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3 “mini” sets available today only on HSN

So many of you watching & shopping today. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the warmth + support + enthusiasm that continues.

I wanted to share real quick about this whole AutoShip option on HSN today. About half of you who are ordering the Today’s Special are opting for the AutoShip. Smart. You’ll LOVE it.

If you’re not really sure what it is … here’s the scoop.

Whether you purchase the Jade Edition or the Blush Edition, you have the option of adding the AutoShip to your order. You’ll see this online HERE or you can ask the HSN customer service rep that you speak with on the phone. Basically, what you’re signing up for is this: A Mini Album + Mini Kit combo will be automatically shipped to you 3 times throughout the rest of this year. HSN charges your credit card when they ship each one and it’s $24.95 per set. AWESOME deal. You can read all about the AutoShip details HERE.

This option is exclusive to HSN with the purchase of the Today’s Special – and exclusive to today. In other words, if you think you like it – don’t miss this chance. We’re not even half-way through this day at the time of me posting this and we’ve already sold 13,000+ Today’s Special kits.

If you’re feeling bummed that you might miss out on these 3 awesome sets because you’re not in the U.S. (HSN is a U.S. shipping only shopping channel) … here’s the good news: This Summer (Winter for those in the southern hemisphere) we will be launching 3 Mini Kits by these same beloved designers! So if you love Dear Lizzy, Amy Tangerine, and Maggie Holmes brands … you’re still in luck.

Keep in mind that the 3 Mini Kits we’re releasing by these designers will be different than the 3 that are available via HSN AutoShip. And as always, HSN is offering these at a fantastic price, so seriously – don’t miss out. You will be so happy to have these darling sets – for yourself, a child, or even as a gift for a friend.

Now – here’s a look at what’s included in the AutoShip program.

In JUNE, you’ll receive the Dear Lizzy Mini Kit + Blush Mini Album combo:


In SEPTEMBER, you’ll receive the Amy Tangerine Mini Kit + Chocolate Mini Album combo:


In DECEMBER, you’ll receive the Maggie Holmes Mini Kit + Rain Mini Album combo:


Each “set” includes the Mini Album, which has all the divided pages already sewn into the album for ultra convenience, and it holds 80 4×6 photos + 80 3×4 Journaling Cards. You also get the Mini Kit, which has 100 cards – 20 that are 4×6 and 80 that are 3×4. It’s all very smart, very versatile, very organized, very very fun designs! Hard to resist – I know.

One last note: If you have already placed an order with HSN and now you wish you knew more about this AutoShip option, just contact HSN Customer Service and ask if you can add the AutoShip option to your order. Fingers crossed! Go to HSN.com, “My Account”, or call 1.800.284.3900 from 8am to 1am EST.



70 Responses

  1. kristina says:

    LOVE them all and ordered mine today!! ;) SO happy for you, Becky! Hugs!

  2. Cindy L. says:

    Hi Becky, this is such a great deal, especially for a newbie to PL like myself! Question though – I purchased the Jade kit last night without the AutoShip option and now I’m thinking I made a mistake not ordering! Do you know if there’s a way to add that on to my order after-the-fact? Or am I out of luck on this?

    Thanks again – great to see that this is doing so well and I’m excited to begin my PL journey!

    • I had made the same mistake so I just reordered the correct one and then cancelled the wrong one! I went with Auto Ship for both kits I ordered because even if I don’t use the mini kit, I’m sure that they are going to be a hot commodity when they are shipped :)

    • Contact HSN Customer Service & ask.

    • Cindy L. says:

      Thanks Krystal and Becky. Customer Service was very helpful and walked me through both canceling and reordering with AutoShip. :)

  3. Devanie says:

    Yay! Just ordered. Thanks, Becky.

  4. Shelly says:

    If we purchased just the regular kit last night, not understanding the Auto Ship, can we change our minds now?

