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good life with katie richardson

Part of cultivating a good life is believing that you can.

I have been blessed to defy the odds many times in my life by simply believing in the impossible. In business and in life, simply believing makes all the difference in the world. As mothers it is our role and our opportunity to believe in our children during the difficult moments when they are doubting.

My daughter has always had an adventurous spirit. Often her heart wants to do something that she has not yet developed the skill for. So I stand close by or hold her hand as she embarks on the unknown. Sometimes she falls and as I pick her up I tell her how brave and strong she is. Then what a joy it is to celebrate with her as she finally triumphs and while jumping up and down exclaims, “YES! I did it Mom, I did it!” Yes baby girl, you did it! I always knew you could. I believe in you.

Ladies, believe that you’re a good mom. Believe that you can learn something new. Believe that you have something to contribute to this world and we need you. Believe that you have worth and value that nobody can ever take away or destroy. Believe that you can do the impossible. Believe . . . because I believe in you.

a note from becky

When I first met Katie I adored her natural blonde curl (seriously, the prettiest curl) and obsessed over her navy blue / mustard yellow / warm brown outfit color palette. Especially the boots. We ended up talking about the boots for a solid few minutes. But then . . . enough about the outward appearance. I got to know more of her heart and she got to know more about mine, and I’m certain that if we lived closer, we’d be hanging out in person more than once a year. Katie believes in herself and for that reason (and other reasons) she has been able to create a balanced life of family and business. She is a brilliant product designer and entrepreneur and has learned through her experiences (some pretty painful) how to make it work. I am grateful our paths have crossed and love her example of womanhood.

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