Higgins.

  176. Susan says:

    So sorry to hear about the mistake – but it is just that – a mistake! I ordered two of the exclusive Amy Tan PL kits, and did not receive them, but I still feel so blessed that I have a beautiful, healthy family that I am able to take pictures of each day – I have money so that I can afford the kits – and I have a home in which I can create these albums. Let’s put things in perspective, people!!

    Becky, as always, thank you so much for your honestly, generosity and professionalism.

    Have a blessed day!

  177. Thank you so much Becky, for working with American Crafts to come up with a resolution that works for everyone!!! I know that you personally had no control over what happened, but it’s nice to see that you responded quickly and tried your best to take care of everyone. I am very happy with how this situation was dealt with, and am looking forward to the exclusive kit coming in January, along with the date stamp. :) Many thanks, and keep doing what you’re doing!

  178. Sheryl Pyle says:

    I am completely overwhelmed with some of the “horrible” and childish comments put on here. We are all humans and mistakes do happen. Somedays I think all I do is make mistakes and would never do anything on purpose to hurt anyone. I know disappointment and I know we all work hard for our money. If people are so upset that they are ready to jump off the PL bandwagon don’t take it personally Becky. I also know that is a difficult thing to do. I think my kits are coming today or tomorrow. I don’t know what they are and think I would rather have the Amy Tan and I will deal with that when they arrive. After the summer we have had in Colorado with fires and floods, this seems pretty far down on my “upset” list. There are so many people suffering for so many reasons and I truly appreciate AC’s effort to resolve the problem. They probably should have posted that they would try before offering things we already had, but also they tried immediately to solve the problem. We have our own business and have found in the past 30 years that there are just people you will never please. Thanks for all you do for your customers and for your commitment to upholding your good name. God Bless you Becky Higgins and American Crafts for coming up with a great solution to the problem. <3

  179. pamela says:

    We all understand the “big picture”of project life relative to life in the real world and all the horrible things going on. That being said and understood by most, the comments are related to business, the money we spend and the service we receive on Project Life.
    I have never seen so many blog posts by so many “do gooders” or think they are above it all, really let people have a chance to comment and move on from it. I am quite certain this is not the biggest thing in their life and realize world events are bigger so that doesn’t need to be said over and over.
    I also don’t know how people can say I love you Becky to someone they dont even know b/c she owns a scrapbook company and posts select things from her life. But I still can overall generally move on with that.
    The most important thing I can see from reading posts is still the confusion on what to do with the package you dont want and how the replacement will work. So BH team should concentrate on communicating clearly so another “mistake” doesnt happen.

  180. Patricia says:

    Mistakes happen. In this case those in charge are rectifying it.

    It’s paper. People who can’t deal with a mistake, a delay, whatever–need to get a grip. There are far more serious things going on in our world than someone not getting their scrapbooking supplies when they thought they would.

    Hats off to AC and Becky for coming up with a solution.

  181. Thank you for the swift resolution of the problem! I knew before I even got my kit today! My album looks great and I am excited about the options to choose from for the mini kit.

    Thank you for the AMAZING product you have developed. I love your partnership with AC and that it allows so many more options and that I can but it locally (with a coupon of course!!)

    Keep your chin up girl!

  182. jen s says:

    Are people really being cranky about this? How awful… That’s not cultivating a good life!

    Thanks to AC & Becky for being customer service oriented!

  183. Kathy Martinsen says:

    I have not received my Auto Ship yet………..am wondering what I should do. I would like to receive the Amy Tangerine Mini Kit that was originally planned.

    • Ann G says:

      Kathy, if you received a shipment notification email from HSN there is a link to track the package. And you can keep the Cut and Paste kit and still get the exclusive AT kit in January. You just need to email Sherri as noted above.

  184. Katherine says:

    Becky and AC,

    Thank you for being transparent about what happened and offering multiple options for remediation. I think you’re doing a fine job of handling this unexpected, unintended issue.

    Your options to “make up” for the mistake are more than generous.

    Thank you. I think most people realize and understand that mistakes happen. It is human not to be perfect and how you handle your mistakes is what sets us apart and makes us who we are.

    Best to all of you.

  185. Doreen Guilfoyle says:

    To Becky and American Crafts – I love your products! Thank you for apologizing for the honest human error and for making it right for all of us. I selected the HSN Autoship option specifically b/c I LOVED the exclusive Amy Tan kit and am glad that now AC will produce this kit and send it to us, even if it’s in January. As a big Becky Higgins’ fan, I am satisfied with this way to make it right and stand behind the excellent customer service provided by Becky and AC. Personally, I’m happy to receive my favorite Amy Tan exclusive mini kit, whenever it’s produced! Thank you.

  186. Erin says:

    Thank you for a solution to the issue. I sent an email this afternoon and had a response in minutes. Amazing service and a great product! I know what I will be using in January. Thanks!!

  187. Michelle says:

    I think we are all reading the same post. What I understand is that if you are set on the exclusive kit, as I am as well as many others. We have that option, we will just have to wait 90 days for it due to the error in producing the wrong Amy Tan kit. For those of you not interested in waiting, or just was excited to get more kits in the mail, they were given an added option. We get to choose. Errors happen, no one is perfect, I am happy that we are give 3 options, it should be a win situation.