    • Benita says:

      You actually have to cancel your order & then reorder it with the auto-ship….HSN will NOT let you just change it. I found out the hard way…..decided I wanted 2 of the auto-ship kits (one for my granddaughter & one for me), so I had to cancel it & rebuy it. HTH

  5. Beth says:

    Becky, these are awesome! I ordered my Jade kit last night before I understood what this was! Do you know if there’s a way to add it after you’ve already placed your order?

  6. Judy says:

    I ordered my set last night before I realized what the autoship was all about…… Oh no, what’s a girl to do? …. I ordered the auto-ship this morning! My niece will be getting the original order. Win-Win!

  7. Susan says:

    I am curious if the autoships are the same price as the today’s special. Whenever I watched they did not mention it….anyone know???

  8. Awesome! So excited to get mine!

  9. Sheila says:

    Thank you so much for explaining this. Now that I know the autoships are 24.95 per set, I cancelled original order of large book only and reordered. Congratulations on your success!

  10. charlotte says:

    I was not sure I wanted the auto ship, but I figured that the album alone is $20, for for $5 you get a 100 card mini kit. Plus, I can cancel at any time, so you can’t go wrong! OF course, I got two sets, so I don’t know what I will do with 6 kits, but I am sure they will find a home!

  11. Brooke U says:

    Thank you so much for this update. I have been looking for more information on the mini kits all morning!!

  12. Linda says:

    I love the Amy Tangerine one! I wish these were available individually :(

  13. Jennifer says:

    These autoship kits were a cool surprise.

    I recently purchased the Wellington mini kit and it was the perfect number of cards. I’m so very excited about the upcoming DL/AT/MH mini kits for the summer show. Will those be items on Amazon as well?

  14. Elaine U says:

    Oh my! The Amy Tangerine edition is my fave! Will the editions you’re releasing this summer coordinate with these exclusive minis?

  15. Amie says:

    This stinks! I do digital and cannot buy a whole paper kit even though I really love the mini kits! If I could buy them without purchasing Jade, or Blush, I would love to. I would use the little mini paper kits. :(

    • Susanne says:

      My friend also does digital and found all the mini kits online at acdigital.com (I think that’s the website) She already printed out the dear lizzy ones and has been making cards all day!

    • Kari w/ beckyhiggins.com says:

      The actual mini kits themselves are not available in digital format. There are several Dear Lizzy collections available at AC Digitals that contain elements and papers that are similar to what was created for HSN.

  16. Lisa Quick says:

    I just ordered mine!!! so excited! Such a great deal on all the albums. Looking forward to the mini albums for sure!

  17. Candace Perkins says:

    I am sooo excited thank you! I ordered and added autoship but I am also considering the pens too, but I am really picky, where can I find more info on the pens? Like tip sizes etc…

  18. Julie says:

    these minis are SO cute Becky! I ordered the Jade with the minis, but I’d love to suggest more neutral or boyish ones for the future. Us without girls would appreciate it!

  19. Robin Gibson says:

    Soooooo excited! I had ordered both kits, but didn’t know what the auto ship was, or entailed! After watching Lisa at 2pm, I had to have it! I just called the customer service number, and within 5minutes, my order was changed! So now I’m getting it all! Thanks Becky & Lisa!

  20. jenn b says:

    I wish I had seen this earlier. I ordered the Jade and the cute page pockets for my trip to Paris. Then I saw the autoship option and the rep said to cancel my order and then purchase it again with the autoship option. So I did what she said but then found out that page pockets were sold out! I’m so upset. I called customer service again and they said they can’t reinstate my previous order so I totally lost out on them.
    I really hope you get more…they would be perfect for my travel album!

  21. Laurel says:

    Will the mini kits be available in digital later on?

    • Susanne says:

      They are already available at acdigital.con. My friend has been making cards all day with the dear lizzy one!

    • Kari w/ beckyhiggins.com says:

      The actual mini kits themselves are not available in digital format. There are several Dear Lizzy collections available at AC Digitals that contain elements and papers that are similar to what was created for HSN.