  188. Shawn Wenrich says:

    I am thrilled that AC is offering the option of waiting on the original kit as I already have the 3 kits posted above and I’m more than happy to wait. Thank you for offering these options. I have full faith in you Becky, no matter what you’re always ther for us. Thanks so much!

  189. Ana says:

    Just got my package from HSN today!
    It’s not bad, actually the mini kit is cute as with all Amy Tan’s design so I am very HAPPY to get this bonus :)
    I will wait for the the original one that I ordered but I do think that this is a blessing in disguise.
    Have a great day everyone!

    PS. For those who do not know what to do with the mini kit they received, you can gift it to a friend and make someone happy :)

  190. Jamie says:

    Goodness, I hadn’t realized people were so angry about this…

    I just wanted to ask, would you like us to return the incorrect kit?

    • mikie says:

      AC said you can keep the incorrect kit, take a photo of the invoice & email it to the address above in Beckys post. In the body of the email state which kit you want in addition to the current one you were sent. AC needs to see that you were on auto ship & they also need your address so they can send you the kit you choose. I picked the original Amy Tan kit & it will be sent in January with the bonus date stamp. Hope this helps!

  191. Kris P says:

    I truly appreciate the time and energy by Becky and American Crafts for coming up with a solution to this mistake. Thank You.

    Are we supposed to receive an e-mail back from Sherri after we send one to her?

  192. Sherrie says:

    I sent Sherri an email last night, and also today and haven’t heard anything. :(

  193. Malena says:

    FYI. I did receive a reply & the email stated that I don’t need to return anything. Plus there is no Chocolate album, just Cinnamon.

  194. Terri Robertson says:

    I am concerned because although I was on auto-ship and followed instructions required to receive the kit I originally ordered, my packing slip does not actually have the words “auto-ship” on it.

    I sent my request to the directed e-mail along with a picture of the packing slip and my desired replacement.

    Will it be an issue that the packing slip doesn’t say “auto-ship”? I would like to assume it will not be – but . . .

    • mikie says:

      I’m sure it will be fine. They just want to make sure you are entitled to the kit & the invoice shows you paid for it.

  195. Lisa Capdevielle says:

    I have sent an email too but did not get a response either Even checked my Spam email and that was gross, but nothing there either. Will some type of confirmation be sent?

  196. Kelley says:

    Becky, the quality of your products is inconsistent.

    Becky, I have yet to receive to purchase a product that did not have some issue, either mis-spellings, wrong size pockets, chewed up corners, or this latest one. The completely wrong kit.

    Becky, thank you for helping me saving money in the future. I no longer feel a strong compulsion to purchase any more of your products.

  197. Patty says:

    I just received my kit and was disappointed that it was the wrong one but its nothing to explode about.

    Someone should have notified us that the wrong kit was produced and given us the option to either choose another kit or wait for the exclusive a little longer BEFORE they just went ahead and shipped out the wrong ones knowing they were doing so.

    Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. However, mine is going back for a refund.

  198. Emily says:

    When i got home from scrapfest i COULD NOT WAITTTTTT to open up the mail and break out the overlays i got off of hsn. I spent the wholeeeeee weekend creating the album for my wedding and the last piece of the puzzle was the overlays. They werent there, anywhere! And i spent the whole day sobbing. Hsn said sorry there’s nothing they can do we don’t have an extra and just check back everyday we get in new things all the time.

    I still cry at somepoint about it each day, I’m just praying for ONE MORE day for them to be brought on. Otherwise i need to start saving up the $200 to get them on ebay
    That is company not trying to help. I don’t see why people are getting so upset about their kits being delayed. Life happened but nobody should say things so ugly until your running the company and see if you could do it better. She’s not saying sorry you’ll just have to wait until January ~~~ your getting a free kit to begin with, an additional one of your choice, plenty to work on. What us there to complain about? She’s helping you?

    I can think of 1 reason someone would be getting really pissed off, and it is probably because you i have them listed already on ebay somewhere or something, or you have buyers

    My prayers are with becky! Everyone makes mistakes and i think a lot of times that’s when god is trying to get something done on his own. Remember he in control

  199. […] everyone. We have just one last update on the whole HSN AutoShip situation and then I hope that’s the end of it. If you did not purchase the AutoShip product from HSN […]

  200. Camille says:

    Ha Ha. I knew it looked funny but have been so busy I put it away and forgot about it. I am glad to wait till correct set is printed…BUT.. my cleaner-upper-husband has thrown away my packing slip. What do I do now ??? Surely HSN has proof that it was mailed to me. I even have it still ( I HOPE ) in my email inbox.

    How will I know what to do??

  201. Theresa says:

    I’m glad that they are at least making an attempt to correct this situation. I haven’t been really happy with this HSN Autoship at all. I didn’t even receive the June Dear Lizzy kit. I was notified by HSN that my order had been cancelled because they didn’t receive enough kits. If I ordered an Autoship in March, they should be well aware if how many kits needed to be produced. And when I contacted Becky’s customer service team, some exact words were “well that’s a REALLY BIG bummer” and didn’t even offer to do anything about it because they’re not HSN….you might not be HSN but you put your name on a product you chose to have sold on HSN. One of the worst customer service reps I’ve come across.