  22. Julie S says:

    Excited to see the kits on HSN but disappointed I can’t order them to be delivered in Canada. Will we have an access to get such a great deal?

    • brandi@beckyhiggins.com says:

      Unfortunately, HSN only ships to the US. So sorry! We have so many fun editions debuting this May that you will have access to get your hands on :)

    • Julie S says:

      Thanks Brandi! So happy for all of you that it was a great success.

  23. Chelsea says:

    I love the idea of the mini’s but they are really girly, any chance these minis would be offered at another time with some more boyish colors??????

  24. Becky, I can’t wait to get my package from HSN! But I didn’t order the refill pages fast enough before they sold out. Are they going to be getting more of these in?? Thanks so much for your great invention!

    • Debbie says:

      You might want to check back because earlier they were sold out and later I was on there and they were available again, but not many. Maybe a few people canceled their orders?

  25. tiffany h says:

    Congratulations, Becky! What an amazing deal on the kits, especially with auto-ship. I was a little slow in ordering and missed out on the variety pack of pocket pages. Will Project Life be coming back to HSN? When?

    • Debbie says:

      You might want to check back because earlier they were sold out and later I was on there and they were available again, but not many. Maybe a few people canceled their orders?

  26. RaeLyn says:

    Congrats Becky! I’ve been a fan of yours for ages (since I first saw one of your articles in a CK magazine back in 2000!). It took me awhile to get on the Project Life bandwagon, but I’m here now and LOVING IT!!!

    Thank you and congrats on such a successful day!

  27. Debbie says:

    Thank you again Becky for sharing this AWESOME solution. I am in my forth year of using your products. I LOVED the chance to auto ship as I ordered the blush edition. What a great “gift” to us to have all these lovely goodies at such a great price. MUCH BLESSING to you and yours. So happy for such a success with HSN. May your business continue to grow.

  28. Elizabeth D. says:

    Ordered both kits and a auto shop and can’t wait. So far I’ve ordered the boy baby edition (love), girl edition (before I knew I was having a boy ;), but keeping anyway-versatile), all 3 mini kits and now I will own the Jade and Blush.

    The blush kit is a gift for my 5 year olds birthday in September (might even throw in a mini kit) and I am super excited to give it to her. There is no need for glue, scissors or guesswork. She always wants to scrapbook so I knew when I say the kit and the great price they were a match made in heaven.

    Awesome kits and great deal Becky. Way to rock out your first HSN showing and I wish you lots more success in the future. P.S. I even got my husband to love the idea of doing a scrapbook. When I showed him your system on HSN last night he said “that’s the way to scrapbook” lol. Thanks!

  29. Kim says:


    Just wanted to congratulate you on such a successful day on HSN! I am delighted to see your innovation turn from just 1 book a few years ago (that I was lucky enough to get) into being a TSV and soon being in retailers stores. Fantastic to have Lisa back on tv again as well!

    You are working so hard today on this blog to answer questions and clarify points that I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts today. You’re a special lady and needed to hear it! Thanks again!

  30. Judy Griffis says:

    Just ordered the Blush Kit with auto shipping. I can’t believe that’s my 10th Project Life Kit in less than a year!! (I have a LOT of pictures and am doing theme books). Project Life rocks!!!!

    Question: What’s the status on the 3 x 4 punch that was mentioned a couple of months ago? I am anxiously waiting!

    Thanks so much, Becky, for providing the tools to those of us that have the desire to scrapbook, but are limited on time. Best of luck!

  31. Daniela says:

    Susanne, where did your friend find the mini kits on AC digitals? l went on just now and looked under Project lIfe mini kits and don’t see them at all, at least not the kits on HSN :(

    • Kari w/ beckyhiggins.com says:

      The actual mini kits themselves are not available in digital format. There are several Dear Lizzy collections available at AC Digitals that contain elements and papers that are similar to what was created for HSN.

    • Susanne says:

      I don’t do digital so I’m not familiar with where to find them. The comment below indicates that they are not the same, however the pictures she showed me look almost identical to what I saw on hsn. She said she found all three and printed out the dear lizzy & amy tangerine one; but the Maggie Holmes one hadn’t been released yet (it’s through crate paper I think.) don’t really know anything else… apparently extremely similar to the mini kits!

  32. alisha says:

    Will the new core kits and mini kits be offered on HSN when they are released in May?

  33. Robin Gibson says:

    Just needed to add…with autoship, I have 3people already covered for Christmas!! Very excited about that. i don’t think I’ve ever had some of my shopping done in the first quarter of the year! How cool is that? Very!! Thanks again Becky!

  34. Ada Frank says:

    I ordered both the Blush and Jade kits last night a little before midnight. At that time, I wasn’t sure what the auto ship for the 3 mini kits was about. When I came home from work and watched tonight, I wished that I would have ordered auto ship. I called the HSN number like you suggested on your blog to add auto ship to my order, but because it was ordered before midnight (ie. yesterday) they couldn’t change the order. I would have to reorder a kit with auto ship and then return a kit that I bought without auto ship, but would have to pay the $10 to return a kit. Yikes – didn’t want to pay that. So I would like to know if the 3 mini kits will be sold on HSN in June, September, and December. Hopefully, the answer is yes!! Thanks so much!

  35. Ann G says:

    Holy cow! Unbelievable, over 21,500 PL kits sold on HSN. And great job to Lisa Bearnson, it was so nice to see her on TV again. I’m glad I snapped up a Jade autoship after work today (I was going to order last night but glad I didn’t, because I didn’t know what the autoship was until I saw your blog today!) the Dear Lizzie, Amy Tangerine and Maggie Holmes mini kits look amazing, and the price is too! Can’t wait. Thanks Becky!!!

  36. jenny says:

    Here’s how my ordering went down.
    Ordered Jade. Excited!
    Checked out Becky’s website. Read about auto ship.
    Ordered Blush w/auto ship. Super Excited!
    Thanks Becky and Lisa!

  37. Janine Rutherford says:

    Such a shame we don’t get the opportunity to order the kits at the spectacular price offered on HSN ;-( And to top it off, the gorgeous mini kits available.. I know you say there will be more mini kits by these designers in the future, but I do really love the ones on offer on HSN. Oh to live in America – sigh.
    Never mind. congratulations for such a successful day ! <3

    Janine – New Zealand

  38. Sheila Ferreri says:

    Becky you explained the autoship so well. I wish HSN did! They never even said how much the kits were. I was assuming they were $49 so I was holding off. I tried to change today, but it is too late. They are all sold out.
    Will the mini kits be available anywhere else! You displayed them so beautifully on your blog. I tried on HSN to find the price of autoship the day I ordered, but I couldn’t find.

    Thanks for such GREAT products! Looking forward to receiving my blush kit.


  39. Olivia says:

    I loved the cards that came with the smaller albums I just wish the albums were 3D rings for more flexability like the larger size.
    I am very excited for my Jade kit to arrive!

  40. Vanessa M. says:

    Becky- will the auto ship products be offered again on HSN? I missed it. Sniff.

  41. Allyn Heald says:

    Becky , how and where do I order these? Thank you

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  43. […] I’m excited to show you the PAPER (yes, paper) mini album I’m working on. I received my Dear Lizzy Mini Kit from HSN last Saturday and absolutely loved it! There was one problem though, the patterns are so girly that […]

  44. Heather says:

    I would love to get my hands on the Dear Lizzy kit – I got two of them, but would love to get a third so all of my nieces could have them. Would anyone be interested in selling theirs or know when the other version will be available?

  45. Joelle says:

    I just received my December “Maggie Holms” edition from HSN — the third of the AutoShip options. The design is beautiful, but 14 of the 80 3x4s are cut poorly with part of the “next” card showing on the cut. Also, I only have 77/80 cards (and three cards only have one copy, so that is probably what is missing). Do I contact HSN about this or handle it through you guys? Thanks!